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From Stephentown Genealogy: Roots & More

Written by Tina Ordone

Have you ever wondered whether you have any relation to someone famous? Could you possibly have royal blood? How about having a common ancestor with a President of the United States? In all likelihood, you do, if you go back far enough.

For fun, I have traced a couple of "Stephentown Families" and found that they have some interesting ancestry. Please, don't take this as gospel, as I have not verified it. However, I did check several sources and found the same things, so I feel fairly sure that you would have something to start with, should you want to pursue this further. HAYES

William Hayes b. 1783 Granby, Hartford, CT; d. 1869 East Nassau, m. Rebecca Kittle on October 5, 1808 Stephentown

s/o William III 1750-1800 and Eleanor Boughton

s/o William II b. 1725; m. Mary Holcomb in 1747

s/o William b.1697 CT; d. 1788; m. Joanna Lee on September 4, 1823

s/o George Hayes 1655 Scotland; d. 1725; m. Abigail Dibble on August 29, 1683

Connection to a President:

George Hayes 1655-1725; m. Abigail Dibble

1. Daniel Hayes b. 1685 Ct; d. 1721 CT; m. Sarah Lee 1692-1738 CT 2. William b. 1697 CT; d. 1788; m. Joanna Lee on September 4, 1723

Daniel and Sarah Lee Hayes had:

1. Ezekiel 1724 CT; 1807 CT; m. Rebecca Russell

Who had:

1. Rutherford 1756 CT; 1836; m. Choloe Smith

Who had:

1. Rutherford 1787-1813; m. Sophia Birchard

Who had:

1. RUTHERFORD BIRCHARD HAYES b. October 4, 1822 Delaware, Ohio; d. January 1893 Fremont, Ohio; m. Lucy Ware Webb

Rutherford B. Hayes William Hayes and Eleanor had many children as well. Those children married into local families, including the Bull family from Stephentown. William and Eleanor's daughter Nancy, b. 1779 married Abner Bull, Jr.

William Hayes and Rebecca Kittle had many children, who married into many Stephentown/East Nassau families, including the Eddy Family. Their son Harvey Peleg Hayes b. 1819 in East Nassau, married Permelia Boughton and their son Calvin H. b. 1853, married Emma Eddy (1871-1950), daughter of Cyrus Eddy and Betsey Beers.

Some of the other families that the Hayes' married into are: Phelps, Moffitt, Tayer, Schillinger and Bateman.

I was very excited to find this, as I have Hayes' in my family tree (of George Hayes' children, Rutherford goes with Ezekiel, as the Stephentown line goes with William). However, my Henry Hayes is one of my ancestors whose parents I can't find. He appears on census reports up to 1920. He's on the 1850 census, living with Hubbard Hayes and family, as well as Eunice (Bailey)Hayes, Hubbard's mother, who one could assume was his mother, as Henry was only 16 at the time. However, on Henry's death certificate, his mother's name is listed as "ELSIE" and father in listed as "UNKNOWN" Hayes. Helpful, huh?? I have often wondered if there was a mistake regarding the name of his mother, as the informant was his daughter "Elsie Wager", but not knowing for sure, my only conclusion is that I have to keep searching for his parents. I discovered that in researching the Hayes', Abigail Dibble, wife of George Hayes, the common ancestor, had a Grant in her line. I decided to see if I could find anything linking her to President Ulysses S. Grant and I did. Here is her skeletal tree:

Abigail Dibble

b. 1666 CT; d. 1725 CT; m. George Hayes

She was the daughter of:

Samuel Dibble b. 1643 CT; d. 1709; m. Mary Grant 1645 CT; d. 1679

Samuel was son of:

Thomas Dibble who married Mary Grant b. 1614

Mary Grant was daughter of: John Grant b. 1573 England

John Grant was the son of: George Grant b. 1534 England

Ulysses Simpson Grant b. 1822; d. 1885

Son of: Jesse Root Grant b. 1784 and Hannah Simpson

Son of: Noah III b. 1748 CT.; 1819 KY

Son of: Noah II b. 1718; d. 1756; m. Susanna Delano b. 1724; d. 1806 CT

Son of: Noah b. 1693; d. 1727

Son of: Samuel b. 1659 Mass.; d. 1710 CT

Son of: Samuel Grant and Mary Porter

Son of: Matthew Grant and Priscilla Grey

Son of: John Grant

Son of: George b.1534 England DOUGLAS One of Asa Douglas and Rebecca Wheeler Douglas' sons, Jonathan, married a lady with a famous last name.

Jonathan Douglas b. February 14, 1752 in Canaan, Litchfield, CT. He married Rhoda HANCOCK about 1773 in Massachusetts. Rhoda was born July 25, 1755 in Canaan, Litchfield, CT, the daughter of:

Jonathan Hancock and Sibel Kellogg, who were married about 1773 in Massachusetts.

Jonathan was the son of:

Daniel Hancock b. 1693 and Rachel Porter b. 1702. Daniel was the son of:

Thomas Hadley Hancock b. 1647/48 and d. 1743 in Farmington, CT., and Rachel Leonard was was born in 1665. Thomas was the son of:

Nathaniel Hancock, Sr. b. 1596 Padliham, England and Joanna Wright. Nathaniel was the son of:

Richard Hancock b. December 19, 1564 in Chesire, England.


JOHN HANCOCK, the first signer of the Declaration of Independence, was born in 1737 and died in 1793. He was the son of:

Rev. John Hancock b. 1702 in Lexington, Massachusetts d. in 1744 and Mary Hawke. Rev. John was the son of:

John Hancock b. 1677; d. 1719. John was the son of:

Nathaniel Hancock b. 1638; d. 1719 and Mary Prentice. Nathaniel was the son of:

Nathaniel Hancock b. 1596; d. 1652 and Joanna Wright. Nathaniel was the son of:

Richard Hancock b. December 19, 1564 in Chesire, England.