Descendants of Levi Culver

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Generation 1

Levi Culver was born in Connecticut in 1772; he died February 5, 1862 in Stephentown, NY. He was the son of Moses Culver and Molly Hardknight. He married Lydia Train, who was born in Massachusetts in 1781; she died November 3, 1866 in Stephentown, NY. Both are buried in the Hillside Cemetery in West Stephentown, NY.

Children of Levi Culver and Lydia Train:

1. Abigail E. b. 1798 in Stephentown, NY; died July 30, 1872 in Stephentown, NY; m. Amasa Bailey, who was born February 24, 1794; d. 1877 in Stephentown, NY. They are buried in Sand Lake, NY. No children appeared on the 1850 or 1855 Nassau, NY census.
2. Son b. about 1800
3. Permelia b. August 5, 1800 in Stephentown, NY; d. September 1, 1877 in Point Douglas, Minnesota; married Amos James in Stephentown, NY
4. Lydia b. 1802; d. 1823; married Sprague Tifft; b. 1800; d. 1896 in Stephentown, NY
5. Hannah m. Hiram Worden
6. Levi Culver, Jr. b. December 29, 1804; d. August 1, 1868 in Stephentown, NY; m. Betsey Chapman about 1829 in Stephentown, NY; b. January 3, 1808; d. October 8, 1871 in Stephentown.


Generation 2

Permelia Culver was b. August 5, 1800 in Stephentown, NY; d. September 1, 1877 in Point Douglas, Minnesota; m. Amos James in Stephentown, NY

Children of Permelia Culver and Amos James:

1. Mortimer b. February 5, 1830; m. Ellen Hayes, b. March 3, 1829; d. April 23, 1885. They married on August 5, 1848. Mortimer died March 29, 1912.
2. William b. 1833
3. Louisa b. 1835; m. Henry Hayes; d. 1933
4. Thomas E. b. January 24, 1839
5. Hubbard b. 1841

Lydia Culver b. August 1802; she married Sprague Tifft, on January 10, 1822. He was born 1800 and died 1896. Lydia, d. 1823 and is buried in Nassau/Tifft cemetery, Nassau, NY. Following her death, Sprague married again, to Sophia Watson, by whom he had at least three children, Erastus D.; Samuel; and Sprague W. None of them lived to even early childhood, the oldest dying at age 3 years.

Children of Lydia Culver and Sprague Tifft

1. Lydia Ann, probably b. 1823. She was brought up by Lydia’s parents, Levi and Lydia and was provided for in Levi’s will. She married Leander Daboll.

Levi Culver, Jr. was born December 29, 1804 in Stephentown; d. August 1, 1868 in Stephentown, at 63y7m29d and is buried in Hillside Cemetery. He married Betsey Chapman, who was born January 3, 1808; d.

October 8, 1871 in Stephentown and is also buried in Hillside Cemetery.

Children of Levi Culver, Jr. and Betsey Chapman

1. James was b. 1830 and d. 1900. He married Ashsah Ann Adams, who was b. 1833 and d. 1890.
2. Levi William b. 1834
3. David T. b. March 1836
4. Benjamin T. b. February 17, 1842; d. April 6, 1920. He married Hannah M. Kittle.
5. Elias Crouch b. June 24, 1844; d. July 28, 1863 at 18y11m4d. He died in the Civil War.

Hannah Culver m. Hiram Worden, who was a merchant in Nassau, Rensselaer County, NY. Hannah was living with her husband in Cayuga County, New York in 1862, according to Levi senior’s will.

Children of Hannah Culver and Hiram Worden

1. Gilbert b. 1840
2. Culver b. 1842
3. Silas b. 1846

Generation 3

Mortimer D. James was born February 5, 1830 in Stephentown, NY; he married Ellen Hayes on August 5, 1848. She was b. on March 3, 1829. Mortimer died on March 12, 1912.

Children of Mortimer D. James and Ellen Hayes

1. Amos b. November 8, 1851

Louisa Permelia James born 1835 in Stephentown, NY; d. January 16, 1933 in Stephentown, buried in Garfield Cemetery. She married Henry Hayes on July 3, 1853 in Stephentown, NY. Henry was born on May 1, 1833 in Nassau, NY; d. April 2, 1922 in Stephentown, NY

Children of Louisa James and Henry Hayes

1. Elisha; lived in Pownal, Vt.
2. Eunice Lydia b. January 1, 1856 in Stephentown, NY; d. September 8, 1938 in Stephentown; m. Frederick Houghtling January 1, 1876 in Stephentown.
3. Elsie Permillie b. June 9, 1869 in Stephentown; d. June 8, 1946 in Stephentown. She married #1 Simon Wager, who was b. in 1843 and d. in 1919 and #2 Elmer Evans. She was buried in Garfield Cemetery on June 10, 1946. She was widowed at the time according to her death certificate and had lived in Stephentown for 45 years. She was 76y11m29d at the time of her death.
4. Laura died young, according to her mother’s obituary

Generation 4

Lydia Ann Tifft, b. January 20, 1823 d. October 7, 1868, buried in Hillside Cemetery, Stephentown, NY. She married Leander O. Daboll, son of George W. and Angeline O’dell. After the death of her mother, Lydia Ann was raised by her grandparents, Levi and Lydia. She was allowed for in Levi’s will. Leander was b. February 4, 1819; d. January 31, 1892.

Children of Lydia Ann Tifft and Leander O. Daboll

1. George O. b. April 2, 1841; d. April 21, 1895, buried in Hillside Cemetery, Stephentown. Married Margaret White.
2. Wilmot C b. 1848; m. Sarah L. Carrier, who was born on October 5, 1850 and died June 27, 1872, at 22y8m23d. She was the daughter of John G. Carrier and Nancy Carrier.

James Culver b. 1830; d. 1900. He married Ashsah Ann Adams, who was b. 1833 and d. 1890. They were both born in Rensselaer County, NY. In 1875, James was living in Stephentown. James had two children who died young, Samantha L. b. 1854; d. 1859 and Manville b. 1856 d. 1859. Samantha died October 29, 1859 and is buried in Hillside Cemetery. There was an Elizabeth, age 8 in the 1860 and age 12 in 1865 census of Stephentown. She was not in the 1870 census. Elizabeth m. Isaac Alonzo Waite in 1868 in W. Stephentown. They had daughter, Genevieve Jenny Waite b. about 1874.(re: Cole Waite)

According to the 1875 census

1. Anna b. about 1858, age 17 in 1875
2. Adna b. about 1861, age 14 in “
3. George b. about 1863, age 12 in “
4. Sarah b. about 1864, age 11 in “
5. Grant b. about 1865, age 10 in “
6. Eveline b. about 1867, age 8 in “

James and Achsah are buried in Hillside Cemetery.

Benjamin T. Culver was b. on February 17, 1842 and d. April 6, 1920. He married Hannah M. Kittle, daughter of Francis and Lucinda Haley Kittle. Hannah was b. January 29, 1841 and d. November 21, 1913. (She was the sister of Eleanor Kittle, birth mother of Wilson Dodge Sweener, b. 1876 and raised by Pascal and Sarah Carr Sweener)

Children of Benjamin T. Culver and Hannah M. Kittle

1. Sherman b. September 23, 1868; d. August 31, 1870
2. Samantha

Eunice Lydia Hayes was born January 1, 1856 in Stephentown; d. September 8, 1938 in Stephentown. She married Frederick Houghtling, son of David Houghtling and Sophia Feaster on January 1, 1876 in Stephentown. He was born April 1, 1850 in Garfield NY and d. June 13, 1913 in Stephentown. They are buried in Garfield Cemetery, Stephentown.

Children of Eunice Lydia Hayes and Frederick Houghtling

1. Henry H. b. June 8, 1873 in Stephentown; d. January 14, 1961 in Garfield, NY; m. Sophia Amelia Miller, b. 1889 in Pownal, VT. She died March 14, 1961 in Garfield, NY. They are buried in Garfield Cemetery.
2. Elmer, b. January, 1876 in Stephentown; d. March 31, 1887 in Stephentown at 11y2m.
3. Flora Louise b. July 15, 1879 in Stephentown; d. December 19, 1968 in Pittsfield, MA. She married Franklin Lewis Sweener, son of Lewis Napoleon Sweener and Lydia Harrington (Lewis Napoleon was the son of Pascal Sweener and Sarah Carr Sweener)
4. Lloyd R. b. 1880 in Stephentown; d. 1925 in Stephentown, m. Elizabeth (Bessie) Harrington November 22, 1906 in Pittsfield, MA. She was born June 25, 1887 in Pittsfield, MA; d. June 1963 in Pittsfield.
5. Olive May b. April 9, 1882 in Stephentown; d. in Pittsfield, MA; m. William Schulz
6. Amos b. December 9, 1885 in Stephentown; d. December 3, 1953 in Stephentown. He married Mae, born 1882; d. 1940.
7. Clara D. b. July 6, 1890 in Garfield; d. November 12, 1925 in Stephentown; m. Charles H. Moon, son of John Henry Moon and Almira Seeley, on March 1, 1907.
8. Walter Smith b. May 13, 1897 in Stephentown; d. October 26, 1934 in Stephentown. He married Belle Beatrice Lyle on May 26, 1920. She ran off. No Children.
9. Ruth , b. August 22, 1900 in Stephentown; d. 1996 in Pittsfield, MA. She married Francis Holmes on August 19, 1920 in Stephentown. (She was actually the daughter of Olive May, and raised as Eunice and Frederick’s daughter.)
10. Edith b. 1903 in Stephentown; d. May 18, 1998 in Stephentown. She married William A. Holt.