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From Stephentown Genealogy: Roots & More

Written by Tina Ordone

Recently a cousin of mine emailed me about a website, and asked me to take a look at it. I did, and have not been so impressed by another website in a long time. This site has reprints of archived newspapers, from around the country, and in my experience with the site, mostly from the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's. There are exceptions, of course. It is a subscription site. I subscribed for a time, so that I could gleen information for this site. There are chatty bits of information such as parties, dinners and trips taken by the folks in Stephentown. The dates you will see after the articles is the date it was printed in the newspaper. With a few exceptions, all of the articles came from the Berkshire Eagle, in Pittsfield, Mass. You will find lists of "goings on", just every day events, with names of people who were involved. My hope is that you will find your relative listed, and see them participating in every day events, things that enriched their lives as well as the growth of the town. More information from this site can be found on the Marriages page, as well as the obituary page. Hope you find some valuable information here. Mrs. Briggs, 84, Given Birthday Party Here Stephentown, N.Y. - Mrs. Elizabeth Briggs was honored on her 84th birthday by the Ladies Aid Society of the Methodist Church. The surprise party followed the December meeting of the group. During the business meeting a round robin letter from Mrs. Emma McFeeley, former resident, who is living at present in Pittsfield, was read. Letters received from relatives living in China were read by Mrs. Olive Bateman, who also conducted two guessing games. Prizes were won by Mrs. Ruth Lawless and Mrs. Walter Sykes. Mrs. Briggs' daughter, Mrs. Thomas Wheeler, served a luncheon. Mrs. Briggs received many gifts and congratulatory cards. Houghtling-Williams Announcement is made of the marriage of Miss Elizabeth Williams, 591 Congress Street, Pittsfield, to Spencer Houghtling of Troy, formerly of Stephentown, on June 26. Mrs. and Mrs. Joseph Face, brother in law and sister of the bride, were the attendants. Mrs. Houghtling is employed by Emma Willard School. Mrs. Houghtling is with the Faith Mills at Averill Park. - July 22, 1943 50 Years Ago Miss Elizabeth Shaw and George Henry Sweener, both of this city (Pittsfield) are married at the Methodist parsonage by the Rev. C.L. Leonard. - Printed in Berkshire Eagle May 23, 1956


- The Woman's Society for Christian Service of the Methodist church met at the home of Mrs. Elizabeth Briggs and daughter, Mrs. Thomas Wheeler.

- The Baptist Cemetery Association met with Edwin B. Wheeler at the home of Mrs. and Mrs. Thomas Wheeler recetly and elected the following officers: President and treasurer, Clarence Carpenter; secretary and director, Henry A. Rose. Mr. Wheeler has held the office of Presdent of the association for more than 30 years and resigned on account of ill health.

- Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lapp and daughter, Miss Thelma, of Pittsfield, were Sunday guests of Mrs. and Mrs. Ernest Reynolds and daughter, Miss Phyllis Reynolds. - November 25, 1942 Schools Open Tuesday Schols of the town will open Tuesday with the following teachers: Mrs. Marie Fitzgerald, Mrs. Lillian Copping, Mrs. Helen Hyatt, Mrs. Joseph Manns and Mrs. Marsden. - September 5, 1945

Marie Fettig Fitzgerald Community Club Honors Couples Stephentown, N.Y. - The Stonebridge Community Club, Inc., held a covered-dish supper at the Community House Saturday evening with 24 present. A large cake honored the wedding anniversaries of: Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Haley - 31 years; Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Haley - 6 years; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Barrett - 24 years; and Mrs. and Mrs. Jesse Snow - 56th. The committee in charge of arrangements was Mr. and Mrs. Edward Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Teal and Mrs. Jesse Haley. - March 21, 1956 Two Scout Patrols Organized Here A Boy Scout troop has been recetly orgainzed in Stephentown. All boys aged 11 through 14 are eligible. Twelve boys were at the first meeting and two patrols were organized. Edwin A. Martinson, Jr. is the scoutmaster and Allen Sicely assistant scoutmaster. Meeting will be held every Thursday evening at 7:30 at the Stephentown fire house. The first night the boys had a lesson on know-tying and elected patrol leaders and assistants. - February 27, 1952 Young Driver Blames Crash on Lack of Sleep A 22 year old local man pleaded guilty in District Court this morning to operating to endanger in a crash which he blamed indirectly on a coughing baby. Irving R. Houghtling of 63 Taylor Street told plocie that his 11 month old baby has had a severe cough for the past several nights and that he has lost much sleep while caring for the infant. Because he was tired, Houghtling said, he dell asleep at the wheel of his car at 3:36 this morning and crashed into a parked car on Elizabeth Street. The accident happened within a half-block of Houghtling's home as he was returning from Nassau, N.Y. where he had been visiting his uncle.

Car Damaged

An estimated $800 to $900 damage was done to the parked car, owned by John T. Fitzgerald of 165 Elizabeth St., according to Officer Malcolm Danford, who investigated. The officer said about $300 damage was done to Houghtling's car. Atty. William J. Boraski, representing the defendant, asked for a nolo plea, but was refused by Judge Charles R. Alberti, after it came out that Houghtling admitted drinking two "small bottles" of beer at about 7 p.m. in Nassau, and that he had been fined $100 last March in Lee for leaving the scene of a property damage accident. Judge Alberti continued disposition of the case for one week. He said he wanted to know how the damage to the Fitzgerald car was going to be settled. - August 2, 1957

Pfc. Lapp Wounded Pfc. Francis V. Lapp, son of Mrs. and Mrs. Vernon S. Lapp, Pittsfield, Mass., was seriously wounded in action on October 13 (1943) in Holland. He is a native of this town (Stephentown) and lived here until entering the Army. - Mr. and Mrs. Wayne McVeigh and children have moved to their new home on the Stephentown-Hancock road. Their son, Wayne, Jr., of the Marines was home on short furlough. - Mrs. Lawrence Manns returned to her home Sunday from Buffalo where she was called by the illness of her sister, Mrs. Leon Mills. Mrs. Mills is reported improved. - Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Lapp were guests of Rev. and Mrs. Harry Dodd in Albany last week. - Mr. and Mrs. Ernest reynolds recently entertained Mr. and Mrs. Howard Segar of Williamstown, Mass. Mrs. Clair Segar of Pittsfield, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Segar of Garfield, in honor of Mr. Reynolds' sister, Mrs. Howard Segar's birthday. - November 8, 1943 Howard Van Der Bogart Leaves for Korea Duty Howard Van der Bogart, Jr. of West Stephentown has left for service with the U.S. Army in Korea for 13 months on radio and television duty. He graduated from the Averill Park High School in 1958 and enlisted in the Army later that year. He received basic training at Ft. Dix, N.J. He was assigend to Ft. Monmouth, N.J., where he took a 20 week course in radio and electronics. - October 21, 1959 Mrs. Howard Sweener gave a birthday party for her daughter, Shirley, Friday in the school primary room. The guests were the teacher, Mrs. Roy Kenyon and pupils of the room, also Ethel Thomas, Barbara Smith, Helen Leach of the upper grades, and Mrs. Sweener. Mrs. Robert Schmich (Marjorie Sweener, sister of Shirley), Joan Schmich, Diana vincent and Billy Sweet.

- The Methodist Church school board has elected the following officers for the Stephentown charge: General superintendent - Horace Bateman; children's division - Mrs. Donald Sutherland; youth's division - Mrs. Roy Kenyon; adult division - Samuel Dodd; persons-at-large - Mrs. Walter Sykes. Mrs. Chauncey Bateman, Mrs. Austin Silvernail, Mrs. Edwin Lawless, Mrs. Albert Silvernail; charge lay tender - Fred Bennett, Berlin; church lay tender, Mrs. Emma L. McFeeley.

-The misses Elizabeth Wheeler of Canton, N.Y., Mary Wheeler of Fabius, N.Y., and Jane Wheeler of Albany, N.Y. were guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wheeler over the weekend.

- Mr. and Mrs. John H. Atwater are spending a few days with their son, William, in Indianapolis, Ind.

- Mr. and Mrs. Milford J. Sweener and two children, James and Donna, are visiting friends in town for 10 days. Former residents of Lebanon Springs, they are now living in Glendale, Ariz. - June 2, 1943

Milford Sweener and Daughter Donna, 1955

- Miss Gladys Sweener, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Sweener has been promoted to a floor lady at Reis Mill in Berlin, NY., where she has worked since January. Miss Sweener also worked for the Fuller Shirt Company in Lebanon Springs, for two years. (Gladys married Edwin Martinson, Jr. in 1949. She was just 18 years old when this particular promotion occurred. She was also my mother - Tina)

- Sgt. and Mrs. Charles E. Hoffman of Fort Monmouth, N.J. were recent guests of Mrs. and Mrs. Willis Goodermote. Sgt. Hoffman was recently discharged from the U.S. Army after serving fout yers, two of which were spent overseas. They plan to reside in Hoosick Falls, NY for the present. Mrs. Hoffman is the former Miss Phyllis Sweener of Stephentown. (daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses Sweener. Mrs. Goodermote was Ulysses' sister Elizabeth)

- Mrs. Silas Hicks, Fuller Hewitt and Wayne McVeigh were the members of Taconic Valley Grange who took the sixth degree of the Grange at the Masonic Temple, Pittsfield, Mass., last Wednesday.

-Miss Betty Greene, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. L.D. Greene, has been ill at her home with the measles.

- Richard Pease is visiting at his home in Stephentown from Michigan State College, Est Lansing, Mich., where he is a student.

- Thomas Wheeler, Jr. was home over the week end from Utica University, where he is a freshman. (Thomas taught physical education at New Lebanon Central School for many years) - October 27, 1947 The Woman's Society for Christian Service of the Methodist Church held its November meeting recently at the home of Mrs. Emma McFeeley. A quilt was tied and several items of hubiness transacted under the supervision of the president, Mrs. Edwin T. Lawless. They plan to held their Christmas party at Mrs. Lawless' home and each member is asked to bring a 10-cent article for the grab bag.

- George Geerholt started digging a cellar last week for a new house.

- Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wemple have completed their year's work at the fire tower 7 and returned to their home here.

- Pvt. Ernest C. Lindsay of Camp Shanks, NC enjoyed a three day pass with Mrs. Lindsay at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Reynolds last week.

- Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Dodd entertained Sunday Mr. Dodd's brothers and their wives, Rev. W.H. Dodd of Albany and Dr. and Mrs. I. S. F. Dodd of Pittsfield, Mass., in honor of Rev. Mr. Dodd's birthday.

- Mrs. J. Harvey Dymond, who has been ill for a long time, is still in ill health. - November 18, 1943

Tendered Party on Anniversary

About 80 relatives and friends of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin T. Lawless tendered the couple a surprise party Saturday evening at the home of Mrs. Lawless' mother, Mrs. Minnie Carpenter, in honor of their 25th wedding anniversary. The house was decorated with autumn leaves. Mrs. and Mrs. Lawless were married October 7, 1917, at the Stephentown Methodist Church, by Rev. E.F.G. Myer. They resided in Brooklyn, Buffalo, Pittsfield and East Orange, NJ before returning to Stephentown eight years ago. This year they purchased a home in North Stephentown. They have a son, Morgan. They are active members of the Methodist Church. Mrs. Lawless being organist and president of the Women's Society for Christian Service. Refreshments, which included a large wedding cake, were served. The couple were presented $51.50. Rev. M.O. McCamley, pastor of the Stephentown Methodist Church, made the presentation. - October 7, 1942 Fire Destroys House in Stephentown The home of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lawless on Route 22, north of here, was destroyed by fire at 7:30 yesterday morning and the occupants escaped with only their nightclothes. Loss was estimated at $10,000. The Stephentown volunteer firemen, under the direction of Chief Robert E. Higgins, were called, but when they arrived, the two story building was completely ablaze. The fire is believed to have started from an oilburning hot water heater in the cellar, Mr. Higgins said last night. Mr. Lawless was awakened by the heat and smoke. When he opened the cellar door to investigate he was met by a blast of flame. Telephone wires were burned and his son Morgan started for Stephentown in the family car to report the blaze, but in the meantime a neighbor had called in the alarm. A Mrs. Travers, about 84, was aided down by Mrs. Lawless. The blaze spread so fast that nothing was saved. - December, 1949

Work Progressing

Construction on Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lawless' new house is progressing. The building is being erected on site of their former house which burned last December. George Carpenter is contractor. HOUSE DAMAGED - Fire damaged the home of Mrs. Emma Atwater Friday. The family was away and the fire was discovered by a neighbor. The Stephentown Fire Department responded. Much damage was done due to the lack of water. Most of the furniture was saved. Mrs. Atwater and family are thankful for the assistance of the fire department, relatives and neighbors.

WOUNDED IN ACTION - Mrs. William E. Atwater and Mrs. Emma Atwater have received word from Pfc. William Atwater that he was wounded in action July 13. - July 28, 1943 COUPLE HONORED ON 40TH ANNIVERSARY - Mr. and Mrs. Orin Meddaugh were guests of honor at a surprise party recently at the home of their son in law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. William McEwan of Stephentown. The occasion was in observance of the Meddaugh's 40th wedding anniversary. Others present were their son in law, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Meinhart and chilren Carol, Walter, Jr., Robert and Richard of Holyoke, Mass.; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Beach and Mrs. Daisy Howell of West Stephentown; Mrs. Henry Williams of Schenectady; Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Williams and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Rathbun of Pittsfield, Mass.; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Goodrich and children, Marcia and Judith, and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Driscoll and children, Patricia and Charles Driscoll of Dalton, Mass. The guests of honor were presented with a floor lamp.

- Mr. and Mrs. Bert Buillion had as their guests for Thanksgiving their son in law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Manns and grandchildren Bert and Joseph and Mr. Henry Manns and son.

- Dr. and Mrs. L.D. Greene entertained at their home for Thanksgiving Mrs. Irene Crooker of Pittsfield, Mass., Miss Betty Greene and Miss Irene Calloway of Albany and Mrs. Calvin H. Atwater and Miss Blanche Coffey of Stephentown. - October 31, 1949 KICKED BY HORSE - Ulysses Sweener, Jr. was kicked in the head by his father's horse last week. Several stitches were taken. the horse was not shod or the accident would have been worse. - October 20, 1943 - Mrs. Marie Fitzgerald and Mrs. Mary Kenyon, who are taking a summer course at New Paltz, NY, spent the week end at their respective homes here.

- Mrs. Elizabeth Briggs returned to her home Saturday after spending several weeks with her sister, Miss Ellen McMahon, in Schenectady. Miss McMahon is improving from her recent illness.

- Messrs. Orin Meddaugh, Henry Rose, Fred Jones and Arthur Pease attended a meeting at the G.L.F. Feed Corporation in Claverack recently.

More names have been added in the Stephentown Honor Roll. It now contains 65 names of those in the service from this town. - July 6, 1943 - William Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Freling Smith, is ill at his home with pneumonia.

- Mrs. Phylllis Sweener Hoffman is assisting at the Stephentown Post Office this week. Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman are at present residing with Mrs. Sweener's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses Sweener.

- Mrs. Agnes Welsh and Miss Mary Fitzgerald are ill at their home with the flu.

- Miss Alice Smith entertained a friend, Miss Mary Lavelie, of Pittsfield, over the weekend.

- Miss Sharon Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Brown, is ill at her home with the measles. - March 16, 1949 - Ernest Wemple has purchased the home of the late Irving Hunt. Mrs. Hunt will reside with her mother, Mrs. Elsie Evans. (Elsie Hayes, daughter of Henry and Permelia (James) Hayes)

- The village School, with Mrs. Marie Fitzgerald teacher, closed last week with a picnic at the 4-H Club camp at Alps, NY.

- Mr. and Mrs. Herrington and children of Johnsonville were recent guests of Mrs. Herrington's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Snow.

- Jesse Snow has sold his herd of black faced Scotch Highland sheep to George Holmes who owns a cattle ranch in Montana.

- Students from town who graduated this week were: Miss Charlotte Whitman from Berlin Central High School; the Misses Helen Peterson, Mildred Pease and Helen Koepp from the New Lebanon Central School. Miss Peterson was salutatorian. - June 27, 1945 WILL DEDICATE HONOR ROLL - There will be dedication of an honor roll in the village at 1:30 Sunday.- October 28, 1942

Honor Roll Erected at Library

Plaque Contains Names of 50 World War I Veterans

An honor roll inscribed with the names of the veterans of World War I has been erected at the left side of the entrance to the Stephentown Memorial Library. It is the gift of Rev. Oscar A. Arnold, pastor of the Stephentown Baptist Church, who designed and made it, and presented it to the library.

A similar plaque with the names of the World War II Veterans will be placed on the opposite side of the library entrance soon.

The library was constructed in 1949 as a memorial to the veterans of World War I and II. - August 23, 1950

- Postmaster and Mrs. Frederick Brown returned Saturday night on a trip to Canada.

- George Fitzgerald has resigned his position as assistant manager of the local G.L.F. store. - September 22, 1950 - Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sutherland returned Saturday from Savanna, Ill. where Mr. Sutherland was graduated from the administration section of the Savanna Ordinance School. He returned to Fort Totten, L.I., Sunday. Mrs. Sutherland will remain with her mother, Mrs. Emma L. McFeeley. - August 12, 1943 - Miss Mildred Holcomb, who has been with Mrs. Marie Fitzgerald during the school year, has returned to her home in Garfield. (Mildred was the daughter of John Franklin Holcomb and Rachel Rollo. John Franklin was the son of George Holcomb, author of the Holcomb diaries.)

- Pvt. Francis V. Lapp of Fort Bragg, NC and Victor Demick of Camp Rucker, Ala. are spending their furloughs at their respective homes here.

- A. Sea. Elvin J. Geerholt, who has been stationed at Sampson, has been on furlough at his home here.

- Sea. 3c Floyd S. Rose of Sampson, spent the week end with his father, Henry Rose and family.

- Miss Ruth E. Rose of Canton is spending a short vacation at the home of her father, Henry Rose. - June 23, 1943 It was voted to give $10 to George Fitzgerald and William Craib, members of the Grange, who are in the service. Fitzgerald enlisted in the Merchant Marines and is stationed at Hoffman Island, NY. Craib is at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute taking a course in air training. - April 26, 1944 - Mrs. Harvey Merritt and Mrs. Frank Thomas attended the Christmas program given by the Berkshire Choral Society at the First Methodist Church in Pittsfield Wednesday evening. Mrs. Merritt's daughter and Mrs. Thomas' niece, Miss Helen Merritt came up from New York to sind in this chorus of which she is a member. Helen is in New York this winter, studying voice, and has sung often in this community. - December 24, 1947 ACCUSED MAN IDENTIFIED BY LOCAL VICTIMS - Four Stephentown residents identified Clarence D. LaBarre at Boston yesterday as the man who posed as an FHA official and swindled Rensselaer County residents of $13,000. They are Edward and Alice H. Smith, Flora M. Buillion and Ella W. Manns. Nevertheless, at the hearing before U.S. Commissioner William C. Rogers, the man identified as LaBarre claimed he was Robert L. Cassidy and demanded counsel, indicating he would introduce evidence to contradict the identification. F.B.I. agents in Boston told the commissioner that fingerprints of the man in custody tallied with those of LaBarre taken last October. Commissioner Rogers continued the case until next Wednesday and continued $10,000 bail. LaBarre was charged in Federal Court at Albany with defrauding two Stephentown residents of $1,600 in 1939 but disappeared before action could be taken. Again in 1942 he jumped bail in Washington, D.C. when charged in an indictment returned in Troy with mulcting (?) area residents of $13,000. The Albany indictment was dismissed but he is still wanted on the local charge. LaBarre is alleged to have opened an office with a partner in Albany, supposedly as FHA representatives. The discounted promissory notes which their victims had given them for repairs on their homes, federal authorities charge. - December 19, 1945 BIRTHDAY PARTY - Joseph E. Brown, son of Postmaster and Mrs. Frederick Brown, celebrated his third birthday Monday. He received many nice gifts and cards and a three candle-lighted birthday cake which he enjoyed with his brothers Alan and Richard and his cousin Patty Fitzgerald. - September 6, 1950 Miss Cora M. Holt of Troy was a guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Holt all last week. - March 8, 1944 Dr. and Mrs. Leonard D. Carpenter and family of Germantown, NY were recent guests of Mr. Carpenter's father, Mr. Lockwood Carpenter and his brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Carpenter. - June 28, 1950 MacVEIGH NAMED - The Stephentown Volunteer Fire Department held its regular monthly meeting at the firehouse Tuesday evening, Nov. 11. Nominations for new officers for the coming year were made and Wayne MacVeigh was named fire commissioner to fill out the term of Calvin Atwater, who died Oct. 25. Mr. Atwater's term would have expired at the end of this year. - November 19, 1947

Lockwood Carpenter The charter was draped in memory of Lockwood Carpenter and Allen Gette, both of whom died April 23. - May 13, 1959 Recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wemple were their son, Norman E. Wemple, who is stationed at Camp Campbell, KY, and Mrs. Roger Wemple and son of New York. - March 8, 1944 GIRL SCOUT SPEAKER - Cpl. George E. Fitzgerald of the New York State Police was the speaker at the meeting of the Stephentown Girl Scouts Saturday afternoon at the Grade School. He spoke on state and local laws and safety regulations for bicycles. The Girl Scouts are working for their bicycle badge and are planning three bike hikes. - May 13, 1959 FIRE DESTROYS OLD LANDMARK - One of the few remaining landmarks in the nearby community of Goodrich Hollow, near Hancock, Mass., was destroyed yesterday afternoon when the 15 room home of Mr. and Mrs. Wells Conklin was burned to the ground. There was on one at home during the day and when the fire was discovered by neighbors the interior was a mass of flames. The Stephentown fire department was called about 4 but the structure was beyond saving. The loss is estimated at $20,000. Nothing was saved from the fire and all the Conklins and their two children have is what they were wearing. For the present they are staying with Mr. and Mrs. Silas Hicks of Stephentown, brother and sister in law of Mrs. Conklin. It is reported that a chimney fire was extinguished Thursday night at the Conklin home and it is believed possible that timbers near the chimney may have smouldered and broken into flames yesterday afternoon. The Conklin house was one of the finest buildings in Hancock. It was built about 90 years ago by Mr. Conklin's grandfather, Sylvanus Conklin. Four generations of the family have slept under its roof. Mrs. Conklin is a teacher in the North School in Hancock and Geraldine at the New Lebanon Central School. Father and son, Kenneth, are carpenters. It is understood that the house was insured. - November 22, 1947

- Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Brimmer of Petersburgh announce the engagement of their daughter Mildred to Donald V. Lapp, son of Vernon J. Lapp of Stephentown. No date has been set for the wedding.

- Orin Meddaugh, manager of the GLF feed store here, Fred Jones and Oliver Hyatt, committeemen, attended a GLF yearly meeting in Oneonta last week. They were accompanied by their wives.

- Mrs. Emma L. Hayes of Hampton Manor was a week end guest of her sister in law, Mrs. Emma L. McFeeley.

- Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lapp have moved from Frederick Brown's tenement to Troy.

- Miss Blanche Sweener spent last week end with Mr. and Mrs. John Toolan in Lenox, Mass. - George Fitzgerald, son of Mrs. Marie Fitzgerald, left Tuesday morning for duty with the Merchant Marines and is now at Hoffman Island, NY.

- Mrs. Emma Atwater has left for Pittsburg, CAl., where she will spend six weeks, with her son in law and daughter, Sgt. and Mrs. Stanley Andreiciewitz.

- Louis H. Houghtling, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Houghtling, one of the selectees for the Army from Board 234, Hoosick Falls, left Fort Dix, NJ Thursday.

- Sgt. and Mrs. Donald Sutherland have returned to Long Island after spending the week end with relatives here.

- Mrs. Edward Gardiner of North Stephentown is at the House of Mercy, Pittsfield, where she underwent an operation.

- Mr. and Mrs. Orin Meddaugh accoomplished by Mrs. Meddaugh, accompanied by Mrs. Meddaugh's mother, Mrs. Laura Goodrich of Pittsfield, were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Meddaugh's son in law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Meinhart, in Holyoke.

- Chauncey E. Bateman and son Gary, who have spent the winter in Redlands, Cal., arrived home Monday morning and are visiting Mr. Bateman's mother and brother, Mrs. Nellie Bateman and Horace. - March 22, 1944

Gladys Isabelle Sweener (1929-1999) This photograph was taken at the time of the announcement of engagement. She was 19 years old and this photo was part of a group taken by my father so that my mother could choose one to put in the newspaper with the announcement. This is the one she choose.

MISS SWEENER FETED - A surprise bridal shower was held Friday evening for Miss Gladys I. Sweener at the home of her grandmother, Mrs. Ada Sweener at Stephentown Center. The party was arranged by Mrs. Charles Wagner of Alps, NY. Refreshments were served. Miss Sweener, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Sweener, will be married to Edwin A. Martinson Saturday at the Stephentown Center Church.

- Mrs. William Holt entertained at her home Wednesday afternoon at a shower for Mrs. Calvin B. Atwater. About 20 attended, mostly members of the Atwater family. Refreshments were served.

- Chauncey Bateman, Sr. accompanied by Orvill Mosher of Delmar, NY has left for a months vacation in Florida.

- Miss Helen Manns who is in training at the Northampton (Mass.) State Hospital as part of her nursing course, was at her North Stephentown home over the weekend.

- Mrs. Elvin Geerholt is now convalescing at the home of her sister, Mrs. Ernest Maynard, at Hancock, Mass., since her return from St. Luke's Hospital, Pittsfield, where she had been a patient two weeks.

- Miss Alice Smith went to Albany Saturday to take the civil service examination required for her position as secretary at the New Lebanon Central School. The examination was held at the Albany High School.

- Mr. and Mrs. William Holt, Jr., and Mrs. Leonard Smith visited their parents, Mrs. and Mrs. William Holt, Sr. this week at Glass Lake, NY. Mr. Holt Sr. is confined to his home by illness. - January 19, 1949 THOMAS WHEELERS CELEBRATE THEIR 40TH ANNIVERSARY - Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wheeler on Saturday evening celebrated at their home at a family dinner party their 40th wedding anniversary. Their children and families who were present were Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Hughes and children, Reece, Mary and Darleen of New Hartford, NY, Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Lock and daughters, Susan, Marjorie and Nancy of Fabius, NY, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wheeler of Boiceville, NY and Miss Jane Wheeler of Rensselaer. The anniversary cake was made by Mrs. Robert Stead. The children gave their parents a combined gift. Miss Marjorie Locke remained with her grandparents for a two week visit. - July 2, 1948 - Paul Sykes returned to St. Luke's Hospital New Year's Day for grafting new skin on his foot, injured recently.

- Mr. and Mrs. Howard Clark of Stephentown Center, son and daughter in law, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Clark and daughter of Wynanskill, have gone to Florida for a few weeks.

- William Hunt, 62, son of Mrs. Jennie Hunt of Stephentown, died in Albany City Hospital Friday after a few days illness. The funeral was at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Roberts yesterday afternoon where he had been employed the past 35 years, with burial in East Nassau Cemetery.

- Mrs. Earl Roberts returned from Memorial Hospital in Albany New Years Day.

- Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Smith entertained New Years Day Mrs. Smith's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Holt, Sr., Miss Cora Holt, Mr. and Mrs. John Berry and son James and Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Manns.

- Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sutherland of Nassau spent New Year's Day with Mrs. Sutherland's mother, Mrs. Emma McFeely.

- Chauncey Bateman, Jr., returned to Yellow Springs, Ohio Sunday to resume his studies at Antioch College. - March 19, 1952 - Miss Laura Meddaugh, student nurse in House of Mercy Hospital in Pittsfield, was a recent overnight guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Orin Meddaugh.

- Mrs. John H. Atwater, son, William of Stephentown and Miss Lois Swisher of Brooklyn left Friday to visit Mrs. Atwater's son, John, Jr. who is in camp in Bonham, Texas.

- Pvt. Donald P. Sutherland spent the weekend with Mrs. Sutherland at the home of her mother, Mrs. Emma McFeely. He has been assigned from Camp Upon, LI to headquarters of the Medical Battallion at Fort Jay, Governor's Island, and given a 48 hour leave.

- Henry Rose of Stephentown announces the engagment of his daughter, Ruth E. Rose to William R. Walker, son of the late Walter and Agnes Robinson Walker of Madrid. Miss Rose is a graduate of New Lebanon Central School class of 1940 and of the NY State Agriculture and Technical Institute, Canton, class of 1942. - March 3, 1943

- Miss Marion Thomas of Albany spent the week end at home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thomas.

- Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Barrett and Mr. Barrett's aunt, Mrs. Hattie (Green) Stearns visited Mrs. Barrett's sister, Mrs. Anna Sutherland, at Newark, NJ this week. (Hattie was daughter of Fisher Green and Nettie Crape)

- Mr. and Mrs. Sam Dodd, who spent the winter at Brookline, Mass., have returned to their home in Stephentown Center. Their brother and sister in law, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Dodd of albany visited them over the weekend.

- Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lawless spent a few days at Brooklyn, NY with Mr. Lawless' mother, Mrs. M.E. Fowlie, who celebrated her birthday Thursday, April 22.

- Harold Berry, manager of the local G.L.F. Store attended a managers meeting of the GLF at Schoharie, NY Wednesday.

- Frank Thomas attended a directors meeting of the United Dairy Company at Springfield Friday. - April 28, 1948 - Miss Doris Holcomb of Canaan was a weekend guest of her schoolmate, Miss Alice Smith.

- Miss Norma Rose has returned from a visit with relatives in Madrid, Neuvelton and Schenectady.

- Mrs. Donald P. Sutherland returned Sunday afternoon after spending the weekend at Flushing, LI with Sgt. Sutherland, who is stationed at Fort Totten, LI.

- Mrs. Roland R. Peck was pleasantly surprised on the evening of her birthday, January 26, when her pastor and wife, Rev. and Mrs. Albert Strobel of Berlin came for the evening. - February 1, 1944 - HILLCREST HOSPITAL - Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Martinson, Stephentown Center, NY a son this morning. (Eric Edwin Martinson b. Dec. 21, 1950) - Mr. and Mrs. Howard Van der Bogart of West Stephentown are the parents of a daughter, Janet Elsie, born at home April 9. - April 21, 1943 - MANNS FAMILY HOLDING 50TH REUNION TODAY - The 50th annual reunion of the Augustus Manns Family is being held today. Tonight at 6:30 members of the family will meet at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Manns here. Augustus Manns was born in Germany in 1824 and came to this country in 1844. His passport was among the first 100 issued by the German government. His wife, the former Mary Elizabeth hair, came here about the same time. Shortly after their marriage in Troy, NY, where a brother, Hiram Manns, lived, they came to Stephentown, where Mr. Manns combined custom shoemaking and farming. They lived first on the Douglass farm (Asa Douglas) in North Stephentown, then the Rose farm in Stephentown, the farm later owned by Gen. Henry Osgood and finally they bought the Eldridge farm bordering Hancock. There were four sons, Henry, Joseph, Charles and Albert; two daughters, Mrs. Michael Dee and Mrs. Daniel J. McSorley. All of them remained within a 25 mile radius of the homestead. At present there are 19 members of the third generation, 10 Manns, 7 Dees and a McSorley; 15 in the fourth and 14 in the fifth. A memorial mass will be held tomorrow. - August 11, 1948 - At a regular meeting of Taconic Valley Grange, Master Jesse Haley appointed the following committees for 1944: Legislative, Arthur Pease and Lewis Griffin; fair, Clarence Carpenter Arlie Green, Harvey Pease; finance, Henry manns, Herschel perkins, Oren Meddaugh, Mr. Fred Jones; music, Flossie (Wheeler) Jones, Blance Coffey, Raymond Rose; agriculture, Harvey Pease, Mark Stillman; juvenile, Irene Silvernail, Mrs. Maher; entertainment, Fuller Hewitt; press, Addie Snow (Mrs. Jesse), Charlesetta Carpenter (Mrs. Clarence); service and hospitality, Elsie Atwater, Charlesee Hicks and Mabel Meddaugh. Mr. Jones of Berlin presented a $25 War Bond to the Grange. Jesse Snow, chairman of the executive committee, reported a well had been dug and flolring had been purchased for the hall. Letters were read from Sgt. William Trinemeyer, who is at Cherry Point, NC and Pvt. Francis Miller, who is in Italy. - January 4, 1944 - Harry Houghtaling has been ill at his home. Mrs. Chester Demick has been substituting as clerk at Sykes' General Store during his absence.

- Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Manns, and son Bert Joseph, returned home Wednesday evening from Tampa, Florida. Mrs. Manns and Bert spent the past six weeks there with Mrs. Mann's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bullion. Mr. Manns drove to Florida to accompany them home.

- Mrs. Caleb Hyatt, Jr. has returned home with her infant daughter from Pittsfield General Hospital. The baby has been named Clara Melinda Hyatt.

- Mr. and Mrs. Silas Hicks were received into the membership of the Stephentown Federated Church Sunday morning. - January 30, 1952 - Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Snow's grandson, Robert Snow of the U.S. Navy, has been awarded the Good Conduct Medal. Snow is a petty officer in the submarine service. He recently returned from a Mediterranean cruise and will leave soon for overseas duty. - May 10, 1950 - George Fitzgerald, who was injured in a fall from a truck last week and taken to St. Luke's Hospital in Pittsfield, Mass, is reported to be doing nicely and expects to come home soon.

- Ulysses Sweener, Jr. was kicked in the head by his father's horse last week. Several stitches had to be taken in his face. The horse was not shod or the accident likely wouldhave been much worse. - October 20, 1943 - Alan and Joseph Brown, sons of Postmaster and Mrs. Frederick Brown are ill at their home with chicken pox.

- Sunday afternoon, a surprise party was held for Mrs. Minnie F. Carpenter (Mrs. Alton) at her home to honor of her 75th birthday. Twenty-five members of her faily were present. She has nine living children and each family was represented. Refreshments were served by her daughter in law, Mrs. Clarence Carpenter (Charlesetta), daughter, Mrs. Ernest Maynard and granddaughter, Miss Harriet Winn. Mrs. Carpenter received gifts, cards and several telephone messages. - January 25, 1944 - 12TH BIRTHDAY PARTY - Miss Maureen Atwater, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Atwater was entertained at the home of her grandmother, Mrs. Emma Atwater Thursday afternoon in honor of her 12th birthday. The 17 guests included her neighbors and friends and her classmates at the Stephentown Grade School. Games were played on the lawn of the house and refresments were served in a ink and white trimmed dining room. The table was centered with a large birthday cake decorated in pink and blue holding 12 lighted candles. Maureen received many gifts. - August 23, 1950 - Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Smith entertained at dinner Saturday in honor of the birthday of Mrs. Smith's mother, Mrs. William Holt, Sr. Guests present were Mrs. and Mrs. George E. Holt and Judith Ann, Miss Cora D. Holt and Mr. and Mrs. John Berry. Mrs. Holt received more than 80 ncards and gifts.- June 3, 1944

- Mrs. and Mrs. Raymond Carpenter entertained at their home Wednesday evening in honor of the birthday of Mr. Carpenter's father, Lockwood Carpenter. Fourteen attended. - October 24, 1956

- Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Herrington of Johnsonville, are the parents of a son, Calvin Jesse Herrington, born Saturday at their home. Mrs. Herrington is the former Miss Zillah Snow, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Snow of West Stephentown. - March 14, 1957

- Lawrence Manns was taken early Monday morning to the Peter Brent Brigham Hospital, Boston, Mass., for observation and treatment, and will remain there for a few weeks. He was removed from the Pittsfield General Hospital where he had been a patient. His daughter, Miss Helen Manns, R.N., who is on the staff of the Pittsfield General Hospital, accompanied her father to Boston. - May 10, 1950 - Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Carpenter and his father, Lockwood Carpenter, spent Christmas at Pittsfield, Mass., with Mrs. Carpenter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Heaton and family.

- Arthur Pease and son Andrew Pease, spent the Christmas weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pease and children, Barbara Anne and Gilbert Arthur, at Mt. Morris, NY.

- Miss Mary Atwater and Miss Ruth Yale had a family gathering at their home for Christmas.

- Janet, Susan and Georgiana Atwater accompanied their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. John Makinson to their home in Brooklyn, NY, Wednesday, following a Christmas weekend visit of the Makinsons at the home of Mrs. Mackinson's brother in law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Atwater and family. - January 21, 1957 - Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Chittenden of New Lebanon are the parents of a daughter born March 14, at Pittsfield General Hospital. Mrs. Chittenden is the former Elizabeth Atwater of Garfield. Miss Brenda Chittenden is staying with her grandmother, Mrs. John H. Atwater, Sr. of Garfield while her mother is in the hospital. - March 21, 1956 - Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lawless and Mr. and Mrs. John Atwater, Sr. and daughters Janet and Susan, spent the week end at Brooklyn, NY attending the wedding Saturday of Mr. Lawless' niece and Mrs. Atwater's sister, Miss Myrl Swisher and John Mackinson. - May 29, 1952 - Mr. and Mrs. Casimer Kanopka, Stephentown, NY a son Saturday - March 12, 1952 - Mrs. Rachel Nichols, WAC, who is stationed at Washington, DC was home on furlough last week.

- Pvt. Francis U. Lapp is convalescing at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Lapp, after a recent operation in a Fort Bragg hospital.

- Austin W. Silvernail, who is stationed at Philadelphia, was at his home here a few days last week.

- John Peck and son Howard of Pittsfield were weekend guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Peck.

- Mrs. Laura Goodrich of Pittsfield was a recent guest of her son in law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Orin Meddaugh. - August 18, 1944 - Mrs. Ulysses Sweener and daughter, Miss Stella Sweener, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hoffman and daughter and Miss Shirley Anne Sweener spent the week end with Mrs. Sweener's son Laurence Sweener, who is stationed at Camp Bainbridge, MD, with the US Navy. - February 27, 1952 - Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Smith, Jr., of 25 Pleasant Street are the parents of a son, born this morning at the House of Mercy. Mrs. Smith is the former Barbara Lois Lacatell, daughter of Mrs. and Mrs. Louis R. Lacatell, 312 First Street. The child's paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Smith of Ballston Lake, NY and his great-grandparents are Mrs. Franklin L. Sweener, 17 Oak Street, Clark P. Smith of Ballston Lake and Mrs. Edward Colyer of Westfield, NJ. (Frankllin L. Sweener was the son of Pascal and Sarah Carr Sweener of Stephentown Center, NY)- January 5, 1943 - IRVING SWEENERS HAVE PARTY ON 25TH ANNIVERSARY - Mr. and Mrs. Irving E. Sweener of Avon Place, Pittsfield, celebrated their 25th anniversary with a family dinner June 28 at Ferris' Restaurant. They received 25 silver dollars and a silver dish. Mrs. Sweener is the former Anna Meehan of this city (Pittsfield, Mass.) She and Mr. Sweener were married June 28, 1920 at St. Joseph's Church by Rev. George S.L. Connor, who is vicar general of New England Catholic chaplains. Fr. Connor, as an Army chaplain, and Mr. Sweener served together in World War I. Fr. Connor is now pastor of Holy Name Church in Springfield. The Sweeners have two daughters, Mrs. Thomas H. Nolan, Jr., and Miss Ann Sweener, and a son, Irving, Jr., all of Pittsfield. - July 7, 1945 - Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Van der Bogart are parents of a son born October 9 at their home in West Stephentown. - October 20, 1943

OFFICIALS SEARCH HOUSE RUINS FOR VICTIM OF BLAZE - William Carr, 81, Believed Burned to Death at Stephentown

Deputy sheriffs and officers from the district attorney's office were this afternoon searching the charred debris of a fire razed farm house a mile and a half from Stephentown Center for the remains of 81 year old William Henry Carr, believed to have perished in the fire Saturday afternoon. The fire started in the house while Carr's daughter, Miss Ella Carr, 60, and his nephew, Edson Carr, 55, were absent from the structure. A hip bone was found in the ruins late Saturday and this was brought to the jail and will later be turned over to a pathologist at a local hospital for examination. Today District Attorney Earle J. Wiley interrogated Miss Carr and Edson Carr at the county prosecutor's office. As a result of this interrogation, the district attorney said, there appeared to be no doubt but that the elderly man had perished in the flames. Mr. Wiley said the investigation was being continued. Sheriff Philete F. Craver is also conducting an inquiry with Dr. C. B. Packard of Berlin cooperating.


The Carr home is located on a dirt road leading into the State Game Refude and in an isolated spot about a mile and a half from the state highway. The fire started shortly after noon Saturday. Mr. Carr was presumably in the building at that time. this was verified by hsi daughter and his nephew, who lived with the elderly man. They told Deputy Sheriff William Hanley and Harold harriman, investigatior in the district attorney's office, that they had left their home to go to the village of Stephentown to purchase supplies. While they were waiting on the state road for a ride to the village they were informed by neighbors that the house was on fire.


They hurried back to the place and found it in flames. Efforts of neighbors and the Carrs to halt the fire was unavailing. there are no telephones nearby and it was nearly 2 p.m. when word reached Fire Chief Walter Sykes at Stephentown. He responded with the village pumper but when they arrived the building was doomed. their efforts to quench the flames were thwarted becasue of the fact the only water supply available was from a well in the rear of the building. When the house collapsed and only the smoking embers remained, the apparatus left only to reutrn about 9 p.m. when the fire borke out again in the ruins. Sheriff Craver was also at the scene. the building, it was reported, was no insured. Dr. Packard expressed belief the charred bone was a hip joint. - January 31, 1944 STEPHENTOWN FARMER KILLED AS FIRE LEVELS FARM HOUSE Milton George Carpenter, 69 year old farmer, was trapped in his flaming house and died of burns early this morning. Fire broke out near a kerosene stove in the kitchen and the flames spread rapidly through one section of the dwelling, including Mr. Carpenter's bedroom where he was trapped. volunteers from the Stephentown Fire Department responded to the call shortly before 1 a.m. but the blaze had gained too much headway to save the structure from being destroyed. Mr. Carpenter, who was single, lived alone in the 10 room, two story house. His body was removed to the hall and Higgins Funeral Home, whre services will be held Monday afternoon at 2 with Rev. Samuel A. Walker, pastor of the Hancock Baptist Church, officiating. burial will be in the Cemetery of the Evergreens (New Lebanon.) Mr. Carpenter had been a farmer here for about five years. Prior to that he was employed at the Pittsfield works of the General Electric Company and at the harder Electric Shop on Eagle Street in Pittsfield. He was bornin this town January 4, 1881, son of George H. and Mary Kittell Carpenter. He leaves two sisters, Mrs. Walter W. Lewis and Mrs. Mabelle C. Ferris of 1675 Wendall Avenue, Schenectady, NY; two nieces, Miss Eleanor Lewis, director of Christian Education at the South Congregational Church in Pittsfield and Miss Caroline Lewis of Schenectady. - January 16, 1952 Letters of administrations on the estate of Albert A. Manns, a resident of Stephentown, whose death occurred in Dutchess County (NY) February 17, 1943, have been granted to his widow, Anna V. Manns, Stephentown. According to the papers, there is an estate of $25 personal and $3,000 real. The estate goes to the widow and to five sons, Frank A., Lanesboro, Mass.; Lewis M., Pittsfield; Lawrence C. and Andrew M. of Stephentown and Edward F. of Pittsfield. LaVerne Orvis is the attorney. - June 7, 1943 STEPHENTOWN MAN SHARES IN ESTATE

Brooklyn - Mrs. Catherine Mittnight, widow of Frank G. Mittnight, mother of Joseph Mittnight of Stephentown, and widow of Frank G. Mittnight, former resident of Huntington, left a net estate of $10,351.81, when she died January 27, according to an appraisal of her property, made by the State Tax Commission, on file here today wit Surrogate Francis D. McGarey. Under her will, Charles Mittnight and Frank G. Mittnight of Brooklyn and Joseph Mittnight, each receive $2,712.95. Lawrence E. Mittnight, son, of Brooklyn, is left $712.95 and Marion K. Ball, granddaughter of North Wood Center, NH, $500. Frank G. Mittnight is the executor of the estate, the gross value of which amounted to $11,213.59. - April 1, 1944 The marriage of Miss Ruth Esther Rose, daughter of Henry A. Rose of Stephentown, to William R. Walker, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Walter Walker of Madrid, took place at 4 p.m. Saturday at the home of the bride's aunt, Mrs. Calvin H. Atwater, Stephentown. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Oscar Arnold, pastor of the First Baptist Church in Stephentown. The house was decorated with autumn leaves and flowers. Miss Betty Greene provided a background of nuptial music and accomplished. Miss Blanche Coffey sang, "I Love You Truly." Miss Norma Rose of Stephentown, sister of the bride, was themaid of honor and Wilfred Walton of Schenectady served as the best man. The bride is a graduate of New Lebanon Central School and Technical Institute at Canton. Mr. Walker is a graduate of Madrid High School and also of the Institute at Canton. - October 13, 1943 Troy Record MISS CURRIER WED SATURDAY TO RUSSELL MOON

Lebanon Springs, NY - Miss Marion Florence Currier, daughter of Mrs. Douglas Wolcott, became the bride Saturday afternoon, at 2:30 of Russell Moon of Providence, RI, formerly of Stephentown. The ceremony was performed at the First Baptist Church with Rev. John C. Hatch, pastor, officiating. Decorations were red roses and lilies. Mrs. Alton E. Phelps was organist and soloist was Mrs. Howard Faulkner. The bride was given in marriage by her brother, Franklin J. Currier, and was attired in a gown of white taffeta with marquisette trip, skirt and train. She wore a finget-tip veil with a tiara of white flowers. Her bouquet was white roses, white baby chrysanthemums and baby's breath. Howard Faulkner attended Mr. Moon as best man, Ushers were Douglas Wolcott and Arman Decker. Miss Laura M. Currier was her sister's maid of honor and were in aqua taffeta top and net bottom gown and aqua veil with aqua flowers as a tiara. She carried a bouquet of mixed flowers. A reception was held on parsonage lawn with 60 attending. Mrs. Moon's traveling costume was a pale blue dress and white accessories. The couple are on a trip to New York City and will reside in Providence, RI. Mrs. Moon is a graduate of New Lebanon Central School and the Providence Bible Institute and Mr. Moon is a divinity student at the same institution. He attended New Lebanon Central School and entered the U.S. Army in October, 1939. He went overseas in December, 1942, and spent 32 months in the European theater with an ordinance group. At the time of his discharge last September, he held the rank of technical sergeant. Mrs. Moon was honored recently with a shower by former classmates at Providence Bible Institute and also at the home of Mrs. Norman J. Chittenden with one given by Mrs. Charles J. Brown and Mrs. Howard Faulkner. - July 8, 1946

Marion Currier and Russell Moon. Russell passed away in 1997. Picture courtesy of Tom Currier


Leland Jenks of this town and Miss Frances Elizabeth Rose of Stephentown, NY, were today unitedin marriage at the home of the bride's parents in Stephentown. The ceremony was performed by the bride's father, Rev. O.J. Rose. Miss Chloe Sweet acted as bridesmaid and Paul Rose, the bride's brother acted as best man. Miss Rose formerly lived in this town and was a very popular young lady. She was a member of the high school and graduated with the class of 1899. Mr. Jenks is also very popular, having graduated from the high school in this town and he is also an alumnum of Williams College having graduated with the class of 1899. The young couple will leave soon after the wedding for a short wedding trip after which they will return in this town and take up their residence with Mr. Jenks' parents at South Williamstown. They have the best wishes of their many friends. - June 14, 1900 Henry T. Douglas, postmaster at North Stephentown, Rensselaer County, who has just resigned and has been succeeded by William T. Guile, was the oldest postmaster in the United States with on exception, having been appointed August 19, 1845. Roswell Beardsley, the present postmaster at North Lansing, Tompkins county, was appointed June 18, 1828. - August 25, 1887 The 20 inch long braids of hair treasured for 17 years by Mrs. Hazel Atwater, are now doing their part for the war effort. They were recently sent to Julian T. Freiz and Sons, a division of Bendix Aviation. Mrs. Atwater is in receipt of a certificate accepting the hair as suitable for the manufacture of delicate instruments used in the war effort. In accordance with requirements, the hair had never been touched by any chemical or hot irons. These two braids weighed 6 ounces and will be paid for on the basis of $2.50 per ounce. The money will be equally divided between the USO and the American Red Cross. - June 23, 1943 With a total of 97 points to his credit, accumulated after five years and a half in the Army, Cpl. Casimer Kanopka of Stephentown Center is slated for an honorable discharge when he arrives in this country. His wife, the former Dorothy Chittenden of Stephentown Center, has learned he will be home from Austria, shortly. Cpl Kanopka enlisted in the Army January 4, 1940, was stationed at Newport, RI for nine months and then went to Panama until October, 1943, when he returned to this country. He then received training at Camp Mullen, Texas; Fort Benning and Camp Gordon, PA, and Camp Meade, MD, before going overseas in February. He was a member o f Patton's Third Army and fought in France, Germany and Austria. - June 27, 1945 Miss Diamond, Arthur Schmich, Married

Hancock - Announcement was made today of the marriage of Miss Bernadette V. Diamond, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Diamond of this town, to Arthur W. Schmich of Stephentown, N.Y., son of Mr. and Mrs. George Schmich of Stephentown. The ceremony was performed August 28 at Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine in New Lebanon. Rev. Francis Schatzelein officiated at the double-ring ceremony. Miss Margaret McFeeley played the organ.

The bride had her sister in law, Mrs. Charles H. Diamond, as her only attendant. Mr. Diamond, brother of the bride, was best man. Ushers were Robert Schmich, brother of the bridegroom and Alvia Diamond, the bride's brother. The bride wore a white chiffon gown with sweetheart neckline, fitted bodice trimmed with seed pearls, long puffed sleeves, and bouffant skirt, and a full length lace-edged veil fastened to a crown of pearls. She carried a cascade of white gladioli. The matron of honor was dressed in a pink net over taffeta gown with sweetheart neckline, fitted bodice, puffed sleeves and full skirt, and a shoulder length pink veil pinned to her head. Her cascade was of pink gladioli.

Following a reception at the home of the bride, the couple left for a trip to Dikian Lake, N.Y. The bride wore a two-piece gray dress white white accessories and the corsage of pink gladioli for traveling. They will live in Stephentown. The bride, who attended Hancock schools, was graduated from St. Joseph's High School. She is an inspector in the Reis Company in Berlin, NY. The bridegroom, who attended New Lebanon High School, is employed by the Wyandotte Worsted Company. During the war, he served 17 months in the Navy. - September 10, 1956 Four generations of the family of the late Louisa Hunt, Stephentown, held a reunion July 4, 1952 at the Mr. and Hrs. Herford Smith of East Greenbush. There were 15 present representing four states. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Brown and sons, Alan and Richard Brown, are on vacation trip to New York City and the South. Joseph Brown remained home with his aunt, Mrs. Agnes Welsh. Mrs. Phyllis Sweener and Mrs. Marjorie Schmich are in charge of the Post Office while Postmaster and Mrs. Brown are away. - July 16, 1952 Alan Brown, son of Postmaster and Mrs. Fred Brown, is able to be outdoors again after being ill with measles for three weeks. His brothers, Richard and Joseph, have slight cases of measles now. - February 23, 1949 Avery G. Hall, Director, Adds Partner

Avery G. Hall of Stephentown, has announced that he has admitted Robert E. Higgins to a partnership in the undertaking business, which he established in 1914. Mr. Higgins was graduated from the Meyers High School in Wilkes-Barre, PA, in 1932, and the Eckels School of Mortuary Science in Philadelphia in 1933. In 1935, he passed the examinations of the New York State Department of Health and received an undertaking and embalming license. At the time of this enlistment in the U.S. Navy Hospital Corp in 1944, Mr. Higgins was the manager of a funeral home in Flushing, Long Island, which was a branch of one of the larger New York City funeral homes. He had been employed in various capacities by this company for eight years. He was discharged from the armed forces in December, 1945, with the rating of pharmacist mate second class and has been associated with Mr. Hall since April. In 1936, Mr. Higgins was married to Winifred J. Godette of Pittsford, VT. Mrs. Higgins is a graduate nurse of the Englewood (NJ) Hospital. They have one son, Robert, Jr. Mr. Hall, who is treasurer for New York State, will continue to give his personal attention to the business, which will be conducted under the firm name of Hall & Higgins. - June 13, 1947 Sgt. Donald P. Sutherland returned to Fort Totten, LI, Sunday night after spending the weekend with Mrs. Sutherland at the home of her mother, Mrs. Emma McFeely. - January 19, 1944 Mrs. Edwin T. Lawless entertained a few relatives and friends Saturday afternoon in honor of their son Morgan's 12th birthday. Those present were his grandmother, Mrs. Minnie Carpenter, his aunts, Mrs. Roy Kenyon and Mrs. Elvin Geerholt and William Rose, Herman Howlett, Paul Sykes and David Silvernail, classmates in Berlin Central School. - March 16, 1944 Mrs. Ralph Barrett (Hazel Rathbun) of West Stephentown has taken a position in Walter C. Sykes store. - July 16, 1947

PFC. Lapp Wounded

PFC. Francis V. Lapp, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon S. Lapp, Pittsfield, Mass., was seriously wouned in action on October 13 in Holland. He is a native of this town and lived here until entering the Army. - November 8, 1943

Pvt. Francis U. Lapp is convalescing at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon J. Lapp, after a recent operation in a Fort Bragg hospital. - August 19, 1943

Miss Bernice Lawless of West Orange, N.J. returned home Sunday after spending a week with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lawless. - August 19, 1943 - George Fitzgerald, son of Mrs. Marie Fitzgerald, left Tuesday morning for duty with the Merchant Marines and is no at Hoffman Island, NY.

- Chauncey E. Bateman and son Gary, who have spent the winter in Redlands, Cal., arrived home Monday morning and are visiting Mr. Bateman's mother and brother, Mrs. Nellie Bateman and Horace.

- Sgt. and Mrs. Donald P. Sutherland have returned to Long Island after spending the week end with relatives here. - March 22, 1944

Minnie Francis Palmer Carpenter (1869-1956) married Alton J. Carpenter 1863-1930

- Mrs. Minnie Carpenter accompanied her son in law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Winn of Berlin, N.Y. to the commencement excercises at the New York State College for Teachers at Buffalo, N.Y. Tuesday morning. Her granddaughter, Miss Harriet Winn was one of the graduates.

- Mrs. Francis Nichols and children have joined Sgt. Nichols at his U.S. Army base at Newfoundland. His mother, Mrs. Rachel Nichols accompanied them and has returned home in Stephentown. The trip was made partly by car and the last lap by plane.

- Mrs. Casimir Kanopka has returned home with her infant son, John Henry, born June 6 at St. Luke's Hospital, Pittsfield, Mass.

- Dr. L.D. Greene of Stephentown, accompanied by Frank Lewis, Walter Winn, Frank Taylor, and Lewis Palmer, all of Berlin, are on a fishing trip at Wapus Lake, Quebec, Canada.

- William Gillies has returned from Philmont, N.Y., where he stayed with his daughter while he was ill. He has reopened his barber shop in Stephentown. - June 21, 1949 - Dr. and Mrs. L.D. Greene gave a birthday dinner in honor of Mrs. Greene's father, Frank Lewis of Berlin, Saturday night, guests included Miss Bertha Yerton of Philadelphia nd Miss Betty Greene of Albany. - October 28, 1942

H.A. Knapp of Chatham, NY is visiting at the home of his brother and sister in law, Mr. and Mrs. Grover Knapp and son Robert Knapp.

- The annual meeting of the Stephentown Cemetery Association was held Tuesday evening at the home of Clarence Carpenter. The treasurer's report showed a cast balance of $3,878.68 on hand at the end of the fiscal year. In addition a substantial amount has been pledged for the perpetual care of indicidual lots. Clarence Carpenter was re-elected president and treasurer. Henry Roase was re-elected secretary.

- Harvey Pease is serving on the grand jury in Troy, NY.

- The Stephentown Fire Department met Tuesday evening at the fire house. President Donald Turley presided. Officers nominated were: Donald Turley, president; Harvey Pease, treasurer and Howard Sweener secretary. The officers will be elected at the December meeting. Committees were formed and plans were completed for the annual firemen's hall Wednesday Dec. 3, at the Stephentown Grade School. Refreshments were served. - November 21, 1951 - Five Stephentown selectees from Draft Board No. 334, Hoosick Falls left Monday morning for training camps: Amos F. Rathbun, William Southard, Donald W. Lapp, Ralph E. Geerholt and Harold P. Rathbun.- November 5, 1942

- Mr. and Mrs. Charles Peck of Norwood were recent guests of Mr. Peck's brother and sister in law, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Peck.

- Chauncey Bateman, accompanied by his mother, Mrs. Nellie Bateman, motored to Ogdensburg, Saturday, to visit Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Mathews. Gary Bateman, who spent part of the last week there, accompanied his father home Sunday night. Mrs. Bateman will remain in Ogdensburg a few days. - July 2, 1947

- The employees of Walter Sykes' store gave mr. Sykes a surprise party Saturday evening at the Sykes home in honor of his birthday, Friday, January 25. There were 24 present. Paul Sykes showed colored slides.

- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rose entertained over the weekend Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Pease and their son and daughter in law, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pease and son, Charles Robert, who were visiting from their home in Salamanca, N.Y. Mrs. Robert Pease is Mr. Rose's daughter.

Miss Rita Ottman of Poestenkill, N.Y. last week visited her aunt and uncle, Miss Mary Snell and Joseph Snell. - January 30, 1957

Employees of Sykes Store in 1942 l-r: Walt Sykes, Carl Shaw, George Schmich, Mike Ward, Fred Licien, Doris Wheeler, Helen Kenyon and Carrie Sykes

- Mr. and Mrs. Orin Meddaugh entertained Mrs. Meddaugh's mother, Mrs. Laura Goodrich of Pittsfield, a few days last week. Mrs. Ernest Rathbun of Pittsfield and Mrs. Frank Beach and Mrs. Hazel Williams of West Stephentown were also their guests.

- Parishioners and friends of St. Joseph's Church attended a farewell party in honor of Rev. Sebastian Weber, chaplain, first lieutenant, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Vosburgh. Fr. Weber is to leave Nov. 6 for chaplain duty in the Army. - November 3, 1943

- William Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Freling Smith, is ill at his home with pneumonia.

- Mrs. Phyllis Sweener Hoffman is assisting at the Stephentown Post Office this week. mr. and Mrs. Hoffman are at present residing with Mrs. Hoffman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses Sweener.

- Frank Segar, who has been staying at the home of his son, Barry Segar, in Pittsfield while his wife is in the Pittsfield General Hospital, was in town this week. Mrs. Segar is reported to be improved following an accident. She is expected home soon.

- Mr. and Mrs. Maitland Vary of Pittsfield were guests during the week of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin H. Atwater. - March 16, 1949 - Mrs. Minnie Carpenter was a dinner guest of her son in law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Geerholt Sunday. Later most of her family called on her and wished her a happy Mother's Day. - May 14, 1947

- During the heaviest thunderstorm of the season here Sunday afternoon, lightning struck the house of Henry Rose, coming in on the telephone wire, tearing off siding from the house, breaking the telephone box and entering the living room where the ball exploded, frightening the occupants and partially stunning one of Mr. Roses' daughters. - July 14, 1943

- Mr. and Mrs. Freling Smith and children, Freeling, William and Marilyn, are spending the Christmas holidays with Mrs. Smith's mother, Mrs. William Tubbs at Melbourne, Fla. - December 31, 1958

- The will of Catherine Mittnight, widow of Frank G. Mittnight, who died January 27, and was the mother of Joseph Mittnight of Stephentown on file for probate here today with Surrogate Francis D. McGarey, leaves to the son $500 plus one-quarter of the residue. The remaining three-quarters of the residue, plus $1000, is divided among others. As yet, no date has been set for the proving of the document, executed on March 24, 1938 and which names Frank G. Mittnight, Jr. of Farragut Road here (Brooklyn, NY) as the executor of the estate, estimated at about $1,500 in realty and about $11,000 in personalty, the exact value of which will be disclosed when, under the direction of the court, the property is appraised for inheritance taxation. - February 11, 1944 (Joe Mittnight had a supermarket in New Lebanon for many years, called Mittnight's Market) - Miss Lynn Edith Rose, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Rose of Sand Lake, N.Y., spent the week with her grandfather, Henry Rose, while her parents were in New York.

- Mrs. Elbert Bateman and son Horace, spent Friday at South Stephentown with Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Hayes to celebrate the birthday of Mr. Hayes, brother of Mrs. Bateman, who was 81 years old. - September 20, 1950

- Walter Sykes accompanied by his father, T.C. Sykes of Pittsfield, Mass., drove to Volney, N.Y., Tuesday where the latter remained to visit his brother and sister in law, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sykes. - September 20, 1950 Announcement - “Easter Party Postponed”

Mohawk, April 21 p The Easter party that was to have been held last evening was postponed because of the death of Roy B. Kittle, who was a member of the organization. A date for the party has not been set.

Card of Thanks

Words can but scarcely express the sincere thanks which we extend to those kind friends in Mohawk and Herkimer as well as in Middleville for the kindly acts they did us during the sickness and death of our beloved son, Willie. Their kindness will always be remembered by us and it was justly appreciated during our poignant grief. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Kittle

Bronner – Kettle (Wedding)

Mohawk, September 28, 1911 - At the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Bronner, corner of Walnut and Henry streets, last evening, took place the marriage of Miss Lois Bronner to Marvin Kettle. Mr. Kettle is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Kettle of Columbia street, and is employed with his father. Miss Bronner is a graduate of Mohawk High School. Miss Gladys Rice of Firey Hill was bridesmaid and Harold Myers of Mohawk best man. Rev. C. W. Kinne officiated. The wedding was performed at 8 o’clock and witnessed by the relatives of the bride and groom. After the wedding a supper was served. Mr. and Mrs. Kettle later left for a trip in the eastern part of the state. They will reside in Mohawk.

Notes: Seems likely there was a new reporter on duty for this wedding announcement. This is the only spelling – K-E-T-T-L-E I’ve seen for our Kittles. Also – the Reverend would be “ C. W. Kinney “, pastor of the Dutch Reformed Church on Columbia Street in Mohawk, NY.

Newspaper Clipping – Old Scrapbook

Averill Park – Mr. & Mrs. Francis (W. & Amelia) Kittle 50th Anniversary Party

At the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Francis (H.) Kittle of Averill Park on Wednesday, June 5, occurred one of the largest family gatherings that has been witnessed in many years in that village, the occasion being the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage. Among those present were: Mrs. Mary Sharp of Ghent, N. Y.; Mrs. Kate Schermerhorn of Troy; Mr. and Mrs. William B. Williams of Stephentown, N. Y..; sisters and brother of Mrs. Kittle.

Frank _ Kittle and wife; John A. Reid and wife (Mary E.) of Troy; F. P. Kittle and wife of Cohoes; James A. Kittle and wife of West Troy; William H. Kittle and wife of Middleville, N. Y. ; A. J. Shufelt and wife - Mellenville, N. Y.; Milton W. Kittle and wife and Miss Ida M. Kittle of Averill Park; children of Mr. and Mrs. Kittle. (Gilbert and Ida M. Miller appear to be absent.)

The great (these are grandchildren, not great grands) grandchildren were: Ethel B. and John H. Reid; Jennie E. Kittle; Willie, Roy and Marion (‘Marion’ should be Marvin J.) Kittle; Pierce, Fannie, and Frankie Kittle (I think, Franklin P.’s children) and - Blanch Shufelt.

Among other relatives were Martin Williams and family of Troy; Albert Buck and family of New York city; Amos P. More and family of Ghent, N.Y.; and, Miss Mary E. Saxby of Nassau.

Mr. and Mrs. Kittle were presented with a handsome purse of gold pieces.

McNeary-Kittle Marriage September 1911 The marriage of Miss Frances Kittle and Robert McNeary was solemnized at noon to-day at the home of the bride on Columbia Street * by Rev. F. S. Sill, rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church. The witnesses were William McNeary and Frank Kittle fathers respectively of the groom and the bride. The bride was charmingly attired in white. • In a letter from an aunt, she wrote: “ Mrs. Robert MacNary of Cohoes was the daughter of Franklin P. I believe; her name was Frances Kittle - - called Fanny. “ • A thought here: The family farm was on Columbia Street in Mohawk, NY. However, the McNeary’s were, in my memory, all from Cohoes. It could be a coincidence that there were two ‘Columbia Streets’ in the family, - or it could be that Franklin P. lived in Mohawk, NY at this point.

Mrs. Gilbert Miller Betty wrote: “… was Ida (Aunt Ida to me.) In late years she resided in a home for the aged in Troy, NY until her death. “ Still another ‘Ida’.