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The Brown Family From Stephentown

The Family of Joshua Brown

Joshua Brown was born on April 8, 1740 at Stonington, Connecticut, the youngest of 8 children born to James and Elizabeth Randall Brown. He was 23 years old when King George III issued the Proclamation of 1763 which limited white settlement to the east of the line running down the crest of the Appalachian Mountains from Canada to Florida. Joshua married on December 24, 1761 to Joanna Rogers at the First Congregational Church of Stonington. The War of Independence called Joshua to service and he served in the American Army from 1777 to 1782. Joanna Rogers Brown died at Stonington, Connecticut on July 5, 1814. Upon Joanna’s passing, Joshua married Mrs. Lydia (Hewitt) Stanton at the age of 76. No children were born of this marriage. Joshua Brown died at Stonington, Connecticut on September 26, 1824. The children of Joshua and Joanna Rogers Brown are as follows:

Joshua Brown, Jr. b. October 4, 1764; married Eunice Palmer Rogers Brown b. July 11, 1766; d. January 27, 1795 Joanna Brown b. July 23, 1768; d. December 21, 1825; married Col. Thomas Wheeler Martha Brown b. September 28, 1770; d. 1862; married Elnathan Sweet Adam Brown b. October 26, 1772; d. July 27, 1845; married Susannah Morey on December 12, 1799 Prudence Brown b. June 10, 1776; d. July 22, 1799; married James Dean Anna Brown b. July 9, 1778; d. 1817; married Hosea Wheeler October 31, 1799 Margaret Brown b. December 25, 1780; d. May 23, 1837 Randall Brown b. June 20, 1783; d. January 1, 1829; married Sally Palmer (1805) Della Brown b. April 9, 1786; d. May 22, 1803

The Family of Adam Brown

Adam Brown was born at Stonington, Connecticut on October 26, 1772; son of Joshua Brown and Joanna Rogers Brown. He married Susannah Morey in Stonington on December 12, 1799. Before 1801, they moved to Stephentown. In addition to Adam, a number of Joshua and Joanna Rogers Brown’s children also moved to Stephentown.

Adam Brown died at Stephentown on July 27, 1845 at the age of 73. His wife Susannah also died at Stephentown at the age of 72 on May 4, 1852. Their children are as follows:

Joseph Rogers Brown born March 2, 1801 and died May 9, 1851; married Amanda Malinda Carr Susannah Brown born 1802 and died in infancy Randall Adam Brown born March 31, 1804 and died 1884; married to (1) Margaret Sweet and then to (2) Julia Gardner Delia C. Brown born January 3, 1806; married Albert Buckley; died childless at Cleveland, Ohio Lewis M. Brown born August 23, 1808 and died July 16, 1851; married Nancy Cherevoy William Thomas Brown born October 17, 1809 and died March 31, 1854 James Dean Brown born July 31, 1811; died 1879; married Elizabeth C. Harris Susan Eliza Brown born June 20, 1814; died January 15, 1888; married Henry G. Buckley

Family of Joseph Rogers Brown and Amanda Malinda Carr Brown

Joseph Rogers Brown, Jr. born 1826 Mary Malvina Brown born 1828 Susannah Brown born 1830; died 1837 Spencer Carr Brown born March 26, 1833; died 1907; married Phoebe Anna Conklin who died in 1908

Family of Spencer Carr Brown and Phoebe Anna Conklin Brown

John Willis Brown Mary Brown Edith Esther Brown b. 1881 and d. 1939; married Frederick Nathan Brown, Sr. (1879-1935) originally from Massachusetts but grew up in Berlin, New York on December 23, 1903 (no relation)

Family of Edith and Frederick N. Brown, Sr.

Raymond Brown b. 1904; died in infancy Helen May Brown Seagroatt (1905-1987); married Albert Seagroatt of Berlin, NY; children are Howard, Edward, Alice Marion Anita Brown (1908-1982); married Walter Winn of Berlin, NY; children are Gerald, Jean Frederick N. Brown, Jr. (1910-1977); married Leona Fitzgerald (1919-2000) of Stephentown, NY on August 3, 1941; children are Allan Lee Brown (1943-1999); Richard Frederick Brown; Joseph Edward Brown Harry Spencer Brown (1911-1959); married Marion Babcock of Petersburgh, NY (1933); children are Frederick L. Brown (1936-2004) Ethel Esther Brown (1913-2003); married John Kinn of Berlin, NY; children are John Alfred (died in infancy) Robert Oliver Brown (1919-2004); married Hazel ?; children are Darryl (deceased) Norman Charles (Charlie) Brown (1923-1968); married Eva Goodermote of Berlin, NY (1923-1964) in February 1944; children are Susan

Mapping and records indicate that the first Brown homestead was at the Rensselaer County/Columbia County line on State Route 22. From 1871 until the early 1980’s, the remaining homestead and farm was on Main Street in Stephentown at the corner of State Route 43 and Brown Road. The home was built in 1871 or earlier assumingly by Spencer Carr Brown who operated a feed and general store at the location, as well as the Stephentown Post Office. In addition, directly across the street was a gasoline station (now a house) owned at one time by F.N. Brown, Sr. who sold Ford Tractors and farming equipment. Original mapping indicates that at one time the farm was bordered by Grange Hall Road to the west; the Shaw farm to the north, Provost Road to the east, and the Rutland Railroad tracks to the south, not necessarily in a square parcel, but a sizable land area nonetheless. The farm house and a barn which are no longer owned by the family remain at the Main Street location. However, another barn standing at the corner of State Route 22 and Cemetery Hill Road remains in family ownership. In the early years of the former McClintock Chevrolet and before that Bateman Motors, this barn was used as an overflow place to store new automobiles sold by these dealers. The barn remains standing due to the protection of a slate roof system with original cabling still visible to hold the walls up and a concrete foundation measuring 8 feet high and 3 feet thick. From State Route 22 you can see the barn and what was once the rear of the building, indicating that the old state roadway removed in 1929 ran up along the other side. There is a large swath of evergreen trees up behind the barn planted by my grandfather Fred Brown, Jr. and his brothers Harry, Charlie, and Bob in the late 1920’/early 1930’s and still visible from Route 22. The cemetery at Cemetery Hill Road, also known as the Baptist Cemetery, was on land once owned by the family. Subsequentally a number of Brown’s including Captain Joseph Brown (a Naval Commander), Adam Brown, and Hon. Charles H. Brown (former Mayor of Omaha, Nebraska and son of Randall A. Brown) are buried there in the southwest section. Of the original Brown’s who settled in Stephentown, my father Richard F. Brown and his youngest brother Joseph E. Brown still reside in Stephentown.