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Written by Tina Ordone The following families names can be found in the book, Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memiors. I have chosen the names of families known to have lived in Stephentown. The genealogies listed could help in assembling a more comprehensive genealogy. These genealogies aren't complete, and some may not mention Stephentown, but hopefully they will fill some gaps in your research. The list is alphabetical.

This information is from Vol. II, pp. 523-527 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911)

A Gardner Family

This is one of the surnames derived from an occupation and is found in many forms of spelling, Gardiner and Gardner being the most frequent. The name is characteristic of the middle counties of England and occurs in both forms in southern and central Scotland, especially in Perthshire. The family is exceedingly numerous in the United States. They have been prominent in the history of New York from an early period. George Gardner was an assistant justice of the court, 1771. Powell Gardner held the same office from 1802 until 1815; Stow Gardner was attorney general, 1853. They have had representatives in the state legislature and on the field and staff. Joshua Gardner was "one of the first settlers of the town" of Stephentown, then Albany county. The family was founded in America by Thomas Gardner, who came to Salem, Massachusetts, 1624, from Dorsetshire, England. He is known as the founder of the Salem branch. George Gardner was among the first settlers of Rhode Island as early as 1638. He came from England and is believed to be the founder of the. New York family. He married (first) Herodias, widow of John Hicks, and died in Kingstown, Rhode Island, 1679; (second) Lydia. Ballou. Each wife bore him seven children. The connection is not plain between the Rhode Island ancestor and the Troy family on account of breaks in the family records.

(I) Henry Gardner was born in Palmyra, Wayne county, New York, where his parents with other Gardners had settled. He was a tanner, and was a man of some means, which he lost later in life. He was married and had six children: Charles Henry, Wright, Avery S., William, Norton and Anna.

(II) Charles Henry, son of Henry Gardner, was born in Palmyra, New York, 1838, died in Troy, 1899. He was educated in Troy. He worked in Syracuse for a time, but in 1855 returned to Troy, where for a number of years he was with the Lilly Safe Manufacturing Company as a lock maker. Later he went to Rochester, where he opened a store for the sale of millinery and fancy goods, remaining six years. He then came to Troy and for twenty-seven years was with the Gurley Company, optical and mathematical instruments, where he remained until forced to retire on account of ill health. He had prospered in all these years, and acquired a considerable holding of real estate which grew in value and became valuable assets of his estate. He was a member of the Presbyterian church, and voted with the Republican party. He was a man of quiet, home taste, and universally respected for his upright life. He married Sarah Maria, born 1833, died in Troy, January 25, 1909, daughter of William C. Sage, born in Oneida, New York, died in Troy, and his wife, Lucretia Jones. Mrs. Gardner was a granddaughter of Elisha Sage. Two children were born to Charles H. and Sarah M. (Sage) Gardner.

William H., see forward; Russell S., born in Troy, 1874; engaged in drug business in Troy. (III) William Henry, eldest son of Charles Henry and Sarah Maria (Sage) Gardner, was born in Troy, 1861. He was educated in Troy, and after leaving school entered the employ of a collar manufacturer, where he remained for several years. It is of note that the first to introduce the Wheeler and Wilson sewing machine in Troy and prove its practicability in stitching collars and cuffs was Jefferson Gardner, of Troy. Several of the family have been or now are manufacturers in Troy of collars, cuffs and shirts. Mr. Gardner has devoted himself to the care of his real estate including "Gardner's Hall," a public building, part of the estate. and is also interested in Long Island real estate at Flushing, with his brother Russell Sage. Mr. Gardner is a Republican and a Presbyterian. He married Minnie, daughter of Daniel W. Gould, a business man of Troy. They have no children.