Descendants of Jeremiah Rose

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Jeremiah Rose was born 1675 in Scituate, Massachusetts and died 23 Feb 1709 in Scituate, Massachusetts. He married Elizabeth Collamore, daughter of Captain Anthony Collamore. Jeremiah was an early grammar schoolmaster in Scituate. His estate was inventoried at 208 pounds.

Children of Jeremiah Rose and Elizabeth Collamore are:

i.Thomas Rose, b. 23 Aug 1699, Scituate, Massachusetts, d. 1700 ii.Gideon Rose, b. 08 May 1701, Scituate, Massachusetts iii.Elizabeth Rose, b. 13 Sep 1703, Scituate, Massachusetts iv.Thomas Rose, b. 10 Mar 1706, Scituate, Massachusetts

Gideon Rose was born 08 May 1701 in Scituate, Massachusetts. He married (1) Lydia Turner 11 Dec 1723 in Scituate, Massachusetts. He married (2) Anna Howland 12 Jul 1756 in Pembroke, Massachusetts. She was born 1715 and died 17 Jan 1796 in Salem, Massachusetts.

Children of Gideon Rose and Lydia Turner are:

i.Jeremiah Rose, b. 13 Sep 1724, Scituate, Massachusetts, d. 1800 Stephentown, New York ii.Prince Rose, b. 29 Oct 1727 iii.Thomas Rose, b. 14 Dec 1729 iv.Lydia Rose, b. 30 Apr 1732 v.Gideon Rose, b. 16 Jun 1734 vi.Nathaniel Rose, b. 09 May 1736 vii.Ashahel Rose, b. 27 Apr 1740 viii.Simeon Rose, b. 26 Apr 1741 ix.Asa Rose, b. 04 Jul 1742 x.Ruben Rose, b. 20 Oct 1743 xi.Elizabeth Rose, b. 11 May 1746

Children of Gideon Rose and Anna Howland are:

xii.Sarah Rose, b. 25 Aug 1756 xiii.Brackley Rose, b. 1757 xiv.Abraham Rose, b. 20 Aug 1759

Jeremiah Rose was born 13 Sep 1724 in Scituate, Massachusetts, and died 1800 in Stephentown, New York. He married Barsheba Rose 29 Jan 1752 in Griswold, Connecticut, daughter of Thomas Rose and Joanna Wyatt. She was born 01 Jan 1730, and died in Stephentown, New York.

Jeremiah moved to Stephentown, New York circa 1780. The exact date of Jeremiah’s death is unknown, however, he did pay his rent to Van Rensselaer in January 1800, but did not appear in the 1800 census taken later in the year.

Jeremiah’s will was probated on 09 Apr 1801. “In the name of God Amen. I, Jeremiah Rose of Stephentown in the County of Rensselaer and State of New York, Being weak in body but sound in mind and memory and calling to mind that it is appointed for all Men once to die and being willing to dispose of the earthly inheritance which God hath been graciously pleased to give me here in time in such manner as to be conducive to the good of my Family, as mush as possible may be do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and Form Following viz: Imfimis, that is to say first of all, I give and bequeath my soul into the hands of Almighty God, the Father of all Mercies humbly trusting that he will receive the same into the mansions of his love through the alone merits of he Dear son Jesus Christ our Lord and only Savior and my Body to the earth of which it was made to be buried in a decent manner at the discretion of Executors herein after named, hoping to receive the same again at the Ressurection of the Dust…..”

Barsheba was baptized Bashua – also seen as Bathsheba and Barsha. Her exact date of death is unknown, however, she in mentioned as being 95 years old in her son Nathaniel’s obituary.

Children of Jeremiah Rose and Barsheba Rose are: i.Nathaniel Rose, b. 29 Oct 1752, Connecticut; d. 10 Jul 1823, Stephentown, NY ii.Wyatt Rose, b. 17 Jan 1754, Connecticut; d. 23 Feb 1795, Stephentown, NY. He married Thankful Tanner, daughter of William Tanner and Deliverance Briggs. She was born 29 Aug 1757 in Exeter, Washington, RI and died 18 Apr 1837 in Stephentown, NY. Her sister Mary married Wyatt’s brother Nathaniel. Wyatt and Thankful Rose had: i.John Rose, b. 28 Dec 1779; d. 25 Jan 1838, Stephentown, NY ii.Elizabeth Rose, b. 1785; d. 03 Apr 1787, Stephentown, NY iii.Martha Rose, b. 06 Apr 1775; d. 21 Dec 1808, Stephentown, NY iii.Charles Rose, b. 1759, Connecticut iv.Joanna Rose, b. Connecticut v.Lydia Rose, b. Connecticut vi.Mary Rose, b. Connecticut vii.Esther Rose, b. Connecticut

Nathaniel Rose was born 29 Oct 1752 in Connecticut, and died 10 Jul 1823 in Stephentown, New York. He married (1) Mary Tanner, daughter of William Tanner and Deliverance Briggs. She was born 25 May 1754 in Exeter, Rhode Island, and died 23 Jul 1796 in Stephentown, NY. He married (2) Abigail Price Howard.

Nathaniel Rose was one of the founding fathers of Stephentown, NY. He signed one of the earliest leases with Catherine Van Rensselaer in 1771. The original lease is housed in the New York State Archives at Albany, New York. He moved to Stephentown before his father and brothers, Wyatt and Charles.

His obituary was published in the National Intelligencer, Washington, D.C. October 21, 1823 issue; republished in National Genealogical Society Quarterly, VOL XXXV Dec 1947 No. 4 p. 113.

“Rose, Nathaniel d. 10 Jul 1823 at Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., N.Y., age 71. He was a soldier of the Revolution, and aided in the capture of Burgoyne. He was one of the 1st settlers of Stephentown where he leaves a wid. And 12 ch. His mother, age 95, survives him.”

Children of Nathaniel Rose and Mary Tanner are: i.Deliverance Rose, b. 06 Mar 1776, Stephentown, NY ii.Mercy Rose, b. 02 Aug 1778, Stephentown, NY iii.Mary Rose, b. 04 Oct 1779, Stephentown, NY iv.Thankful Rose, b. 04 Oct 1779, Stephentown, NY v.Olive Rose, b. 26 Feb 1780. Stephentown, NY vi.Barsheba Rose, b. 30 1781, Stephentown, NY, m. Nathan Howard Jr., (her step-brother) b. Stephentown, NY vii.Damaris Rose, b. 13 Aug 1782, Stephentown, NY viii.Susannah Rose, b. 02 Aug 1783, Stephentown, NY, m. Sylvester Howard (her step-brother), b. Stephentown, NY ix.Thomas Rose, b. 29 Oct 1786, Stephentown, NY; d. 05 Jun 1819, Stephentown, NY; m. Abigail Howard, abt. 1807, Stephentown, NY; b. 26 Jun 1791, Stephentown, New York, d. 28 Aug 1870, Albion, Dane County, Wisconsin. x.Hannah Rose, b. 1788, Stephentown, NY xi.Lillis Rose, b. 16 Sep 1792. Stephentown, NY xii.Peter Rose, b. 1793, Stephentown, NY; d. Wisconsin xiii.David Rose, b. 1794. Stephentown, NY

Children of Nathaniel Rose and Abigail Howard are; xiv.Rufus Rose, b. 1799, Stephentown, NY xv.Catherine Rose, b. 1801, Stephentown, NY

Thomas Rose was born 29 Oct 1786 in Stephentown, NY and died 05 Jun 1819 in Stephentown, NY. He married Abigail Howard (his step-sister) about 1807 in Stephentown, the daughter of Rev. Nathan Howard and Abigail Price. She was born 26 Jun 1791 in Stephentown, NY and died 28 Aug 1870 in Albion, Dane County, Wisconsin.

Thomas was killed instantly in a lumbering accident at the age of 32, leaving his widow and five small children. His funeral, of the Masonic Order, was 06 Jun 1819 at his father’s home. He was a member of the Friendship Masonic Lodge #95. Elder Hull preached the eulogy in an eloquent style from Paul’s’ epistle to the Hebrews…”His heart was the seat of every noble and exalted virtue, and in his family dwelt peace and conjugal felicity.” A great concourse of people attended.

Thomas wife, Abigail Howard, remarried Lemuel Humphrey on 27 Jun 1822 and they subsequently moved to Wisconsin.

Children of Thomas Rose and Abigail Howard are: i.Ralph Rose, b., 23 Feb 1809, Stephentown, NY; d. 31 Mar 1886. Stephentown, NY ii.Abigail Rose, b. 25 Jun 1811, Stephentown, NY iii.Elizabeth Rose, b. 18 Oct 1814, Stephentown, NY iv.Nathaniel Rose, b. 07 Sep 1816, Stephentown, NY v.Orlando Rose, b. 03 May 1818, Stephentown, NY; d. 18 Feb 1892; m. Eunice Gardner b. 06 May 1813; d. 22 Feb 1892

Ralph Rose was born 23 Feb 1809 in Stephentown, NY and died 31 Mar 1886 in Stephentown, NY. He married Martha R. Brown 26 Apr 1832 in Stephentown, NY daughter of Daniel Brown and Huldah Tanner. She was born 23 Sep 1808 in Stephentown, NY and died 16 Feb 1870 in Stephentown, NY.

Ralph and Martha are buried in Stephentown Baptist Cemetery. His marker is nearly blank as it’s the type that lies on the ground ‘covering’ the casket and has weathered badly.

When Ralph’s father died, he was only 10 years old. His uncle, Sylvester Howard was appointed his guardian. His two younger brothers’ and two younger sisters’ guardian was Lemuel Humphrey, their step-father. When his two brothers, Nathaniel and Orlando, reached the age of 14, they petitioned the court to have Ralph become their guardian.

Ralph was a prosperous farmer and in 1858 was Stephentown Town Supervisor.

Children of Ralph Rose and Martha R. Brown are: i.Thomas Rose, b. 21 Jun 1834, Stephentown, NY; d. 05 May 1901. Thomas graduated from Union College in 1859. ii.Henry Arthur Rose, b. 03 Nov 1836, Stephentown, NY iii.Corydon Rose, b. 20 Jul 1839, Stephentown, NY; d. 21 Dec 1881, m. Martha Lilly iv.Martha M. Rose, b. 23 Aug 1841, Stephentown, NY; m. Emory Hutchinson, b. 1840 v.Mary Frances Rose, b. 23 Sep 1843, Stephentown, NY; d. 1905; m. Burton Holmes, 08 Apr 1879; b. 1841, d. 1896

Henry Arthur Rose was born 03 Nov 1836 in Stephentown, NY, and died 14 Mar 1885 in Stephentown, NY. He married Amanda Sheldon 20 Mar 1862 in Stephentown, NY daughter of Alanson (Lansing) Sheldon and Waity Smith. She was born 03 Apr 1837 in Stephentown, NY and died 03 Mar 1923 in Stephentown, NY.

Henry Arthur was stricken (heart attack) while at a church prayer meeting, as family legend has it. His estate was valued at $4,010.10 and was administered on 14 Nov 1886. Henry and Amanda are buried at Stephentown Baptist Cemetery.

Children of Henry Arthur and Amanda Sheldon are: i.Arthur Henry Rose, b. 03 Mar 1864, Stephentown, NY ii.Grace Rose, b. 01 Jul 1867, Stephentown, NY iii.Julius Townsend Rose, b. 28 Apr 1869, Stephentown, NY and died 23 Jan 1950 in Sonoma, California. He married (1) Bertha A Brimmer in 1893 Stephentown, NY. She was born 1869, the daughter of Henson (?) M and Augusta Brimmer. He married (2) Mabel Collins. She was born 04 Feb 1892 in New Jersey and died 17 Jun 1949 in Sonoma, California. In the 1900 census Julius states he was a teacher, and was living with his in-laws (the Brimmer’s) in Stephentown. In 1910 Julius, Bertha and Augusta are living in Brooklyn, NY where he is listed as a physician, general practioner. There is a family story that he removed his niece’s appendix on the kitchen table when he was visiting his brother Arthur.

Julius and Bertha Rose had: i.Augusta Rose, b. Aug 1894, Stephentown, NY

Julius and Mabel Rose had: i.Barbara Rose, b. 1920, Sonoma, California ii.Julius T Rose, b. 1922, Sonoma, California iii.Edwin A Rose, b. 1925, Sonoma, California iv.Ruth M Rose, b. 1926, Sonoma, California v.Ralph Rose, b. 1930, Sonoma, California iv.L Sheldon Rose, b. 28 Apr 1873. Stephentown, NY, d. 02 Jun 1898, Stephentown, NY v.Ralph Rose, b. 30 Mau 1875, Stephentown, NY; d. Florida (he is listed as living here in brother Arthur’s obituary.) He married Maud (his brother Sheldon’s widow?) She was born 1877 in New York.

Ralph and Maud Rose had: i.Viola Rose, b. 1895 Stephentown, NY ii.Lansing Rose, b. 1896 Stephentown, NY iii.Francis Rose, b. 1898 Stephentown, NY iv.Marian Rose, b. 1916 Pittsfield, MA

Arthur Henry Rose was born 03 Mar 1864 in Stephentown, NY and died 22 Mar 1945 in Troy, NY. He married (1) Addie Jenks on 01 Jan 1884. She died of pulmonary consumption on 13 Jan 1886. He married (2) Esther Sarah Daboll in Stephentown, NY, Rev Henry Millington officiating with witnesses Ralph Rose and Sheldon Rose, Edith and Johnny Brown, the daughter of Samuel Daboll and Hannah Coon. She was born 13 Apr 1863 and died 10 Oct 1929 in Stephentown, NY. Arthur, Esther and Addie are buried in Stephentown Baptist Cemetery. They ran the farm on “Rose Hill.”

Children of Arthur Rose and Esther Daboll are: i.Henry Arthur Rose, b. 13 May 1890, Stephentown, NY ii.Roy Daboll Rose, b. 04 Apr 1892, Stephentown, NY; d. 11 Mar 1978 in Pinellas County, Florida. He married Ivadell Saxby, daughter of William Saxby and Eurilla Snow. She was born 19 Jun 1894 in Berlin, NY and died 08 Apr 1990 in Pinellas County, Florida. Her sister Edith married Roy’s brother Henry. Roy ran the Sheffield Creamery in Stephentown.

Roy and Ivadell Rose had: i.Kenneth Rose, b. 1917, Stephentown, NY ii.Austin Rose, b. 24 Aug 1918, Stephentown, NY; d. Apr 1973, Fort Plain, NY iii.Elsie Rose, b. 1922, Stephentown, NY iii.Grace Amanda Rose, b. 03 Oct 1896. Stephentown, NY; d. Jun 1974, Stuyvesant Falls, New York. She married Ernest Turner 1921 in Stephentown, NY, son of Hiram Turner and Lovina. He was born 31 Jul 1896 in Stephentown, NY and died Oct 1980 in Stuyvesant Falls, NY. Grace worked as a nursemaid for the Fayerweather family in New Lebanon prior to her marriage.

Grace and Ernest Turner had: i.Arthur Turner, b. 1922, Stephentown, NY ii.Margaret L Turner, b. 1925, Stephentown, NY iii.Elinor R Turner, b. 1927, Stephentown, NY iv.Russell Turner

Henry Arthur Rose was born 13 May 1890 in Stephentown, NY and died 27 Aug 1961 in Troy, NY. He married Edith May Saxby 05 Oct 1919 in Averill Park, NY, daughter of William Saxby and Eurilla Snow. She was born 09 Jul 1898 in West Stephentown, NY and died 11 May 1936 in Pittsfield, MA. Adolph Aubert officiated at their wedding and their witnesses were Clara Hack and Hattie French.

Henry and Edith were charter members of the Taconic Valley Grange in Stephentown.

Henry was described as of medium height, medium build, blue eyes and light brown hair on his WWI selective service card. He was a member of the Sgt. Walter Arms American Legion Post. He retired from the Rensselaer County Highway Department in 1957. He remarried (after 1953) to Clara Lobell. Henry and Edith are buried in Cemetery of Evergreens in Lebanon Springs, NY. Henry died of heart disease (death certificate).

Children of Henry Rose and Edith Saxby are: i.Floyd Saxby Rose, b. 9 Jan 1921, Stephentown, NY ii.Ruth Esther Rose, b. 29 Oct 1922, Stephentown, NY; d. 08 Feb 2007, Canton, NY. She married William Randall Walker 09 Oct 1943 in Stephentown, NY, son of Walter Walker and Agnes Robson. He was born 27 May 1920 in Madrid, NY and died 27 Mar 1976 in Madrid, NY. Both Ruth and Bill were graduates of Canton Ag & Tech College. They ran the Walker family dairy farm from 1943 to 1973 when they sold the herd due to Bill’s health. They are buried in the Madrid Cemetery.

Ruth and Bill Walker had: i.Norma Jean Walker, b. 29 Jul 1947. She graduated from Albany College of Pharmacy in 1970 and married Gary Coloton July 1970. ii.James Walker, b. 1953. He graduated from Canton ATC. He married Carolyn. iii.Norma Marjorie Rose, b. 16 Oct 1925, Stephentown, NY. She graduated from New Lebanon High and the Bishop Memorial Training School for Nurses, House of Mercy, Pittsfield, MA. She married Robert Walter Pease 17 Jun 1947 in Stephentown, NY, son of Harvey Pease and Mabel Weavers. He was born 12 Feb 1925 in Stephentown, NY. He served in the Air Force during WWII. He graduated from Cornell University. They ran a large farm in Salamanca NY, growing beans in three states, and Norma ran the strawberry business. They ran a large garden center there. They ‘retired’ and moved to Gowanda, NY where in 2006 Bob grew the 8th largest pumpkin in NY.

Norma and Robert Pease had: i.Charles Robert Pease, b. 22 Nov 1950 ii.Ann Marie Pease iii.Timothy Scott Pease

iv.Dorothy Jean Rose, b. 22 Jan 1929, Stephentown, NY. She worked as an inspector for the Sheffield Creamery and later for the Durand Chocolate company. She married Raymond Graham 31 Jul 1965 in East Greenbush, NY. She died 15 Mar 1970 in Florida. She is buried in Cemetery of Evergreens, Lebanon Springs, NY v.William Arthur Rose, b. 10 Sept 1932, Stephentown, NY and died 05 Nov 1994 in Largo, Pinellas Co, Florida. He married Nelia Ruth Johnson 19 Dec 1952 in Key West. Florida. Bill was a career navy man in the medical corps.

Bill and Neil Rose had: i.Jack Henry Rose, b. 03 Oct 1953, Key West, Florida ii.Debra Edith Rose, b. 27 Nov 1954, Key West, Florida iii.Jean Louise Rose

Floyd Saxby Rose was born 09 Jan 1921 in Stephentown, NY and died 24 Jan 1984 in Albany, NY. He married (1) Agnes Florence Schmidt 17 Oct 1948 in Lyons, New York, daughter of August Schmidt and Anna Speanburgh. She was born 20 Apr 1927 in Stuyvesant, New York and died 17 Jul 1953 in Albany, New York. He married (2) Helen Louise Relyea 20 Jul 1953 in Poughkeepsie, New York, daughter of Floyd Relyea and Louise Williams. She was born 22 Mar 1919 in Poughkeepsie, New York and died 08 Jun 1995 in Castleton, New York.

Agnes grew up with her father and step-mother in Jeffersonville, New York. She graduated from Jeffersonville High. Prior to her marriage she worked as a clerk in the Engineering Department for New York Telephone Company. She and Floyd, along with George Carpenter, built their home on Peck Road, West Sand Lake, NY. She died of a brain tumor in 1953, buried from Higgins Funeral Home in Stephentown, NY and is buried in Cemetery of the Evergreens in Lebanon Springs, NY.

Floyd graduated from Lebanon High School at the age of 14. He graduated from Pittsfield Business College. Floyd was in the Navy during WWII. He was part of the original crew of the USS Missouri when it was launched from the Brooklyn Navy Yard. He was Chief Petty Officer/Communications. He was there for the peace treaty signing ending the war with Japan.

Floyd worked for New York Telephone for 37 years as a central office equipment engineer, retiring in 1983.

Floyd was instrumental in setting up a new fire district for Schodack Center, NY and was its first fire commissioner.

Floyd was active in the Greenbush Reformed Church serving as both deacon, elder, president of the consistory, and many other committees.

Floyd was volunteering for the Northeastern New York Regional Red Cross when he experienced chest pains. He was driven to Albany Medical Center (around the block) where he died at 3:05 PM of cardiac arrest due to coronary artery disease.

Floyd and Helen are buried in the East Greenbush Cemetery.

Floyd Rose and Agnes Schmidt had:

i.Lynne Edith Rose, b. 27 Jul 1949, Albany, NY. Married David Walter Collins 26 Dec 1970, Defreestville, NY. He was born 19 Feb 1947 in Albany, NY the son of Charles Elisha Collins and Elaine Marie Dillon. Lynne graduated from Maple Hill High School and SUNY Cobleskill. She retired from Verizon after 27 years of service. Lynne has been certified with the Mayflower Society as a descendent of Stephen Hopkins. ii.David Keith Rose, b. 27 Jul 1951, Albany, NY. He died 19 Jan 2000, Niverville, NY iii.Stephen Wayne Rose, b. 17 Feb 1953. Albany, NY. He married Rachel Robinson.

Descendants of Thomas Rose, Captain

Thomas Rose, Captain was born 1653 and died 19 Apr 1744 in Preston, Connecticut. It is believed that he came from England with his mother Joanna Rose and his sister, Mary, from England. He married Hannah Allyn 16 Sep 1680 in Norwich, Connecticut, daughter of Robert Allyn. She was born 22 May 1642 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts and died in Preston, Connecticut.

Thomas served in King Philip’s Was 1675-6. He was a member of the Connecticut General Assembly, was a large land owner and was a wealthy man. His will was proved 29 May 1744.

Children of Thomas Rose and Hannah Allyn are: i.Thomas Rose, Jr. b. 1681, Preston, CT, d. 15 May 1733, Preston, CT ii.Joanna Rose, b. 1678, Preston, CT; d. 03 Jan 1761, Groton, CT iii.Dorcas Rose, b. 1683, Stonington, CT; d. 1736, Groton, CT iv.Deborah Rose, b. 1683, Connecticut; d. 1754, Preston, CT v.Damaris Rose, b. 1684, Connecticut; d. 1754, Preston, CT vi.Mary Rose, b. 1685, Connecticut vii.Joseph Rose, b. 1686, Connecticut viii.Sarah Rose, b. 1687, Connecticut; d. 05 Nov 1739, Preston, CT ix.Elizabeth Rose, b. 1688, Connecticut; d. 05 Nov 1759, Preston, CT x.Hannah Rose, b. 1689, Connecticut; d. 19 Jul 1724, Preston, CT

Thomas Rose, Jr. was born 1681 in Preston, Connecticut and died 15 May 1733 in Preston, Connecticut. He married Mary Gates 1704 in Connecticut, daughter of Thomas Gates and Elizabeth Freeman. She was born 10 Mar 1676 in Charlestown, Massachusetts and died 07 Jun 1737 in Preston, Connecticut.

Thomas moved from Rose Hill (Stonington, Connecticut) to Preston, Connecticut and bought a large farm. He was a member of the Connecticut General Assembly and held many offices.

Children of Thomas Rose and Mary Gates are: i.Thomas Rose, b. 27 Feb 1705, Preston, Connecticut; d. 12 Apr 1778, Norwich, CT ii.Peter Rose, b. 19 Jun 1707, Preston, Connecticut; d 07 Oct 1787, Preston, CT iii.John Rose, b. 02 Aug 1709, Preston, Connecticut; d. 17 Oct 1785, South Kingstown, Rhode Island iv.Elizabeth Rose, b. 24 Mar 1711, Preston, Connecticut; d 07 Oct 1801, Providence, RI v.Josiah Rose, b. 27 Apr 1713, Preston, Connecticut; d 20 Jan 1733, Preston, CT vi.Mary Rose, b. 1717, Preston, Connecticut

Thomas Rose was born 27 Feb 1705 in Preston, Connecticut, and died 12 Apr 1778 in Norwich, Connecticut. He married (1) Joanna Wyatt 28 Mary 1727 in Connecticut. She was born 1705 in Preston, Connecticut and died 28 Mar 1741. He married (2) Sarah Harris 28 Jun 1742 in Connecticut. She was born 18 May 1722 in Plainfield, Connecticut and died 05 Jun 1778 in Griswold, Connecticut.

Children of Thomas Rose and Joanna Wyatt are: i.Joanna Rose, b. 16 Apr 1729, Preston, CT ii.Barsheba Rose, b. 01 Jan 1730, Connecticut; d. Stephentown, NY. She married Jeremiah Rose. iii.Josiah Rose, b. 23 Feb 1735, Norwich, CT; d. 09 Jan 1811, Guilford, CT iv.Martha Rose, b. 26 Dec 1736, Connecticut

Children of Thomas Rose and Sarah Harris are: v.Margaret Rose, b. 04 Feb 1743, Norwich, CT; d. 16 Aug 1830 vi.Martha Rose, b. 23 Feb 1744, Connecticut vii.Asa Rose; b. 26 May 1746, Connecticut viii.Hannah Rose, b. 28 May 1749, New London, CT; d. 11 Feb 1847, Rome, NY ix.Thomas Rose, b. 01 Sep 1752, Connecticut x.Sarah Rose, b. 10 Feb 1755, Connecticut xi.Elijah Rose, b. 26 Jul 1757, Connecticut xii.Damaris Rose, b. 29 Jul 1760, Connecticut xiii.Betsy Rose, b. 10 Apr 1763, Connecticut

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