Descendants of Richard Brown

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The below information was sent in by Lynne Collins.

Richard Brown(e) was born 1614 in England and died 26 Apr 1661 in Newbury, Massachusetts. He married (1) Edith in England. She died 12 Apr 1647 in Newbury, Massachusetts. He married (2) Elizabeth Greenleaf Badger 18 Feb 1648 in Newbury, Massachusetts.

Richard came to America with his wife, brother Geroge, sister Sarah and brother-in-law James Noyes on the ship “Mary and John” which sailed from Southhampton, England 24 Mar 1633/34. His brother Michael and father Joseph remained in England.

They lived first at Ipswich, Massachusetts where he was admitted freeman in 1635 and was appointed constable there in that year. They moved to Newbury.

Children of Richard Brown(e) and Edith are: i.Joshua Brown(e), b. Newbury, Massachusetts ii.Joseph Brown(e), b. Newbury Massachusetts iii.Margery Brown(e), b. Newbury, Massachusetts iv.Caleb Brown(e), b. 07 May 1645, Newbury, Massachusetts

Children of Richard Brown(e) and Elizabeth Badger are: v.Elizabeth Brown(e), b. 29 Mar 1649, Newbury, Massachusetts vi.Richard Brown(e), b. 18 Feb 1650, Newbury, Massachusetts vii.Edmund Brown(e), b. 17 Jul 1654, Newbury, Massachusetts viii.Sarah Brown(e), b. 07 Sep 1657, Newbury, Massachusetts ix.Mary Brown(e), b. 07 Sep 1657, Newbury, Massachusetts

Joshua Brown(e) was born in Newbury, Massachusetts and died 20 Mar 1719 in Newbury, Massachusetts. He married Sarah Sawyer 15 Jan 1668 in Newbury, Massachusetts. She was born 20 Nov 1651 in Newbury, Massachusetts, and died 02 Aug 1732 in Newbury, Massachusetts.

Joshua was a lawyer, ththinman, constable, deacon and one of the founders of Queen Anne’s Chapel at Newbury.

Children of Joshua Brown(e) and Sarah Sawyer are: i.Tristram Brown, b. 21 Dec 1672, Newbury, Massachusetts; d. 1755, Norwich Connecticut ii.Joseph Brown, b. 11 Oct 1669, Newbury, Massachusetts iii.Joshua Brown, b. 18 May 1671, Newbury, Massachusetts iv.Sarah Brown, b. 05 Dec 1676, Newbury, Massachusetts v.Ruth Brown, b. 29 Oct 1678, Newbury, Massachusetts vi.Elizabeth Brown, b. 02 Apr 1682, Newbury, Massachusetts

Tristam Brown was born 21 Dec 1672 in Newbury, Massachusetts, and died 1755 in Norwich, Connecticut. He married Mary Tilton, daughter of Abraham Tilton and Deliverance Shaw. She was born in Massachusetts, and died in Norwich, Connecticut.

In 1715 Tristram and family moved to Norwich CT where they purchased land. Mary was admitted to the First Church of Norwich in 1721. Tristram’s will was probated on 01 Mar 1756 in Norwich CT.

Children of Tristram Brown and Mary Tilton are: i.Tristram Brown, b. 17 Mar 1702, Newbury, Massachusetts ii.Joshua Brown, b. 27 Mar 1704, Newbury, Massachusetts iii.Abraham Brown, b. 11 Oct 1707, Newbury, Massachusetts iv.Mary Brown, b. 24 Jun 1709, Newbury, Massachusetts v.Abigail Brown, b. 26 Jun 1715, Newbury, Massachusetts vi.Samuel Brown, b. 24 Apr 1716, Norwich, Connecticut vii.Richard Brown, b. 22 Oct 1726, Norwich, Connecticut

Tristram Brown was born 17 Mar 1702 in Newbury, Massachusetts, and died 16 Feb 1763 in Amenia, New York. He married Abigail Parke 28 Aug 1722 in Norwich, Connecticut, daughter of Thomas Parke and Hannah Witter. She was born 25 Aug 1704 in New London, Connecticut and died 20 Oct 1754 in Amenia, New York.

On 20 Jun 1730 Tristram and his wife were accepted into the Congregational Church at Canterbury from the Church of Christ of Newent. In 1750 they moved to Nine Partners Patent, Dutchess County, Province of New York settling in the Amenia area.

Children of Tristram Brown and Abigail Parke are: i.Daniel Brown, Lt, b. 07 Jan 1724, Norwich, Connecticut ii.Josiah Brown, b. 16 Oct 1728, Norwich, Connecticut iii.Abigail Brown, b. 16 Oct 1728, Norwich, Connecticut iv.Thomas Brown, b. 26 Mar 1731, Norwich, Connecticut v.Tristram Brown, b. 10 Apr 1733, Norwich, Connecticut; d. 13 Jan 1766, Amenia, NY vi.Hannah Brown, b. 24 Jul 1735, Norwich, Connecticut vii.Samuel Brown, b. 05 Oct 1736, Norwich, Connecticut viii.Deborah Brown, b. 09 Apr 1740, Norwich, Connecticut ix.Hezekiah Brown, b. 19 Jul 1743, Norwich, Connecticut x.Eunice Brown, b. 16 Jul 1744, Norwich, Connecticut