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Written by Tina Ordone

At one time, there was a fairly large contigent of Eddys in Stephentown. I am not sure if any live there today, but I am sure that their descendants do. Ira Eddy had a store in town for many years, and of course they married into many families, including, Beers, Bishop, Carpenter, Dibble, Holden, Hayes, Sweet and many more. This page is here to give a brief genealogy of Asa. It is by no means a complete genealogy, but a start for researchers who want to delve deeper.

This information was gleaned from LDS, from the Rensselaer County Cemetery Records and from Sue Tarpley, who has been more than generous with her information and photographs.

Genealogy of Asa Eddy

Generation 1

1. Thomas Eddye b. about 1519 England m. about 1543, Gloucester, England

Child of Thomas Eddye:

2. Thomas Eddye

Generation 2

2. Thomas Eddye

b. 1542 Bristol, Glouchestershire, England; d. July 1578 Bristol, Glouchestershire, England m. about 1550 Bristol

Child of Thomas Eddye:

3. Rev. William Eddy

Generation 3

3. Rev. William Eddy b. 1558/1564 Bristol; d. November 23, 1616 Cranbrook, Kent, England; m. November 20, 1587 Cranbrook to Mary Foster or Fosten, b. September 19, 1568 Cranbrook; d. July 18, 1611 Cranbook.

Child of Rev. William Eddy and Mary:

4. Samuel Eddy (see the end)

Generation 4

4. Samuel Eddy b. May 15, 1608 Cranbrook; d. November 12, 1687 Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts; m. 1630, Swansea to Elizabeth Savory, b. 1606/1607 Plymouth, Plymouth, Mass.; d. May 24, 1689 Plymouth, Plymouth, Mass. She was the daughter of Thomas Savery and Mary Woodrorke (Woorrorke)

Child of Samuel Eddy and Elizabeth Savory:

5. Zachariah Eddy 6. John Eddy b. 1640 d. 1695* see below

Generation 5

5. Zachariah Eddy b. 1638/39 Providence, Providence, RI; d. September 4, 1718 Swansea, Bristol, Mass.; m. May 7, 1663 East Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass. to Alice Padduck b. March 7, 1640 Plymouth; d. October 24, 1692 Swansea. She was the daughter of Robert Paddock and Mary Trine.

Child of Zachariah Eddy and Alice Padduck:

7. John Eddy

6. John Eddy 1640-1695 m. second wife May 1, 1672 to Deliverance Owen, 1655-1726

h4> Generation 6

6. John Eddy b. October 10, 1666 Plymouth, Plymouth Mass.; d. November 1726 Newport, Newport, RI; m. about 1700 Rehoboth, Mass. to Hopestill Butterworth.

Child of John Eddy and Hopestill Butterworth:

7. Charles Eddy

Generation 7

7. Charles Eddy b. November 14, 1703 Swansea, Providence, Ma.; d. February 1, 1771 Glastonbury, Hartford, Ct.; m. April 24, 1727, Suffield, Hartford, CT to Susanna Hill b. about 1707 Suffield, Hartford CT.; d. July 6, 1734

Child of Charles Eddy and Susanna Hill:

8. Asa Eddy

Generation 8

8. Asa Eddy b. October 4, 1727 Suffield, Hartford, CT; d. before January 4, 1774 Great Barrington, Berkshire, MA; m. November 7, 1749 Salisbury, Litchfield, CT to Ann Evarts b. about 1731 Salisbury, Litchfield, CT

Child of Asa Eddy and Ann Evarts:

9. Asa Eddy

Generation 9

9. Asa Eddy b. September 1, 1752 Suffield, Hartford, CT; d. February 3, 1828 in Stephentown, Rensselaer County, NY at 75y4m21d; m. to Thankful Root, who was b. about July 1, 1758, CT; d. September 26, 1845 in Stephentown at 87y2m23d. She was the daughter of Thomas Root and Mary Stebbins.

Child of Asa Eddy and Thankful Root:

10. Ira Eddy b. February 3, 1785; d. September 21, 1849 at 64y8m19d; m. Jerusha Bishop b. December 29, 1789; d. March 18, 1876 at 86y2m6d. She was the daughter of Moses Bishop and Jerusha Roberts and sister of Roxanna Bishop Wheeler, wife of Stephen Wheeler. Jerusha is buried on the Eddy farm in Stephentown.

Children of Ira Eddy and Jerusha Bishop:

11. Cyrus b. 1817 in Stephentown; d. 1898 in Stephentown 11. Asa b. 1818 in Stephentown; d. 1894 in Schenectady. 11. Infant son d. October 10, 1830 at 2w1d 11. Eliza Ann d. October 4, 1858 at 25y3m; m. Horace Dibble

Generation 11

11. Cyrus b. 1817 in Stephentown; d. 1898 in Stephentown; m. Betsey Beers b. 1842; d. 1929. She was the daughter of Nathan Beers and Harriet (George Holcomb’s diary says that Nathan Beers and Harriet Hollister married on September 28, 1837). Betsey was much younger than her husband. 11. Asa b. 1818 in Stephentown; d. 1894 in Schenectady; m. first Deborah M. b. 1819; d. October 22, 1848; and m. second, Celina M. Lard.

Children of Cyrus Eddy and Betsey Beers:

12. Ira L. b. 1862 (ran a store in Stephentown for many years)m. Emma Hunt 12. Anna E. b. 1864; m. George H. Dibble 12. Luella b. November 13, 1865; d. 12/29/1935 12. Asa b. 1878 12. Ida B. b. 5/1870; d. May 3, 1944; m. William D. Glady 12. Emma b. 1871-1950; m. Calvin H. Hayes

Children of Ira Eddy and Deborah:

12. Roswell C. d. August 22, 1847 at 4m28d 12. Elliott G. d. September 14, 1848 at 8w3d

Generation 12

12. Ira L. b. 1862 Stephentown; d. 1909 in Stephentown; m. Emma Hunt

Children of Ira L. Eddy and Emma Hunt

13. Bessie b. 1895 Stephentown; d. 1990 San Antonio, Texas; m. Roy Lapp in 1914. Roy died August 11, 1968 in Clearwater, Florida

13. Gladys b. 1905 Stephentown; m. Donald Sutherland; no children

Generation 13

14. Bessie b. 1895 d. 1990; m. Roy Lapp in 1914

Children of Bessie Eddy and Roy Lapp

14. Roy E. b. 1916; d. 1916 Stephentown 14. Thelma E. b. 1920 Pittsfield, Mass.; m. Wesley H. Baker

Generation 14

Because Thelma's children are still living, I won't add their dates, etc. Sue Tarpley, contributor of the information of the Lapp family (see link at bottom of page), and to this page, is the daughter of Thelma and Wesley Baker.

The Eddy Family connection to a United States President:

Samuel Eddy and Elizabeth Savory had: 1) John Eddy 1640-1695; m. second wife, Deliverance Owen 1655-1726 on May 1, 1672; they had: 1) Eleazer 1681-1739; m. Elizabeth Randall; they had: 1) Hannah b. 1704 m. Robert Millard 1702-1784; they had: 1) Abiathar Millard 1744-1811 m. Tabitha Hopkins b. 1745; they had: 1) Phoebe Millard 1781-1831 m. Nathaniel Fillmore, Jr. 1771-1863; they had; 1) MILLARD FILLMORE, PRESIDENT 1800-1874 Biographical Sketch of Samuel Eddy as found in “Plymouth Colony It’s History and People 1620-1691” by Eugene Aubrey Stratton

”Samuel Eddy, the son of the Reverend William and Mary (Fosten) Eddy, Samuel was baptized at Cranbrook, Kent, 12 September 1608 (Parish Register). He and his older brother John Eddy arrived at Plymouth on the Handmaid in 1630, as is shown in the text. John Eddy moved to Watertown in the Bay Colony after a year or so in Plymouth. Samuel was a tailor by trade, having been apprenticed in England after his father’s death. He bought a house at Plymouth 9 May 1631 from Experience Mitchell and he was made a freeman 1 January 1632/33. On 10 January 1632/33 Thomas Brian, the servant of Samuel Eddy, was brought before the council for running away from his master, and was privately whipped. Though Eddy was of gentry status, and though he received land grants, he did not seem to proper in Plymouth, as can be seen from his putting his children out as servants. On 3 April 1645, Samuel Eddy put his seven-year-old son John to dwell with Francis and Katherine Goulder until John reached twenty-one. The court noted on 2 March 1646/47 that Samuel and Elizabeth Eddy, having many children and “by reason of many wants lying on them,” were not able to bring up their children as they desired and thus they put their seven-year-old son Zachary out with mr. John Browne of Rehoboth to be brought up in the employment of husbandry”or any business he shall see meete for ye good of theire child” until age twenty-one. On 4 March 1652 Samuel and Elizabeth Eddy for their “many eants” put out their nine-year-old son Caleb with mr. John Browne. Samuel also had a daughter Hannah born 23 June 1647 and a son Obadiah, as given in the Eddy Family book, which also gives reason to wonder if he might have had a son Samuel. The Eddy Family book, which is well documented in the early generations, shows that although Samuel had land rights elsewhere, he lived in Plymouth until the family moved to Swansea ca. 1680. Samuel died at Swansea 12 November 1687 in his eighty-seventh year. As often happens, his age at death could be wrong, for it would seem unlikely that his clergyman father would not have baptized him shortly after birth) and his wife Elizabeth died at Swanse 24 may 1689 at the end of her eighty-second year. The maiden name of Samuel’s wife Elizabeth is unknown. We know that son John (the oldest known child) was born 25 December 1637, and thus it seems reasonable to suppose that Samuel and Elizabeth were married after his arrival in Plymouth. There is a mystery about Samuel Eddy appearing on a list of 3 June 1662 of “first born children” who received land purchased by Major Winslow and Captain Southworth. The list is a bit misnamed, for the original act from PCR 11:16 provides that “such children as are heer borne and next unto them such as are heer brought up under their parents…be provided for…before any that either come from England or elsewhere.” A good reason can be found for virtually all the names on the 1662 list. The “first born” seems to be any needy child (or a parent for the child) of those who were in Plymouth by 1627. Samuel did not qualify for inclusion by any right of his own. Therefore it is reasonable to suppose that he qualified by right of his wife, and that she must have been the daughter of some Old Comer family. Which Old Comer families had daughters named Elizabeth who can not otherwise be accounted for? Only one. Bradford gives Bradford’s words that “Thomas Rogers dyed in the first sicknes, but his son Joseph is still living, and is married, and hath six children. The rest of Thomas rogers (children) came over, and are married, and have many children.” Yet not all of Thomas Rogers’ other children at Plymouth have been identified. Besides Joseph, who came over with Rogers, his son John came over ca. 1630, but that is all that is known about his children in New England. MF2:153 cites Leiden records to show that Rogers also had in Holland Lysbeth (Elizabeth) and Grietgen (Margaret). It might seem reasonable then to think that Samuel Eddy’s wife was Elizabeth Rogers, except for one other fact. As shown by Plymouth Colony LR 4:311, Samuel Eddy was a brother-in-law of Thomas Savory, q.v. All would be neat if Savory were married to a Margaret, but his wife was Anne or Annis. One could suppose that Savory married (1) a daughter of Thomas Rogers and (2) Anne, or that he married Anne, a daughter of Thomas Rogers not given in the Leiden records, but this is just speculation (a Margaret Savory was in Leiden in 1613 and 1619 . Pope has Thomas Savory arriving in New England in the Mary and John in 1633/34. He was at Kennebec in April 1634 with John Howland and there is no record of any earlier of him in Plymouth.”

This homestead was purchased by Asa Eddy from Stephen Van Rensselaer in 1805. Asa had been living in this house since 1790. The people in the photo are unknown.

Jerusha Bishop Eddy, wife of Ira Eddy of Stephentown and daughter of Moses Bishop and Jerusha Roberts. She was the sister of Roxanna Bishop, last wife of Stephen Wheeler. Jerusha was born December 29, 1789; d. march 18, 1876 at 86y2m6d and is buried on the Eddy farm.

Jerusha Bishop Eddy made a quilt for each one of her grandchildren. This one was made for her grandson, Ira L. Eddy, the store owner, and is now in the possession of Ira's great-granddaughter, Sue Tarpley.

Cyrus Eddy, son of Ira and Jerusha Eddy, born in Stephentown 1818, died in Stephentown 1898. Betsey Beers Eddy, wife of Cyrus Eddy, daughter of Nathan and Harriet Hollister (George Holcomb's diary states that this was her name) Beers - all of Stepehtown. She was born in 1842, died in 1929. cyrus Eddy's only wife, Betsey was much younger than her husband.

Ira L. Eddy, son of Cyrus & Betsey Beers Eddy

Asa Eddy, son of Ira and Jerusha Bishop of Stephentown. He was the brother of Cyrus. Asa married twice. His first wife was Deborah M., who had two children; his second wife was Celina M. Lard. He was born in Stephentown in 1818 and died in Schenectady in 1894. This Asa was the uncle of the Asa and Ira pictured below.

Asa Eddy's store in Renssealer, NY. "Uncle Asa and Ira L. Eddy, pictured above, were brothers, and sons of Cyrus and Betsey Beers Eddy. Courtesy of Sue Tarpley Below is the will of Ira Eddy, b. February 3, 1875; d. September 21, 1849. He married Jerusha Bishop, daughter of Moses Bishop and Jerusha Roberts. He was the grandfather of Ira L. Eddy, owner of the stores pictured on this page.

Courtesy of Sue Tarpley

Here are some Eddy family epitaphs, as found in "Epitaphs in the Only Stephentown on Earth" by Elizabeth W. McClave.

Eddy Cemetery

ANNA EDDY 1790-1875 "Tis finished, tis done, the spirit is fled The prisoner is gone, the Christian is dead The Christian is living, through Jesus' love And gladly receiving a kingdom above"

ASA EDDY 1753-1828 "Stop, travellar as you pass by As you are now so once was I As I am now you soon must be Then be prepared to follow me" (husband of Thankful Root)

DEBORAH M. EDDY 1819-1848 "Dearest companion, thou has left me Here thy loss I deeply feel But tis God that has bereft me He can all my sorrows heal" (wife of Ira Eddy b. 1818)

ELLIOT G. EDDY 1848-1848 "Sleep on sweet babe, thy peaceful head Lies slumbering in the ground Naught shall disturb thy quiet bed Untill the trumpets sound" (spelled as it was on tombstone. Son of Ira and Deborah M. Eddy)

INFANT SON OF IRA & JERUSHA EDDY 1830-1830 "We mourn dear babe thy early doom But not in dark dispare of gloom For faith and hope shall scatter Till we shall meet thee there"

IRA EDDY 1785-1849 "Dearest husband, fare thee well Thou hast gone with Christ to dwell And left thy friends on earth below Amidst a world of care and woe" (husband of Jerusha Bishop)

JERUSHA BISHOP EDDY 1790-1876 "Why do we mourn for dying friends Or shake at Death's alarms Tis but the voice that Jesus sends To call them to his arms"

ROSWELL C. EDDY 1847-1847 "Ere sin could blight or sorrow fade Death came with friendly care The opening bud to Heaven convey'd And made it blossom there" (son of Ira and Deborah M. Eddy)

THANKFUL EDDY 1758-1845 "Companion thou hast gone to Jesus There the pleasing theme to swell But again we hope to met thee Dearest companion, fare thee well" (Thankful Root, wife of Asa Eddy 1752-1828)

See Early Merchants for a photographs of Ira L. Eddy's store. He was the son of Cyrus and Betsey Eddy.

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