Bailey Cemetery

From Stephentown Genealogy: Roots & More

Written by Tina Ordone

Bailey Cemetery (#3 on Cemetery map) was in use from 1834 to 1898. It is located on Garfield Road, .45 mile east from Horse Heaven Road, on left, just after the swamp. It is 300' from the road, on a mound, in middle of field. When surveyed in 1985, there were 21 markers, 19 of which are recorded here:

  • Bailey, Edmund 29 May 1808-1898, s/o Silas & Olive (Sweetland) Bailey
  • Bailey, "Dear" Laura d. Dec. 30, 1870 (26y5m9days), wife of William H. Bailey; broken:

    And when around thy quiet hearth/Thy children fondly meet/What anguish fills the inmost soul/To see that vacant seat/But why indulge those thoughts of grief/Why should we thus complain/To what to us is loss severe/Is her eternal gain

  • Bailey, Mary M. Strait d. Dec. 31, 1857 (42y1m14d); m/Orry Bailey; marker is broken in half, willow tree on tympanum:

    Rest loved one, rest/We see thee through the gollm/The rainbow of promise appears in the skies/We leave thee to slumber awhile in the Tomb/Till the Trump of the Angels shall bid thee arise

    (There is a second gravestone for her as well)
  • Bailey, Mary Ophelia d. March 24, 1834 (2y7m3d); d/o Silas Jr. and Sally Ann Clifford Bailey
  • Bailey, Nancy Turner 1817-1898; m. Edmund Bailey; d/o William & Anna Turner; "At Rest"
  • Bailey, Olive Sweetland June 19, 1776-June 17, 1868 (91y7m); m. Silas Bailey; d/o David & Euince (Root) Sweetland; marker broken in half.
  • Bailey, Orry; d. Jan. 19, 1860 (49y4m18d); s/o Silas & Olive Sweetland Bailey.
  • Bailey, "Little" Orry; d. August 9, 1825
  • Bailey, Rachel Sophia d. July 31, 1848 (10m21d); d/o of Edmund & Nancy Turner Bailey
  • Bailey, Silas May 10, 1770-June 30, 1841 (71y1m11d); s/o Samuel, Jr. and Ruth Clark Bailey; marker broken in half.
  • Beach, Wellington d. July 24, 1838 (2y3m25d); s/o Erestus & Almira Beach (mother was d/o of Silas & Olive Sweetland Bailey)
  • Hayes, Abigail d. March 17, 1821 (3y11m25d); d/o Henry & Eunice Bailey Hayes)
  • Hayes, Infant d. December 17, 1825
  • Hayes, Eunice Bailey d. March 30, 1852 (56y5m14d); d/o Silas & Olive Sweetland Bailey; w/o Henry Hayes
  • Hayes, Henry October, 1792-1840; s/o William & Eleanor Boughton Hayes; h/o Eunice Bailey
  • Finch, Stephen d. March 23, 1851 (49y)
  • James, Henry A. d. October 2, 1852 (3y); s/o Mortimer & Eleanor James (s/o Amos James):

    Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest/God call'd thee home when he thought best"

  • Judd, Ebenezer d. May 14, 1839 (31y5m14d)

Another BAILEY epitaph, located on grave in another cemetery:

Stephentown Baptist Cemetery:

Abram Bailey (1812-1882) and Thankful Eddy Bailey (1821-1862)

Our loved ones in Jesus sleep

And in heaven their spirits rest Where all is well

Farewell loved ones, Farewell