Denison Cemetery

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Denison Cemetery

The Denison Cemetery is located in Stephentown and contains 56 graves. It was used from 1773 to 1920. It is number 17 on the cemetery map and can be located using the following directions: “.2 mile from corner of Giles and East Roads, you will see marble gate posts on the left. Park and walk.”


Caleb, Jr. 1816-1818


“Here lies his body in the Tomb the Soul to heaven is gone and left the parents bereft”


Beriah 1763-1802 m. Martha Martha 1738-1819 m. Beriah Arnold Capt. Stephen Arnold 1739-1810


Beriah 1763-1802

‘Let not the Dead Forgotten lie Lest the living Forget to die!”

Martha 1738-1819

“Death brings a melancholy gloom Leaves an empty seat: Behold my Verry friends this solid Tomb!” (words spelled as they appear)

Capt. Stephen Arnold 1739-1810

“God my Redeemer lives And often from the skies Looks down and watches all my dust Till he shall bid it rise.

Arrayed in Glorious grace Shall this vile body shine And evry shape and face Look heavenly and divine” (words spelled as they appear)


Rebekah d. May 17, 1813; 57y; m. George Tifft; d/o Rebekah & Benjamin Brown


Arnold d. Mar. 3, 1815; 32y; s/o Honor Arnold & Samuel Carpenter Roxana d. Oct. 7, 1865; 22y5m


Franklin d. Sept. 7, 1865; 22y5m


Alson 6/21/1803 – 8/16/1807 5y s/o Rhoda & Griswold Daniel 9/16/1730 – 3/15/1793 63y m. Catharine Avery s/o Rachel Starr & Daniel Denison Erie 11/10/1807 – 10/21/1808 11m11d child of Sarah & Jonathan Esther Brown d. 12/4/1777 28y m. Capt. James Denison George 4/12/1763 – 3/16/1786 23y s/o Catharine & Daniel Griswold 8/21/1761 – 3/20/1826 61y m. Rhoda Tifft s/o Catharine & Daniel James 4/18/1746 – 12/24/1778 32y s/o Rachel Starr & Daniel Denison. Died during American Revolution as a Captain Rhoda Tifft 1777-1869 m. Griswold Infant son d. 8/18/1773 s/o Catharine & Daniel Infant son 12/9/1801 – 12/9/1801 s/o Sarah & Jonathan


Daniel 1730-1793

“Erected September 4, 1860 by their son’s widow Rhoda Denison”

Esther 1750-1777

“Mourn not for me It is all in vain”

Griswold 1761-1826

“Far from the world of toil and strife He’s present with the Lord The labor of his mortal life Ends in a long reward”

Capt. James Denison 1746-1778

“Go home dear friends Lament no more I am not lost But gone before”

Rhoda Tifft Denison 1777-1869

“Yea, soon this tenement of clay Falls by the weight of time The soul immortal soar away To an eternal clime” (words spelled as they appear)


Dorothea A. d. Feb. 17, 1866; 23y2m23d; d/o Charlotte & Henry Henry d. Nov. 17, 1865; 57y “father”


Abigail Avery d. 3/1/1811 16y6m s/o Catharine and Maj. James Jones died when a log rolled on him Avery D. d. 4/19/1828 17y Waty & James Catharine Denison 7/24/1758 – 3/9/1851 94y d/o Catharine Avery & Daniel Denison Edward M. d. 3/26/1851 8y2m18d s/o Margaret M. & Augustus Jones Elias 2/6/1797 – 6/28/1876 m. Lydia Sweet s/o Catharine Denison & Maj. James Jones Griswold D. d. 5//28/1830 4y s/ol Phebe & William Halbert H. s/o Phebe & William Maj. James 7/22/1754 – 7/26/1803 50y s/o Eunice Minor & Henry Jones James, Esq. 3/28/1779 – 4/11/1873 m. Waty Berlin s/o Catharine Denison & James Jones Margaret M. d. 7/12/1848 26y5m m. Augustus J. Jones Mary A. d. 4/30/1861 22y m. Halbert H. Jones Orlando d. 5/20/1824 2y4m9d s/o Lydia & Elias Oscar s/o Phebe & William Phebe d. 6/17/1866 73y m. William Phebe d/o Phebe & William Rosalley E. 9/23/1824 – 10/20/1902 m. John A. Jones Waty 9/8/1781 – 7/5/1852 m. James Jones, Esq. d/o Augustus Jerome Waty 10/29/1814 – 4/3/1852 38y d/o Waty Jones & James Jones William d. 5/20/1861 72y m. Phebe s/o Maj. James & Catharine William d. 3/22/1788 29y


Griswold D. Jones 1826-1830

“Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest God called thee home When he thought best”

Major James Jones 1753-1803

“While I lie in this silent tomb Do you prepare to come”

William Jones 1760-1788

“Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord”


James H. 8/15/1840 – 7/20/1908 m. #1 Mary E.; #2 Rhoda C. Rhoda C. 5/25/1838 – 12/15/1887 m. James H.


Rhoda C. Lillibridge 1838-1877

“At Rest”


Jessie May 2/3/1880 – 5/1/1900 or 1920 m. Clarence Derby


Lydia 7/30/1802 – 10/23/1895 m. Elias Jones


George 1/16/1754 – 5/9/1813 61y m. Rebeckah Brown s/o Mary Webb & Jon Tifft Rhoda 8/18/1777 – 3/22/1869 92y m. Griswold Denison d/o Rebecca Brown & George Tifft

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