Daniel Smith Papers

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The following information was sent by Wendell Spencer.

Papers of Daniel Smith, & his wife Elizabeth Gardner, living in Stephentown NY. before 1820. Papers of their son, Daniel G. Smith & wife Norcissa Humphrey of Josiah at Rensselaer Co., NY, moved to Lysander, Onondaga, Military Lot #83, Papers of 3rd Generation same family, Enos Smith. Also Includes Records and Names Outside the Family. additional detail by Wendell Spencer . 1, folder 1 “Deeds and contracts 1821-1825”

Silas Greenman apprentice contract to Daniel Smith dated 3/8/1821 for three summer seasons of mason trade to be paid with ½ of what Smith bills Greenman’s time. Tools to be furnished by Smith excepting one stone hammer to be furnished by Greenman. Signatures of Eli Holcomb, Elisa (short for Elizabeth, Daniel’s wife?) Smith, Silas Greenman, Daniel Smith.

5-1-1825 Subpoena. Daniel Smith defendant, Stephen Bennett plaintiff, George R. Davis, Atty. For “trespass, assault and battery.”

9/20/1825 Settlement of $24 to settle trespass, assault and battery in two causes: 1) James Harrington vs. Daniel Smith and Silas Greenman and 2) Rufus _______? and James Harrington vs. Daniel Smith, Silas Greenman and Hepzabeth Loacke

57, box 1, folder 2 “Stephenson School Records, 1797”

Proprietors, Scholars and number of days attended. David Harwood, preceptor at $7 per month. Lists “Subscribers Names, Scholars and number of days attended.” Names include: Heward, King, Doty, Beckwith, Morpe, Cowdry, Gould, Spencer, Spaulden, Stephens, James, Worden, Whitman, Mory, Sanford, Hunting, Green, and Chapman. Perhaps others unreadable during this inspection. William Douglas, JP certified. (believe Heward is Howard) ws

57, box 1, folder 3 “Military Discharge 1809”

This folder includes a commission, not a discharge. Daniel Smith as a Corporal in Captain Rufus Sweets Company in the Regiment of Militia, September 9, 1809 by Elisha Steward, esq. Lieut. Col. Commandant Rensselaer County, NY. William L. Gardner, Adjt. This paper is mounted on a card stock. (believe Wm. Gardner mar. a Smith). 57, box 1, folder 4 “Certificate of military service, 1811”

This appears to be a commission as well. Josiah Humphrey as a Captain in the Regiment of Militia, May 20, 1811 by Caleb Carr, esq. Lieut. Col. Commandant. Signed by Daniel D. Tompkins, Governor, NY, 4-10-1811 and Anthony Lamb, Deputy Secretary, 5-9-1811. (Daniel G. Smith’s wife was Norcissa M. Humphrey) (Josiah and son mentioned in Holcomb Diary, son Rensselaer settled in Fayette Village, Ohio). 57, box 1, folder 5 “Patent and Certificate”

This is an order for a McCormick’s patented Virginia reaper and mower from William Daggett & Co. in Jordan to be delivered on or before July 10, 1853. Payment is $30 plus freight from Buffalo and $85 on the first of December thereafter with interest from the first of July 1853. This machine is guaranteed to cut 1½ acres of wheat per hour and save at least ¾ of all wheat normally lost or the manufacturer will take it back. C.H. McCormick listed on the bottom and payable to Cayuga Co. Bank in Auburn, Plainville P.O., Onondaga Co., NY. (Smiths bur. at Plainville, Cem.)

Sunday School certificate for D. G. Smith for “Good Conduct, Industry and Punctuality in the Bible Class of Plainville Sunday School” dated 13 November 1870.

57, box 1, folder 6 “Deeds and Contracts 1797-1817”

Two papers transferring 1 acre of property from Ezra Sanford to Davis Cowary for $30 (Dec. 1797). It appears the same property is then transferred from Davis Cowary to David Smith for $55 (1817??).

Mason apprentice contract between Lemuel Haskill, 17 year old son of Thomas Horton and Easter Horton of Conan Co. of Columbia for a period of 4 years, 7 months, 22 days. Lemuel is not to play dice, cards, unlawful games, visit taverns, ale houses or engage in fornication or matrimony. He is to attend school and will be furnished “holy day” clothes. Signed by Niles Bentley, Lydia Hassall (appears to be witnesses), Daniel Smith, Esther Horton and Lemuel Hasell. (a Bentley researcher originally found this Smith Papers Collection and told me of it) ws Slip of paper that appears to be a note of some sort that Daniel Smith will account for $15 to someone. Names that can be discerned are John Smith and “Ephraim Smith agent for David Smith.”

57, box 1, folder 7 “Deeds and Contracts 1826-1829”

Deed for 25 acres from William Townsend to Benjamin and Eliza Carter 26 June 1826 for $200. Lot 37 subdivision No 5 Township of Cato, Cayuga County, NY.

Deed for 4 acres from Hiram W. and Mary Brown to David Smith 9 March 1828 for $485. Signature shows “Polly” Brown so this must have been another name that Mary went by.

Promissory note from Daniel Smith to Jehiel Hines in the amount of $690, 18 April 1820, payable $345 upon signature, $86.25 to be paid on 20 December 1820 and three more payments of $86.25 each year thereafter with interest from April 1. This appears to be for 2 acres of land that borders D. Smiths property and is described on the note.

57, box 1, folder 8 “Deeds and Contracts 1836-1846”

Deed for 5 acres from Claudius and Phebe Moffett to Daniel Smith for $84.65 on 2 March 1836. This deed is on the back of a deed transferring the same property from Spencer Whitman to Claudius Moffett in an earlier transaction.

Deed transferring 100 acres and what appears to be houses, farm machinery and a “fanning mill” and a cow from Jacob Albright to Daniel G. Smith and Daniel Smith. Albright appears to have purchased this property in an earlier transaction from Davis Kester. This transaction included lumber, doors and such located at the shop of John Corey in Lysander. Purchase price was $3,400 and paid $319.25 down and $3,080.75 on the first day of May, next. Date on this document is June 5, 1839.

Deed transferring 50 acres from Mary, Mariett and Ancelina Pratt to John Cady. Property in Windsor on the county road leading from Dalton to Windsor. Dated 11 April 1846.

57, box 1, folder 9 “Wills 1887-1889”

This is the will of Daniel G. Smith and probate forms from the court. Enos Smith was the executor. The will is dated 9-8-1882 and there are dates of 1 August 1889 and 15 September 1887 on some of the documents. There is also a document that has printed instructions for inventories of estates. The will names the Daniel G. Smith family: wife Narcissa M. Smith, Mary N. Upson (widow of Orlando Upson), Emily S. Adams (wife of W. Irving Adams of Syracuse), Esther E. Davis (wife of H. Davis in Tekonsha, Michigan) and son Enos Smith. Witnesses are J.H. Norton and Emily Norton and it shows to be recorded in Book 29, page 520, Onondaga County, NY. The transcriber has granted permission to present his transcription. I have a second transcription that will be made available. I am most grateful to the transcriber for his work in bringing this collection to us. I have much additional information about the family of Josiah Humphrey after his children left Rensselaer Co. ws Wendell Spencer