From Stephentown Genealogy: Roots & More

Stephentown Genealogy: Real Genealogy, Not Just Links was the brain child and amazing contribution to the online genealogy world of Tina Ordone. She gave up the site in 2012 to pursue writing.

I had solved a 15-year puzzle using the information on this site, so when I saw Tina's note that she would take down the site, I volunteered to take it over. I have never lived in Stephentown, or even New York, so my knowledge of anything on this site is nil (which is why there is no email address for queries).

I do not have time to devote to keeping up the site, so all the information here is static.

Please cite all information you pull from this site--whether it be directly quoted or gleaned. There should be a "Cite this page" link on all pages.

Thank you and happy hunting.