Garfield Cemetery

From Stephentown Genealogy: Roots & More

Garfield Cemetery

When the Presbyterians moved their church from the top of Presbyterian Hill Road to Garfield Road, they started burying on the property of Theodore D. Platt. He gave title of “the old cemetery” to the Presbyterians in 1887. It was then called Elmwood Cemetery, later changed to be called Garfield Cemetery.

Located on Garfield Road, .9 miles from Route 43, on the right.

Dates on grave markers date from 1796 to the present, as it is still an active cemetery.

Thank you to Bill Zimmerman and the Stephentown Historical Society for sending me a copy of the original transcription.


Edwin d. 2/21/1893 64y m. Elizabeth Vary Emma 1888-1969 James L. d. 12/12/1842 23y Joseph d. 2/19/1877 84y m. Mary V. Mary V. d. 10/14/1877 84y m. Joseph Adams Phebe G. d. 6/3/1880 76y m. Benjamin Adams Sarah d. 11/7/1818 4w d/o Joseph & Mary V. Sarah Jane d. 6/11/1861 26y m. George Adams


James L. Adams 1822-1843

Rock of ages cleft for me Let be bide myself in thee

Phebe G. Adams 1804-1880

Gone to rest


Agnes 1885-1915 m. Charles H. Allen Charles H. 1885-1965 m. Agnes Nathan 1882-1937


Sarah 1873-1965


Glenna 1854-1971; d/o Harry & Nellie Aldrich Harry H. Sr. 1916-; m. Nellie J. Nellie J. 1908-1969; m. Harry H. Sr.


Harold M. 1906-1983 May Louise 1884-1961 Phyllis Sylvia 1906-1962


Annis d. 8/22/1839 73y m. Benjamin Benjamin d. 10/20/1845 86y m. Annis Reuben d. 7/29/1866 80y


Benjamin 1758-1845

Prepare to meet thy God

Reuben 1786-1866

He sleeps in Jesus


Celestia A. d. 4/15/1871 26y2m3d; m. Nelson A. Alice A. 1849-1922 Cornelia P. d. 4/30/1867 34y4m29d m. William B. Andrews Edgar d. 9/12/1870 3y s/o Celestia A. & Nelson Andrews Frederick W. 1873-1939 m. Mary E. Kittle Mary E. 1836-1892 m. Nelson P. Mary E. Kittle 1873-1934; m. Frederick W. Andrews Nelson P. 1843-1920 m. Mary E.; vet. Civil War William H. d. 8/18/1856 1y9m18d s/o William B. & Cornelia


Mary E. 1836-1892

At Rest

Nelson P. 1843-1920

At Rest


Blanch E. 1886-1912 m. Frederick Hall Calvin Haynes 1881-1947 Daniel 5/1/1822-10/25/1896 m. Emeline Vickery Elsie Snow 1881-1967 Emeline Vickery 5/1/1815-12/16/1862; m. Daniel Atwater Hazel L. Hayes 1895-1968; m. John Haynes Atwater Gertrude 1877-1972 m. Benjamin Hoag Joanna S. 1918-1982 m. John A. Atwater John A. 1915-1977; m. Joanna S.; vet WWII John Haynes 1894-1950 m. Hazel L. Hayes 105 US Inf. 27th Div. Mary E. 1898-1965 Priscilla 1853-1920 m. Albert Cross Spanish American Vet. Nurse Sarah d. 6-27-1870 82y Joseph Manning Silas I. 8/19/1855-12/15/1939; m. Agnes L. Woodward William H. 1847-1920; m. Ella B. Haynes William H., Jr. 1883-1918 Sp. Am. War


Austin C. d. 8/3/1849 3y5m11d Christopher d. 9/18/1866 76y Harriet d. 3/12/1860 66y m. Christopher Avery Henry 1824-4/10/1876 51y m. Julia A. Julia A. 1818-1902 m. Henry Avery


Russell (Female) 3/2/1742-6/26/1835 93y3m24d m. Peleg Thomas d/o Almy & Arthur Aylesworth


Daniel 1848-1931 m. Fanny Bent Fanny Bent 1850-1928; m. Daniel Barbour


Charles E. 1850-1934 Clarence E. 1881-1937 s/o Charles Bardin


Amie E. d. 4/9/1850 21y m. Dr. H.S. Barnes d/o Sarah Graves & Eliphas Graves


Amie E. Graves Barnes 1829-1850


John H. 1901- ___; m. Olive H. Olive H. 1906-1969; m. John H. Barry


Harriet C. Eldridge 1846-1910; m. Wilson Bassett Wilson 1847-1922; m. Harriet C. Eldridge

BATCHELDER Emma M. 1905-1986 George 1902-1959


Edith R. b. 7/30/1911 –

BEEBE James 1902-1983 m. Lillian Raulf Joseph M. 1951-1982 m. Georgianna Atwater Lillian Raulf 1908-___; m. James E.


Anson P. 1808-1845 Clara P. Benjamin Benjamin 1845-1924 m. Theodore A. Platt Emma E. Benjamin Benjamin 1843-1865 m. Theodore A. Platt John E. 1801-1889


Abbie J. 9/4/1831 – 7/15/1876 Alice M. 1869-1952 m. William L. Holt Eliza Jane d. 11/28/1862 22y m. William H. Bennett J. Henry 1857-1940 m. Laura Reynolds Laura Reynolds 1863-1903; m. J. Henry Bennett


Shaun d. 1/12/1971; “Darling Baby”


James H. d. 9/25/1817; 7yrs; “Gone but not lost”


Phoebe A. 1844-1928


John H. 1830-1919; Co. E., 169th NY Vol. Inf.


Mary E. 1872-1955 m. Elmer E. Turner


Francis C. 8/24/1841 – 2/8/1908 m. Mary S. Cherevoy Mary S. Cherevoy 8/3/1849-2/18/1894; m. Francis Booth


Edward A. 1973-1953 m. Emily C. Emily C. 1876-1970 Edward A.


Anna 1885-1970 m. Michael Michael 1882-1965 m. Anna (Parents of Anna Bayba)


Edward A. 1873-1953; m. Emily C. Emily C. 1876-1970; m. Edward A. Borg


Caroline 1836-1905 m. E.L. Boughton


Martha B. Harrington 1885-1908 m. H.J. Boyd


Ernest W. 1921- m. Mable E. Mable E. 1927-1984 m. Ernest W.


Cortes F. d. 10/1/1912; 76y; Co. E. 125 Regt. NY Vols Elizabeth B. Rourke d. 12/19/1915, 67y8m24d; m. Cortes F. Bradway Emma L. d. 1/7/1894 23y Harriet d. 9/5/1866 63y21d m. Stephen Van Rensselaer Bradway Stephen Van Rensselaer Bradway d. 3/8/1868 68y m. Harriet


Harriet Bradway 1803-1866

Does bitter sorrow rend thy heart And tears of anguish often start Fear not, but trust thy gracious God His gentle hand controls the rod

Stephen Van Rensselaer Bradway 1800-1868

Amid the throng art thou above No friend thy heart can all its own Fear not if Christ is ever near His living smiles thy soul will cheer


James W. 8/30/1915 – 5/15/1966 Pvt. NY 114 SVC Comb.


Addie Andrews 1874-1904; m. C. E. Brookner


Alexander J. d. 4/14/1884 53y Alice A. 1865-1942 m. John Reynolds Catherine 1870-1924 Charles T. d. 6/29/1853 7y Christopher W. 1890-1967; m. Ethel May Emeline d. 2/9/1839 26y10m25d m. Roswell D. Brown Ethel May 1897-1926 m. Christopher Brown Evelyn 1918- m. George L. Brown, Jr. George G. d. 8/9/1895 78y m. Sarah A. George L. 1885-1957 m. Katharine G. Doyle George L., Jr. b. 1909- m. Evelyn Hiram 1862-1937 Hiram W. d. 10/30/1860 65y7m17d Howard 1902-1955 Huldah M. 9/5/1849 – 2/8/1927 m. Emerson E. Shaw Leonard J. 1911-1964 Leroy A. 1893-1897 Lester J. 12/1/1870 – 3/27/1886 s/o Lucy M. & A.J. Lucy M. d. 8/29/1899 66y Mary I. Warden 1869-1930; m. William G. Brown Mollie C. b. 9/10/1907 - m. Walter E. Brown Sarah A. d. 2/21/1886 69y m. George G. Brown Walter E. 2/16/1907 – 7/7/1973 m. Mollie C.; Mass Pvt. US Army William G. m. Mary I. Warden


Emeline Platt Brown 1813-1839

Cease ye mourners, cease to anguish Oer the graves of those you love Pain and death and fright and anguish Enter not the world above


Benjamin F. d. 2/2/1879 82y Myra d. 5/5/1863 67y m. Benjamin F. Myra A. Gardner d. 1/13/1926; 95y; m. Ralph M. Bull Ralph M. d. 7/12/1880 55y m. Myra A. Gardner


Clarence H. 1917-1973 m. Emilia M. Marker Emilia M. 1919- m. Clarence H.


John L. 1879-1962; m. Henriette McQuiston


Bertie M. d. 10/21/1882 1y6m Joseph B. d. 1/6/1883 30y


Joseph B. Burroughs 1853-1883

He is gone but not forgotten For Gods promise will be done We shall meet and live forever On that resurrection morn


Polly d. 4/17/1876 77y m. Alexander Gardner


Joseph A. 1903-1969


Minnie 1869-1929 m. Richard Richard 1848-1933 m. Minnie; Civil War Vet


Cyrus d. 5/2/1854 45y Ella C. 2/28/2889 – 6/22/1962 m. James Henry Carpenter Greenman d. 4/1/1849 76y m. Nancy s/o Deborah and Samuel Greenman James Henry 1/27/1889 – 1/26/1978 m. Ella C. s/o Alton & Minnie Palmer Carpenter Lucy Andress 7/1838 – 9/1916 m. James H. Tayer d/o Edwin Carpenter & Lucy P. Andress Lucy R. Andress d. 3/6/1841 26y m. Edwin A. Carpenter (his second wife was Harriet Beers 2/4/1844) d/o Jonathan Andress & Mehitabel Sweet Mehitabel R. d. 4/23/1842 30y m. Nathan G. Gardner d/o Jonathan & Mehitabel Sweet Andress Nancy d. June 17, 1851, 76y


Lucy R. Andress Carpenter 1815-1841

Sigh not for me your tears refrain What you call loss to me is gain I pass’d the gulf, the danger’s oer My soul has reached the heavenly shore


Edward 2/17/1790 – 3/9/1867 77y s/o Deacon Edward & Eleanor Spencer Electa d. 9/25/1883 m. Edward Carr Ella M. 1898-1959 Elwood 1915 - s/o Francis & Melvill Erastus Whitman Carr 1826-1908 m. Louisa A. Dean & Mary A. Kittle s/o Joshua Carr & Sarah Whitman Francis 1847-1939 m. Melvill Carr Gertrude 1909-1930 d/o Francis & Melvill Grace A. 1870-1945 Ina Rosetta 1887-1973 m. William Calvin Carr Infant d. 1832 child of Francis & Melvill Kenneth 1910-1950 s/o Francis & Melvill Lawrence 1922- s/o Francis & Melvill Libbie 1860-1935 d/o Mary Kittell & Erastus Carr Louisa A. Dean July 9, 1835-June 25, 1852; m. Erastus Whitman Carr (She has a gravestone in Stephentown Baptist) Margaret E. 1948-1969 Mary A. Kittle 1835-1907; m. Erastus Whitman Carr; D/o Stephen S. & Eunice Doty Kittle (Kittell) Melvill 1844-1910 m. Francis s/o Honor Harrington & Lorenzo Carr Nellie J. Nye 1869-1935 m. James H. Pratt Ottilie 1852-1930 m. Jacob Dean Polly d. 6/21/1842 23y Polly d. 3/16/1842 54y m. Edward Carr Spencer d. 12/15/1841 26y William Calvin 1883-1946 m. Ina Rosetta s/o Francis Goodrich & Melvill Carr


Esther Vary 2/21/1805-3/9/1883, 78y; m. Daniel Chapman; d/o Simeon & Mary Vary Oliver W. d. 7/11/1864, 61y; s/o Oliver Sr. & Elizabeth Gardner Chapman


Charlotte A. 2/10/1862-4/3/1912 Dow 1840-1914 m. Mary Elmer E. 2/24/1862-2/12/1927; m. L. Leora L. Leora 2/15/1887-4/13/1956; m. Elmer E. Mary 1843-1917; m. Dow Chase


Edmond d. 7/22/1862, 76y John J. d. 10/6/1846, 1y8m20d; so Londeree Y Mercia Cherevoy Londeree d. 1/25/1887, 67y Roxey M. d. 9/2/1881, 91y; m. Edmond Cherevoy Mercia 11/2/1814-10/25/1892 Sophia M. Woodward 10/10/1851-12/29/1928; m. William L. Cherevoy William L. 1/22/1842-3/10/1907; m. Sophia M. Woodward


Claud H. 1888-1956; m. Mary E. Rainey Elizabeth A. Atwater 11/30/1928-10/14/1985; d/o John Hayes & Hazel Hayes Atwater Hattie Bly 1862-1954; m. Martin Chittenden Howard D. 1905-1977; m. Louella G. Louella G. 1914-____; m. Howard D. Chittenden Martin 1857-1922; m. Hattie Bly Mary E. Rainey 1899-19__; m. Claud H. Chittenden


Samuel I.; d. 4/18/1844, 23y9m22d


Andrew J. 1848-1907 a veteran Carrie A. 1885-1902 Clara J. 1876-1965 Clarissa d. 5/6/1867 76y m. Elisha Clark Cornelia 1810-1892 Emerson C. 1880-1954 Grace C. 1872-1937 m. Franklin W. Doty Infant girl d/o Elizabeth & Lorentas Magdalin A. d. 10/1/1856 26y m. Lorentas Clark Mrs. ---- 1845-1902 m. Andrew Clark Sarah d. 1/21/1838 75y m. William Henry Clark William H. d. 6/15/1813 46y m. Sarah


Sarah Clark 1763-1838

I would not live always for to die is gain

William Henry Clark 1767-1813

Sweet is the hour that brings the weary pilgrim rest And calls the laborer to his peaceful home


Elizabeth 1879-1924 m. James A. Clarke James A. 1877-1953 m. Elizabeth Julia 1897-1972 m. Robert Clarke Robert 1885-1959 m. Julia


________ d. 4/2/1858 4y10m10d child of Laura & David David C. d. 4/22/1858 43y


Blanche Isabel 1900-1974


Eliza M. 1821-1903 m. Samuel Cole Frank 1877-1959 m. May K. Euceba M. 1842-1858; d/o Samuel & Eliza Cole Helen O. 1903-; m. Henry L. Cole Henry L. 1902-1962; m. Helen O. Justina 1850-1909; m. John Cole May K. 1888-1945; m. Frank Cole Samuel 1810-1896 m. Eliza M.


Florence Hillier 1895-1958; m. Wallace S. Cornell Wallace E. 1921-10/16/1980 GM 3 US Navy WWII


Elizabeth d. 6/30/1870 14y1m d/o Mary & George Julia E. 1859-1918 m. Lewis H. Sedgwick


Evelyn E. 1893-1944 Jessie E. Shaw 1875-1939 m. George E. Cramer


Henry G. 1840-1898


Charles H. 1857-1860 Clara L. 1875-1929 Gustavus Y. 1838-1844 Ida Bull 1854-1927 m. William L. Cranston John Hammond 1813-1888 m. Lydia Rose Lydia Rose 1818-1893 m. John Hammond Cranston Martha E. 1840-1841 Wiliam L. 1850-1933; m. Ida B.


Albert 1859-1894 m. Priscilla Atwater Carrie A. 1864-1941 Earl 1881-1901 Spanish American War Lena M. 1886-1921 Priscilla Atwater 1853-1920; m. Albert Cross; Span-Amer. War Vet; nurse Wallace 1883-1907


Leroy, Sr. 1892-1976 m. Catharine Leroy W. Jr. 1923-1986 Martin 1927-1987 Nelly I. 1902-1964


Sarah L. 1911- m. Walter C. Walter C. 1904-1969 m. Sarah L.


Marion d. 11/71892 82y m. Lyman Williams & Daniel Atwater


Eliza Whiting d. 1/16/1877, 76y; m. Lathrop Daboll Lathrop d. 7/3/1860 69y m. Eliza Whiting s/o Elizabeth & Benjamin


Jacob 1854-1934 m. Ottilie Carr Ottilie Carr 1852-1930 m. Jacob Dean


Martin E. 11/6/1898 – 6/8/1983 m. Mina G. Mina G. b. 12/13/1914 - m. Martin E.


George H. Jr. s/o Clara J. & George F. George J. (Dr.) 8/7/1821 – 1/21/1878 Lucius M. s/o Clara J. & George F. Mary Louise 7/12/1826 – 4/12/1885 m. George J. (Dr.)


Lucie Tayer 1864-1957; m. Samuel T. Dodd Samuel T. 1866-1955 m. Lucie Tayer


Leroy W. 1893-1975; brother of Helen Parker


Daniel D. 1953-1980 SP 4 US Army


Charles H. d. 1/24/1886 37y s/o Palmira & Joseph S. Elizabeth C. 11/22/1814 – 2/4/1898 m. Eber Myers Rollo Franklin W. 1869-1932 m. Grace C. Clark Grace C. Clark 1872-1937; m. Franklin W. Doty Grace M. 1909-1911 Harold F. 12/23/1893 – 1/1/1900 s/o Grace & F. W. Doty James W. d. 10/25/1905 60y s/o Palmira & Joseph Joseph s. d. 10/17/1850 33y m. Palmira Jolls Palmyra Jolls d. 6/19/1905, 86y; m. Joseph S. Doty


Patrick Michael d. 1974


Katherine G. 1884 – 1952 m. George L. Brown


Ann L. 1861-1917 (Laura Ann Pratt) Betsey 7/13/1822 – 10/31/1897 m. George G. George 1856-1940 George G. d. 2/18/1863 34y2m5d m. Betsey; d. at Ft. Columbia James Henry 1/29/1867 – 3/14/1958 m. Jennie May Gibson Jennie May Gibson 4/15/1863-11/15/1943; m. James Henry Dymond Lewis E. d. 4/11/1860, 11m13d; s/o George G. Mary Elizabeth 1/13/1904 – 3/15/1981 m. Earl Williams d/o James Harvey Dymond Samuel 1861-1950; s/o George Gideon Dymond I & Betsey Pratt


Myron 1891-1959


Albert d. 11/27/1875 61y m. Caroline Bradway Briggs d. 2/14/1884 31y Caroline 9/5/1827 – 6/14/1902 m. Albert Harriet C. 1846-1910 m. Wilson Bassett


Marie M. 1918-1947 Mildred Williams 1895-1969; m. Peter J. Elwell Peter J. 1904-1956 m. Mildred Williams Terry A. 1948-1972 Theda Emerson 1919-____; m. Vernon O. Elwell Vernon O. 5/13/1920 – 2/24/1967 m. Theda Emerson Elwell NY TEC 5 Co. 305


Frances 1920-1987


Mary M. 1887-1963 m. Oren J. Oren J. 1887-1975 m. Mary M. Grace B. 1880-1867


Eliza A. 1810-1896 m. Benjamin Tayer


Clarence d. 3/1987


Shauna M. 10/22/1959-7/2/1972


Juanita H. b. 2/10/1926 m. Lewis C. Fortune, Sr. Lewis C. Sr. 4/2/1924 – 6/13/1977 m. Juanita H.


Estelle P. 1915-1965


Ann no dates Anthony J. 1829-1915 m. Marian C. Marian C. 1836-1925 m. Anthony Rev. William 1843-1908; Civil War Vet


Ann Louise b. 6/28/1918 - m. George George b. 6/26/1917 – m. Ann Louise


Alexander d. 4/23/1865 66y m. Polly Burton Anna d. 3/22/1861, 81y; m. William L. Gardner Claude H. 1892-1976 Electa G. 1/18/1800 – 12/5/1830 30y m. Frances d/o Mary Rose & Simeon Vary; Francis Gardner m. 2nd Electa’s first cousin Esther, d/o Samuel Vary Jr. & Esther Thomas and he died 1877 in Mendon, NY James H. d. 4/23/1809 28y James R. d. 12/16/1852 67y Kathryn 1897-1938 Lydia B. 1/1853 – d. 1/1890 m. John D. Kittle Mehetabel R. Carpenter d. 4/23/1842, 30y; m. Nathan G. Gardner; d/o Jonathan & Mehitable Sweet Carpenter Polly Burton d. 4/17/1876, 77y; m. Alexander Gardner Roxanna d. 1/22/1872 84y2m3d m. James R. William L. d. 7/11/1853 74y m. Anna Child d. 4/2/1842 parents – Mehitabel & Nathan


Claude H. 1897-1938 m. Kathryne Vary (Veteran) Kathryne Vary 1892-1976; m. Claude H. Garner


Erastus d. aft. 1921 Sgt. Co. L. NY Heavy Artillary Louisa 1844-1921 m. E.R. Garvey Mary A. d. 2/21/1875 30y m. E.R. Garvey


Lewis d. 1/26/1890 84y Co. 7 NY Heavy Artillary


Elmer 5/18/1879 – 8/4/1909 Hattie E. Waterman 1870-1928; m. John Geerholt John 1864-1926 m. Hattie Waterman Mabel 12/20/1901 – 4/20/1902 m. parents – Tillie and Elmer Geerholt


Adolph J. 1915-1966


Alan Hyatt 11/2/1933 – 4/16/1959 Conn. Sgt. Inf. Korea


Audrey 1919-1982


Jennie May 4/15/1863-11/15/1943 m. James Henry Dymond


Jesse E. 1881-1923 Melvin 1877-1906 Theresa 1880-1970 m. Wm. H. Wm. H. 1841-1928 m. Sarah L. Harrington Wm. H. 1888-1969 m. Theresa


Agnes S. 1875-1938 m. Jacob D. Goodermote Elizabeth A. 1910- Gordon M. 1910=1974 m. Julia Jacob D. 1877-1965 m. Agnes S. Julia 1898-1981 m. Gordon M. Willis E. 1886-1965 m. Elizabeth Sweener (2nd wife)


Philena 1808-1886 m. Russell Palmer d/o Esther Barber & Solomon Goodrich


Adaline Manchester 1839-1916; m. Walter B. Goold Walter B. 1840-1927 m. Adaline Manchester s/o Eleanor Almira Carr & Newton Goold


Arthur 1899-1971 m. Helen E. Helen E. 1900-1970 m. Arthur


Clara E. 1856-1870 Elijah H. MD; d. 9/1/1869, 84y Frances A. 1840-1930; m. William Graves; d/o Edwin Alanson Carpenter & Lucy P. Andress Mary E. 1864-1887 Sarah d. 2/23/1885, 79y; m. Dr. Elijah Graves Walter 1878-195? William 1840-1925; m. Frances A. Carpenter


Aaron B. d. 6/17/1977, 72y Aaron B. Jr., d. 5/26/1846, 14y; s/o Aaron B. & Permelia Green Jeremiah d. 8/2/1844, 77y Permelia 2/28/1803-6/26/1859, 56y; m. Aaron B. Green; d/o Greenman & Nancy Carpenter


Richard P. 1/9/1873, 5y


Joseph B. 1923-1970


Albert Francis 1877-1954 Anna Gertrude 1858-1929 Bert T. 1877-1954 m. Elizabeth F. Elizabeth F. 1879-1971; m. Bert T. Hager


Blanch E. Atwater 1886-1912; m. Frederick Hall Donald F. 1909-1982 m. Rose S. Frederick 1878-1922 m. Blanche F. Atwater Irene E. 1906-1985 m. Albert S. Silvernail Rose S. 1919- m. Donald F.


Earl 1889-1968 m. Irene Irene 1888-1978 m. Earl




Earl Daniel Florine Rosalie


A. Christian 1884-1958 m. Ann J. McGarrigal Dorothea A. 1887-1971 m. Harry D. Wylie


Blanche C. d. 8/30/1875 14y11m14d m. d/o Martha & Benjamin Harrington Carrie Staples 1876-1949 m. John Harrington Effie E. d. 8/3/1878 11y3m13d d/o Martha & Benjamin John A. 1870-1949 Mahala 1828-1850 Mary 1770-1848 Sarah L. 1845-1919 m. William H. Gillies Theophilus 1758-8/18/1829 71y m. Mary Walter B. d. 4/14/1883 8m11d d/o M.A. & B.P.


Albert O. d. 6/11/1872 26y2m Hannah d. 3/20/1845, 6m3d; d/o William M. & A.J. Harris (Removed from Harris Cemetery #2 11/27/1983) William A. 1912-1962 Veteran


Sophia Amson Olmstead 11/3/1896-10/27/1983 m. #1 Franklin Olmstead; m.#2 Arthur Harrison


Elsie 1890-1970


Edward L. 16th Mass. Inf. Co. G. Civil War Vet.


Berry d. 6/6/1876 60y Boughton J. 1881-1964 m. Carrie Carrie 1879-1923 m. Boughton Celestia M. Hunt 4/21/1844-5/22/1909; James M. Hassan Clarence E. 2/21/1886-2/11/1948; NY Sgt., 1 CL 6 SN TN 6 Div. WWI Eliza Jenks d. 5/9/1901 21y8m; “died of chronic consumption” Gracia 1817-1886; m. Henry Hassan Henry d. 6/6/1876 60y; James M. 7/2/1843-4/15/1923 m. Celestia M. Hunt Jared Boughton 1/26/1847-10/13/1896 m. Sarah M. Jared John d. 3/30/1900 2y22d s/o Eliza & Alvin Grace 1877-1968 m. Alexander Williams Lucius 1873-1917; s/o Jared & Sarah Sarah M. 4/30/1852-2/24/1939; m. Jared Boughton Hassan


Alvin H. 1871-1940


Adelaide Victoria 1838-1907 m. Elisha Benjamin T. 1869-1952; m. Anna V. Phelps Carrie A. 1861-1862 d/o Adelaide V. & Elisha Hayes (also listed as being in Stephentown Tayer #1) Carrie E. 1855-1860 d/o Elisha Elisha 1819-1893 m. Laura Tayer and Adelaide Victoria Tayer Elsie Permilia 1849-1946 m. Simon Wager & Elmer Evans d/o Henry Hayes & Louisa Permelia James Erline 1906-1973 m. Richard A. Williams Eunice 1/1/1856-9/7/1938 m. Frederick Houghtling d/o Henry Hayes & Louisa Permelia James Georgia Moffitt 1866-1954 m. Benjamin T. Hayes Harry 4/2/1851-9/22/1860 s/o Elisha & Laura Tayer (also listed in Tayer Cem. Hazel L. 1895-1968 m. John Hayes Atwater Henry 1833-1922 m. Louisa Permelia James Jerome 1850-11/9/1859 9y10m2d s/o Elisha & Laura Louisa Permelia 1835-1933 m. Henry Hayes d/o Amos James Luella 1863-1865 d/o Adelaide & Elisha (also listed in Tayer Cem.) Martin E. 1866-1868 d/o Adelaide & Elisha Infant son of Adelaide & Elisha


Ella B. 1859-1945 m. William H. Atwater


Florence E. 1892-1982 m. Fuller L. Hewitt Fuller L. 1891-1964 m. Florence E.


Charlaree M. 1901- m. Silas M. Hicks Silas M. 5/12/1896-1/4/1974 NY CPL U.S. Army WWI


Mary 1867-1930 m. Harmon A. Trumball


Benjamin 1865-1932 m. Gertrude Atwater Charles 1873-1955 Co. A 11th Reg. Inf. NY US


Charles A. 1888-1979 m. Cecilia Hagerman & Andrew Hoffman Elizabeth Schnurr 1885-1974 Harold W. 1914-1964


Eber d. 2/15/1886 96y


Mary 8/3/1831-12/9/1893 m. Curtis J. Woodward


Alice M. Bennett 1869-1952; m. William L. Holt Charlotte E. 1894-1949 m. George F. Sumner Cora D. 1896-1954 d/o William & Alice Bennett Holt Ellen m. Leonard Smith d/o William & Alice Bennett Holt Hiram Bennett 1910-1955 William I. 1872-1950 m. Alice Bennett


Aaron 1892-1936 m. Hazel Frank R. 8/20/1916-11/18/1984 U.S. Army WWII Hazel 1891-1953 m. Aaron


Some of these names are listed as HOUGHTALING, but the name is HOUGHTLING, as they are in my personal family line.

Amos 12/9/1883-12/3/1953 m. Mae Schultz s/o Eunice & Frederick Andrew E. 9/10/1916-1/20/1985 s/o Henry & Sophia Clara 1892-1925 m. Charles Moon d/o Eunice & Frederick Elizabeth 1911- m. Spencer Elmer d. 3/31/1887 11y2m s/o Eunice and Frederick Elsie D. 1882-1946 m. George T. Hunt Frederick 4/1/1850-6/13/1912 m. Eunice Hayes Henry 1873-1961 m. Sophie Miller s/o Eunice & Frederick Lillian 1926- m. Louis (Jake) (both have passed on) Lloyd 1907-1925 Killed in a hunting accident s/o Henry & Sophia Louis H. (Jake) 1921-5/1999 m. Lillian s/o Henry & Sophia Mae Schultz 1882-1940 m. Amos Sophia Miller 1889-1961 m. Henry Spencer 1894-1961 m. Elizabeth s/o Eunice & Frederick Walter S. d. 10/26/1934 NY PVT. 164 Inf. 41 Div. s/o Eunice and Frederick


Bertie d. 2/18/1875 1y6m s/o Sarah & George Celestia M. 4/21/1844-5/22/1909 m. James M. Hassan Elsie D. Houghtaling 1882-1946; m. George T. Hunt Francis E. 1845- m. Lina R. George 1847-1909 George T. 1879-1948; m. Elsie D. Houghtaling Irving 1876-1843; m. Minnie E. Wager Lina R. 1860-1904 m. Francis E. Minnie E. Wager 1888-; m. Irving Hunt; d/o Simon & Elsie Permillie Houghtling Wager


Adelbert L. 1/24/1863-1/28/1939 m. Sarah L. Reynolds Joseph 8/3/1890-8/6/1890 s/o Sarah & Adelbert Rosa M. Babcock 5/28/1849-9/9/1927 m. W. Nathaniel Sadie Brown Sharron 12/30/1892- Sarah L. Reynolds 6/26/1861-3/21/1938; m. Adelbert Huntington W. Nathaniel 9/16/1848-12/2/1906 m. Rosa M. Babcock


Josephine J. 1915- Lewis E. 1912-1971 m. Josephine


Brunett d. 4/1/1886 53y m. Albert Irving


James H. 1902-1978 m. Amelia Wert Marie 1937-1960 m. Theodore D. Shackett


Chester 1887-1970


Lena L. Singer 1887-1905 m. Samuel A. Jenks


John J. 1912-1977 m. Mary Naomi Mary Naomi 1914-


Anna Eliza 2/21/1817-2/14/1887 m. Edmund Herrick Jolls Anna H. d. 9/24/1882 5y Edmund Herrick 3/15/1818-6/12/1865 47y m. Anna Eliza Palmyra d. 6/19/1905 86y m. Joseph S. Doty


Elizabeth Tillie d. 9/30/1875 1y5m d/o Elizabeth & James George Etna 1851-1914 George W. d. 10/11/1846 4y8m6d s/o N.E. & J.A. Jones John A. 3/1/1817- m. Rosalley John H. 3/19/1883-10/17/1849 20m3d s/o Rosalley & John Jones Lena B. Odell 1892-1960 Loren 1893-1957 Rosalley E. 9/23/1824-10/20/1902 m. John A.


Bernard 1948-1949 s/o Dorothy & Casimer Kanopka Casimer J. 1915-1981 m. Dorothy CPL. US Army WWII


Stephen 1891-1973


James H. d. 3/18/1892 44y


Mary 10/17/1829-5/21/1916


Mary 1899-1978 m. Roy Roy 1892- m. Mary


Elizabeth 1903-1956 m. James H. James H. 1900-1957 m. Elizabeth


Cora Irene 10/1883-2/1889 Jennie L. 1861-1932 m. Charles W. Kittell Martha C. Richards 1880-1944; m. S. Wilson Kittell S. Wilson 1882-1967 m. Martha C. Richards


Charles W. 1860-1925 m. Jennie L. Emma F. 1870-1935 m. William L. Esther Ann d. 2/15/1870 44y1m20d m. William E. John D. 3/1846-9/28/1916 m. Lydia Gardner Lydia Gardner 1/1853-9/1890; m. John D. Kittle Mary Ann 1835-1907 m. Erastus W. (Whitman) Carr d/o Eunice Doty & Stephen S. Kittell Mary E. 1873-1934 m. Frederick W. Andrews Mary O’Neil 1829-1912 m. William E. Kittle William E. 3/16/1828-9/13/1892 m. Esther Ann William J. 1871-1927 m. Emma F.


Richard F. 1882-1941 m. Wilhelmina Theodore J. 1880-1934 Wilhelmina 1892-1981 m. Richard F.


Caroline 1874-1959 Peter 1876-1960 m. Caroline Peter F. 1876-1960 NY Band Leader 24 Coast Art. Band WWI


A. Stanley 1910-1925; s/o William A. & Harriet E. Lapp Andrew 1859-1932 m. Carrie P. Carrie P. 1860-1931; m. Andrew Lapp E. Rose Vary 1869-1955; m. Henry Lapp Edwin K. 1903-1977 Gerald F. 1900-1912 s/o Harriet E. & William A. Lapp Henry 1872-1947 m. E. Rose Vary William A. 1865-1935


Blanche E. 10/8/1918-11/8/1982


Bertha S. 1900-1963 m. Elmer Bertha W. 1891-1960 Elmer 1894-1978 m. Bertha S. Helen 1855-1940


Anna d. 12/12/1814 24y m. Benjamin Lock d/o Simeon Vary & Mary Rose Vary


George B. 7/27/1925-7/24/1982 BM US Army WWII Sharon d. 1961 baby


Helen M. 1912- m. Roscoe b. Losaw Roscoe B. 1909-1970 m. Helen M.


Marcella Teal Hoffman 1923-20__; m. #1 Harold W. Hoffman; m#2 George Love


Florence Platt 1876-1939


Bruce C. 7/8/1896-10/6/1970 WWI Vet VA. Engine


Albert A. 1911-1973


Adaline 1839-1916 m. Walter B. Goold Harriet E. 1851-1887 m. Dr. Charles N. Reynolds


Joseph d. 2/1/1881 80y m. Sarah Atwater


Gertrude Potter 1893-1972 Lawrence 8/10/1890-4/15/1970 NY SK2 Navy WWI


Gertrude Potter 1893-1972 Lawrence 8/10/1890-4/15/1970; NY SK2, Navy WWI


Alberta Lapp 1898-1956 Harold 1895-1963 PVT 29th Engrs.


Cathleen Bell 1877-1951


John L. 1887-1962


John d. 11/18/1886 34y


Ann J. 1872-1963 m. A. Christian Hansen Thomas 1878-1940 Queen C.E. Smith


Agnes d. 5/31/1861 23y Andrew 6/1797-7/1854 m. Frances C. b. Ayrshire, Scotland Frances C. 12/9/1832-6/5/1872 m. Andrew Henrietta 1811-1894 m. John McGill John 1817-1897 Co. E. 125 Reg. NYV Linie d. 9/21/1865 1y4m27d parents-Margaret & William Margaret Wilson 8/1798-10/1885 Infant 4/12/1862-4/28/1862 parents-Frances & Andrew


Mary 1843-1899 m. James Pratt


Albert A. 1911-1973


Amy A. 1878-1961 m. Thomas S. Thomas S. 1874-1960 m. Amy A.


William C. 7/15/1868-3/7/1956 m. Grace Hassan Williams


Agnes P. 1886-1947


Charles H. 1876-1927 m. Clara D. Houghtling s/o John Henry Moon & Almira Seeley Clara D. Houghtling 1892-1925 m. Charles H. Moon d/o Frederick & Eunice Hayes Houghtling Roy E. 1910-1945 s/o Charles & Clara m. Dorothy Mae Hoffman d. in flood in July, 1945 in Hancock, MA. Patricia d/o Roy & Dorothy Hoffman Moon Ruth d. 7/28/1825 80y m. John


Sally 1908-1970


Dorothy G. 1908-1962 m. William Moses William 1910- m. Dorothy G.


Anna Schnurr 1875-1944 Nicholas M. 4/16/1901-7/6/1948 Mass. PVT 419 Armed. FA BN WWII


Selma A. 1863-1954


Hiram 1886-1930 Veteran


Arthur 1898-1970


Elizabeth 6/21/1843-3/31/1913 m. George W. Odell George E. 1868-1949 m. Grace A. Carr George W. 3/8/1848-6/1/1912; m. Elizabeth; s/o Reeve Odell Grace A. Carr 1870-1945; m. George E. Odell Lina May 5/17/1882-5/3/1890 d/o Elizabeth & George W. Odell Nellie G. Palmer 1872-1955; m. Robert A. Odell Reeve W. d. 2/19/1874 75y Robert A. 1872-1955 m. Nellie G. Palmer


Thomas Franklin, Jr. 4/17/1929-2/8/1975 m. Sophia Amson Olmstead; US Army; “Served US Dept. of State 1955-1975


Augustus 1888-1970 Nicole Marie d. 12/7/1982 Ruth 1908-1936


Louise d. 5/21/1897, 43y


A.P. d. 3/3/1876 36y10m21d Charles H. 1839-1904 m. Emeline A. Emeline A. 1832-1895 m. Charles H. Flora E. d. 3/11/1870 6m15d Frederick R. 11/22/1878 8y10m14d Herman W. d. 11/17/1882 5y3m George H. 9/14/1883-1/8/1904 Flora E. d. 3/11/1870 6m15d Hiram A. d. 7/13/1911 78y Lucy E. 1857-1890 Maybelle 1917-1964 Nellie G. 1872-1930 m. Robert A. Philena Goodrich 1808-1886; m. Russell Palmer; d/o Solomon & Esther Barber Goodrich Priscilla 1839-1913 m. Stephen W. Palmer Russell 1808-1886 m. Philena Goodrich Stephen L. d. 7/27/1873 2m11d


Charles 1898-1971


Charles Irving 10/14/1863-5/9/1930 m. Jennie Elizabeth Bassett Elizabeth Young 1828-1905; m. James Parker George W. 6/5/1849-1/24/1919 m. Lois P. Smith Helen 1890-1981 James 1828-1920 m. Elizabeth Young Jennie Elizabeth Bassett 7/18/1873-6/2/1952; m. Charles Irving Parker Lois P. Smith 9/3/1852-6/2/1873; m. George W. Parker


Eliza 1823-1824


Mildred 1897-1986 m. Lewis E. Wager


Mary E. 1881-1961


Andrew D. 1926-1980 Arthur D. 1926-1980 Arthur L. 8/23/1893-1/24/1973 m. Helen F. Whitman; PVT. US Army WWI Harold C. d. 1961 (Baby) Helen F. Whitman 1897-1950; m. Arthur L. Pease


Deborah d. 8/25/1869 95y m. James Perkins James d. 2/28/1869 93y m. Deborah


Julius 1881-1960 m. Mathilda Mathilda 1885-1972; m. Julius


Doris Drage 1890-1979; m. Rev. H. Douglas Pierce H. Douglas (Rev.) 1888-1973; m. Doris Drage


Abigail d. 9/18/1826 84y m. Capt. Isreal Platt; d/o Bridget Scudder & Henry Scudder Ann D. (Drucilla) 7/25/1825-1/2/1913 d/o Polly Gardner & Alexander Gardner; m. Theodore Dwight Platt Ann L. d. 8/8/1881 m. Horace S. Wheeler Anna 1841-1908 m. Freling H. Smith d/o Anna Gardner & Theodore Platt Clara P. Benjamin 1845-1924; m. Theodore A. Platt Emma E. Benjamin 1843-1865; m. Theodore A. Platt Floyd B. 1876-1907 Grace L. 1868-1895 m. Charles J. Rose Henry d. 10/9/1842 77y m. Susan; s/o Abigail & Isreal Henry Jr. d. 4/16/1875 88y m. Martha; s/o Susan & Henry Isreal (Capt.) 11/30/1740-8/18/1796; s/o John Platt & his 2nd wife Mrs. Mary Wood; “An officer of the Revolution, who died in the City of New York of the yellow fever”;m. Abigail, he was born Huntington, NY Lida L. Shaw 1846-1921; m. William H. Platt Martha d. 2/18/1864 77y m. Henry Platt, Jr. Susan d. 1/10/1843 76y Theodore A. 184301893 m. #1 Emma E. Benjamin; #2 Clara Benjamin; s/o Anna D. Gardner & Theodore D. Theodore D. 3/15/1818-10/2/1901; s/o Henry & Martha Platt William H. 1846-1937 m. Lydia J. Shaw


Donald 1892-1966 m. Jesse Jessie 1877-1970 m. Donald


Hannah Vary 2/9/1823-9/2/1825 2y3m21d d/o Sarah Tifft & Quartus Pomeroy Julia 8/27/1818-11/10/1818 2m Sabra & Quartus Pomeroy Quartus A. d. 6/10/1863 6y5m26d s/o Lydia & Jason Pomeroy Quartus A. 7/20/1794-2/13/1870 75y6m23d m. Sarah Tifft & Sabra; s/o Kesiah Sedgwick & Titus Pomeroy


Anna M. 1861-1944 Elisha R. 1835-1920 Ida M. d. 3/26/1896 25y m. George A. Minnie M. d. 4/4/1885 21y P.M. & E.R. Potter Phebe M. d. 2/8/1881 39y m. Elisha R. Infant d. 2/13/1860 child of E.R. & P.M. Potter


Florence M. 1897-1987 m. Douglas H. Wolcott Franklin 3/9/1883 49y; CO. E 125 Regt.; m. Cynthia Meacham Pratt Irving 1889-1952 James 1835-1908 m. Mary Meacham James H. 1862-1917 m. Nellie J. Nye Carr Mary Meacham 1843-1899; m. James Pratt Nellie J. Nye 1869-1935; m. James H. Pratt


Mary E. 1899-19 – m. Claude H. Chittenden


Alfred N. 1874-1938 Amos Forrest 11/17/1905-2/14/1984 PV US Army WWII; d. at Northhampton, MA Blanche 1875-1949 m. Alfred N. Rathbun Casper C. 1904-1970 m. Hazel I. Clovis Carr 1879-1948 m. Perry Rathbun Francis L. 1918- m. Arthur W. Staples (s/o Jenny Martin & William Otis Staples) Harold P. 8/23/1902-11/3/1954 Hazel I. 1904-1976 m. Casper C. Rose 1906-1926 Wealthy 1900-1931 Perry 1877-1967 m. Clovis Carr


Lillian 1908- m. James E. Beebe


Charles N. (Dr.) 1848-1891 m. Harriet E. Mancester s/o Susan Collins & Nathan Reynolds Carrie A. Cross 1864-1941; m. James B. Reynolds Clara Knapp 1856-1905 Erastus Reynolds Clara Mae Rose 1894- m. Ernest Reynolds Clarissa Green 1845-1929; m. Hiram Reynolds Delia Tayer 1836-1890 m. Erastus Reynolds Emma M. 1911- d/o Carrie & James Reynolds Erastus B. 1825-1908 Ernest 1890-1951 m. Clara Mae Rose Fordyce B. 1869- m. Lydia K. Ehle Frank B. 9/5/1892-11/9/1959; MASS Cpl. Co. MTC, WWI, 520 MTR Truck; s/o James & Carrie Reynolds Harriet E. Manchester 1851-1887; m. Dr. Charles N. Reynolds Harry E. (M.D.) 1897-1964 Hiram 1838-1913; m. Clarissa Green James B. 1866-1939 m. Carrie A. Cross John H. 1859-1934 m. Alice A. Brown Lydia K. Ehle 1869-1948; m. Fordyce B. Reynolds Martha E. d. 8/3/1895 11m d/o Carrie & J.B. Reynolds Myrtle A. 1890-1969 d/o Carrie & James Reynolds Nellie E. 1894-1895 d/o Carrie & James Reynolds Sarah L. 6/26/1861-3/21/1938 m. Adelbert Harrington


Martha C. 1880-1944


Alice Borg 1913-1980


Alma May Chittenden 1908-1983; George Roberts David A. 12/7/1952-1/29/1953 George 1893-1933; m. Alma May Chittenden


Eber Myers 3/22/1814-12/22/1880; s/o Apollos & Elizabeth Waas Rollo Edwin Norton 3/10/1848-9/15/1849 Elizabeth C. Doty 11/22/1814-2/4/1898; m. Eber Myers Rollo Frederick Augustine 3/3/1853-9/23/1874 Mary Frances 7/8/1839-10/4/1847 William Appollow 4/25/1846-2/12/1847


Charles J. 1859-1923 m. Grace L. Platt Emma E. 1848-1892 George 1883-1964 George G. 1824-1892 m. Nancy Woodward Grace L. Platt 1868-1895; m. Chalres J. Rose Lina M. d. 5/25/1892 2y3m d/o Etta P. & Milton H. Marietta 1855-1930 m. Milton Rose Milton 1857-1930 m. Marietta Nancy Woodward 1828-1893; m. George G. Rose Raymond M. 1913-1984 m. Ruth Cole Ruth Cole 1915-____; m. Raymond M. Rose


Frank 1882-1973


Martha L. 1879-1948


Catherine 1895-1950 Raymond 1817-1973 Walter 1895-1978


Donald A. 1935-1956 s/o Emelia & George Emelia M. 1896-1981 m. George George H. 1891-1962 m. Emelia Marjorie M. Sweener 1923- m. Robert H. Robert H. m. Marjorie M. Sweener


Anna m. William Ralph 1/29/1927-11/21/1967 NY TEC5 9824 TECH SVC. Unit WWII William 1900-1944 m. Anna


Bernard P. 1890-1911 s/o Margaret & George Bernard N. 1918-1944 Margaret 1851-1905 m. George Schnurr Maria F. 1904-1962 m. Charles Gardenier, Jr.


George 1900-1972 m. Theresa Mary C. m. Philip Philip 1908-1986 m. Mary C. Theresa 1906-1944 m. George


Albert d. 10/9/1899 59y8m m. Sarah E. Brainard Allie B. d. 4/6/1868 5y10m d/o Sarah E. & Albert Angeline d. 6/12/1865 12y4m d/o Lydia & George Jane Eliza d. 11/29/1861 8y1m15d d/o Eliza & Myron Sedgwick Julia B. Coutant 1859-1918; m. Lewis H. Sedgwick Lewis H. 1864-1900 m. Julia E. Coutant Lovina A. d. 10/7/1893 55y m. Martin M. Sedgwick Martin M. d. 10/5/1886 51y m. Lovina A. Myron d. 12/1/1886 3y7m2d s/o Julia & Lewis Myron d. 4/16/1886 76y Sarah E. Brainard d. 4/16/1900 65y7m d/o Mary Sweet & David Brainard William E. d. 9/18/1882 24y7m8d Willis A. d. 3/21/1864 7y5m8d s/o Louise & Martin


Charlie d. 10/7/1860 3y8m s/o Sarah & Greenman Segar Frank S. 1860-1956 m. Mary E. Adams Harry D. 1890-1972 m. Mary E. Martha 4/17/1856-10/19/1925 Mary E. 1888-1977 84y m. Harry D. Mary E. Adams d. 4/20/1949 m. Frank S. Segar Nellie A. Bardin 1858-1890; m. F.S. Segar Orry J. 1/26/1849-7/7/1913 Paul J. d. 12/1/1875 3m26d s/o Martha & Jay


Walter 1894-1940


Harriet M. 5/10/1866-11/15/1951 m. William C. Woodward


Charles F. 1893-1963 Marie Jacobs 1837-1960; m. Theodore D. Shackett Theodore D. 1922- m. Marie Jacobs Inf. Dau. Of Marie & Theodore


Emerson E. 5/11/1844-12/30-1917 m. Huldah M. Brown Co. F. 21st NY Cavalry Ethel F. Southard 1888-1929; m. William F. Shaw, Sr. Huldah M. Brown 9/5/1849-2/8/1927; m. Emerson E. Shaw John Kirtland d. 8/21/1861 25y m. John B. Shaw Laura Harris Lord 3/26/1812-3/9/1892 m. Rev. John B. Shaw Peter Myers “Died at Almont, Michigan Sept. 10, 1853 at 22years”; s/o John B. Shaw William E. 11/25/1920-2/17/1952 Mass. PFC BTRY 375 F. Art. BV WWII William E. Sr. m. Ethel F. Southard


Ella C. 1861-1942


Laura E. d. 4/30/1860 3m20d d/o Mary & George


Albert J. 1905- m. Irene E. Hall Irene E. Hall 1906-1985; m. Albert J. Silvernail


James H. d. 9/25/1847 7y Mary A. d. 1/28/1851 at 17y; grand-daughter of James R. and Roxana Gardner


Carrie S. 1840-1889 m. J.L. Smith Edgar P. 10/4/1829-11/1/1900 Ellen Holt m. Leonard E. Smith Florence B. 11/2/1878-2/3/1916 Frank 1890-1971 Freling H. 1844-1926; m. Anna Platt Grace 1886-1920 John L. 1894-1972; a Vet; m. Louise M. Joseph W. d. 10/17/1896 89y Leonard E. (dates listed are in error as they are: 1864-1983) m. Ellen Holt Lois P. 9/3/1852-6/2/1942 Lora Elsie d. 5/20/1857 7y1m27d d/o Ruth & Joseph Louise M. 1904-1957 m. John L. Smith Mable l. 1890-1973 Minnie Allen 1889-1934 m. Freling Smith Ruth d. 12/20/1874, 70y; m. J.W. Smith


Elizabeth Louise 1835-1846 Martha Ann 1841-1843


Ethel F. 1888-1929 m. William F. Shaw, Sr. Irene F. 1865-1936 m. William M. Peggy Ann 12/10/1979-12/23/1979 Walter C. 1892-1940 William M. 2/4/1898-5/13/1935


Abbie W. 1885-1962


Burton d. 1907- m. Lois M. Brooks Lois M. Brooks 1908-1964; m. Burton D. Spearin


Ada M. 1875-1913 m. William E. Spencer William E. 1870-1920 m. Ada M.


Anna May 1893-1958 m. William Otis Staples (second wife) d/o George W. Sweener (s/o Pascal & Sarah Carr Sweener) Anna M. d. 5/22/1892 23y9m14d Arthur W. 1912-1964; m. Frances L. Rathbun Fred 3/29/1891-12/10/1953 WWI PH NY PVT Co. B. 6th Inf.; s/o Jenny Martin & William Otis Staples (Jenny was the daughter of Dewit Martin & Ada Belle Wheeler Martin, who later married Wilson Sweener, s/o Pascal & Sarah Carr Sweener)


Jennie M. 10/18/1870-11/17/1918 m. Raymond Stearns d/o Hulda & Emerson Shaw Raymond P. 2/26/1894-1/23/1917; m. Jennie M. Stearns


Eugene A. 1852-1935 m. Minnie J. Bowes Minnie J. Bowes 1864-1951; m. Eugene Strait Orry G. 1892-1918 s/o Minnie J. Bowes & Eugene Strait


Charles 1886-1970 Charlotte E. Holt 1894-1949; m. George F. Sumner George F. 1890- m. Charlotte F. Holt


Lela 1893-1975; mother of Rena M. Surprise Rena M. 1922-1969; d/o Lela


David H. 4/4/1891-7/1/1963; PVT, US Army, WWI


Ada Belle Wheeler 1875-1951 m. Wilson Sweener d/o Milo & Mary Houghtling Wheeler (s/o Stephen V.R. Wheeler & Electa Pratt and d/o Jacob & Rebecca Wheeler) Elizabeth m. Willis Goodermote and William S. Deveneau Florence Doris Moon Feb. 9, 1911-Dec. 11, 1967 m. L. Nelson (s/o Wilson & Ada Belle Wheeler) d/o Charles & Clara Houghtling Moon) George W. 1862-1946 m. Mary Hunt & Laura Hasson s/o Pascal & Sarah Carr Sweener Joan B. Rieger 1929-4/30/1974 d/o Ulysses & Elizabeth Matilda Travis Sweener L. Nelson 1900-1966 m. Florence Doris Moon d/o Wilson & Ada Belle Wheeler Sweener Laura Hassan 1881-1959 m. George W. Sweener Lewis 2/19/1900-7/31/1901 s/o Mary Hunt & George W. Sweener


William A. 11/3/1926-6/17/1972 MOM M3 US Navy WWII


Frida 1864-1950


Benjamin 1805-1880 m. Eliza A. Fellows Eliza A. Fellows 1810-1896; m. Benjamin Tayer Frank H. 4/5/1879 18y James H. 6/1831-8/1899 m. Lucy Carpenter Lucie 1864-1957 m. Samuel T. Dodd Lucy A. Carpenter 7/1838-9/1916; m. James H. Tayer; d/o Edwin & Lucy P. Andress Carpenter Martin V. B. d. 1/23/1871, 27y7m20d; Masonic emblem


Helen Schrufer 1917-1964 Peleg 1/25/1738-1/13/1830 91y11m19d m. Russell Aylesworth s/o Mehitable Tripp & Peleg Thomas; bro. Of George Thomas Russell 3/2/1742-6/26/1835, 93y3m24d; m. Peleg Thomas; d/o Arthur & Almy Aylesworth Sarah d. 4/2/1848, 3w3d; d/o Dr. Rowland & Adelia M. Thomas


Almira M. d. 1/24/1886, 78y Chester C. 1881-1927 Elva Alynnia d. 11/30/1861 15y11m16d d/o Almira Thompson & Thomas Thompson Gideon 11/18/1848-6/26/1901 Jeroam d. 5/27/1849, 13y3m29d; s/o Thomas & Almira Thompson Thomas d. 2/22/1886 85y


Mildred F. 1917-1968


Elmer E. 1869-1948 m. Mary E. Bolio Jerome A. 1892-1902; s/o Elmer & Mary Bolio Turner Lulu R. d. 8/.17/1916 47y m. Rupert Whitman Mary C. 1874-1933 Mary E. Bolio 1872-1955; m. Elmer E. Turner Sidney F. 1871-1927


Esther G. 1917-1986 m. Richard W. Martha J. 1890-1963 m. Richard Richard 1875-1956 m. Martha J. Richard W. 1912-1969 m. Esther G.


Brenda M. 1960-1969 d/o Carol (Mother & all 5 children died in mobile home fire) Carol A. 1957-1969 d/o Carol Carol P. 1939-1969 Linda N. 1961-1969 d/o Carol Richard E. 1964-1969 s/o Carol Robert L. 1963-1969 s/o Carol


George M. 1898-1958 Howard M. Jr. 1939-1964


Charity d. 9/4/1880 84y m. Nathan Vary Charles H. 1937-1925 m. Lucretia Sherman Eliza P. 10/28/1807-4/22/1898 Elizabeth d. 8/30/1908 76y m. Edwin Adams Hannah d. 12/5/1824 80y m. Samuel Vary Inf. Son of Charles H. & Lucretia & Jeremiah 7/26/1807-10/5/1900 m. Eliza P. Jennie Cowen d. 10/14/1890, 36y; m. Myron Vary “Though lost to sight/The memory dear” Jeremiah 7/26/1807-10/5/1900; m. Eliza P./ s/o Simeon & Mary Rose Vary Kathryne 1892-1976 m. Claude H. Garner d/o Mary Rose Vary & Simeon Vary Lavina M. 8/23/1822-5/12/1857 m. Willett A. Vary Lucretia Sherman 1842-1889; m. Charles H. Vary Maitland 1873-1965 m. Maude E. Margaret d. 12/25/1818 17y9m d/o Mary Vary & Nathan Vary Mary d. 11/16/1814, 48y; m. Nathan Vary; d/o Benjamin & Anna Allen Sheldon (Nathan b. 3/6/1766; d. 1/7/1851; s/o Samuel & Hannah Vary) he d. At Ava NY; he m. #2 Phebe Carrier, d/o Amaziah & Abia Churchill Carrier who was wido of Benjamin Odell) Mary d. 3/3/1821 50y m. Simeon Vary d/o Barsheba Rose & Jeremiah Vary Mary E. 9/3/1848-5/26/1901 Maude E. 1873-1965 m. Maitland Vary Nathan d. 5/8/1842 42y6m m. Charity d/o Mary Rose & Simeon Vary Polly d. 3/27/1822 53y8m10d m. Simeon Samuel d. 12/22/1807 (an early settler of Stephentown, coming from Dutchess Co., cir. 1771, he was a Loyalist and required to pledge an oath of allegiance during the American Revolution) “Go home dear friends/Lament no more/I am not lost/but gone before!) Simeon d. 5/6/1842 74y3m3d m. Mary Rose s/o Samuel & Hannah Vary Willett A. 12/23/1834-4/9/1930 m. Lavina M.


Emeline 5/1/1815-12/16/1862 m. Daniel Atwater


John C. 1892-1972


Allen, M.D. d. 5/15/1862 75y Catharine d. 5/30/1853 28y4m d/o Harriet & Allen Harriet d. 6/8/1851 24y6m d/o Harriet & Allen


Agnes 3/2/1904- m. Clarence E. Williams


Elsie Permellie Hayes 1849-1946; m. Simon Wager; d/o Henry & Louisa James Hayes Lewis E. 10/16/1890-2/11/1968 m. Mildred Parsons NY Muster 3 C I US Army WWI Mildred Parsons 1897-1986; m. Lewis E. Wager Simon 1843-1919; m. Elsie P. Hayes; Civil War Vet


Susan Jane Hanchett 1934-1969 d/o Earl Hanchett


Aaron G. 1821-1907 Co. E. 125 Reg., NY Vet


Mary I. 1869-1930 m. William G. Brown


George H. d. 7/24/1866 4y10m s/o Julia Ann & Aaron


Hatie E. 1870-1928 m. John Geerholt


Amelia 1907-1971 m. James H. Jacobs


Ann L. Platt d. 8/8/1881, 53y; m. Horace S. Wheeler Eloise Platt d. 1/26/1870, 4y; d/o Horace S. & Anna L. Wheeler Frances I. 8/27/1925-12/18/1955; NY S. Sgt. Co. F. 347 Inf. WWII, BSM Horace S. d. 8/29/1879 57y m. Ann L. Platt Isaiah 1870-1930 m. Olive Pratt Julia m. Nelson D. Wheeler Martha 1908-1911; d/o Isaiah & Olive Wheeler “Our darling baby” Nelson D. d. 4/27/1869 m. Julia Olive Pratt 1881-1963 m. Isaiah


Dorothy 1896-1965 Roy E. Whitman Elizabeth A. Perry d. 10/28/1911, 77y; m. Ira Whitman Helen F. 1897-1950 m. Andrew L. Pease Ira d. 12/19/1901 77y m. Elizabeth A. Perry John d. 4/26/1875, 81y; m. Philoxena Lulu R. Turner d. 8/17/1916, 47y; m. Rupert Whitman Philoxena d. 4/9/1884, 84y Roy E. 1898-1982 m. Dorothy Rupert T. d. 4/9/1955 96y m. Lulu Turner Sarah E. 1856-1943 m. Henry A. Wylie


Delia d. 9/23/1868 2y1m27d d/o C.A. Wiley & E.O Wiley


Solomon d. 3/16/1881 88y


George 1888-1958


Agnes Wadsworth b. 3/2/1904-____; m. Clarence E. Williams Alexander 1859-1940 m. Grace Hassen Alexander (Ham) 1898-1978 Alva 1879-1962 m. Rosa D. Clarence E. 6/14/1907- m. Agnes Wadsworth Delia Barbour 8/21/1875-5/10/1926 m. Edward Williams Douglas G. 1904-1978 Earl E. 11/26/1904-8/22/1940 m. Mary Elizabeth Diamond Edward 1870-1948 m. Delia Emma Martha 5/27/1919-12/1921 2y Erline Hayes 1906-1973; m. Richard A. Williams Fanny . 1878-1962 m. Robert C. Williams Fred 1879-1963 George L. 1838-1903 m. Lucy W. Grace Hassen 1877-1968; m. #1 - Alexander Williams; #2 – William G. Miller Homer Douglas 1886-1953 Joseph d. 11/13/1890, 49y7m21d; m. Phebe Blanchard Lucy M. 1842-1923; m. George L. Lyman P. d. 12/21/1860, 52y; m. Marion Curtis Marion Curtis d. 11/7/1892, 82y; m. Lyman Williams; #2 Daniel Atwater Mary Elizabeth Dymond 1/13/1904-3/15/1981; d/o James Harvey Dymond; m. Earl Williams Mildred 1895-1968 m. Peter J. Elwell Phebe A. Blanchard 1844-1929; m. Joseph Williams R. Delia Barbour 8/21/1875-5/10/1926 Richard A. 1905- m. Erline Hayes Robert F. 1875-1965 m. Fanny M. Rosa D. 1880-1967 m. Alva Williams S. Edgar 5/28/1869-8/8/1948


Harry J. 1891-1953 m. Lea E. Lea E. Bernard 1901-1951 m. Harry J.


Arthur A. 1909-1967 m. Thelma M. Atwater Thelma A. Atwater m. Arthur A. Winn


Edwin H. 1916-1965


Andrew 1850-1926 m. Mary Dean Mary A. d. 10/26/1895 71y Mary Dean 1858- m. Andrew Wise


Douglas H. 1904-1986; m. Florence M. Pratt Florence M. Pratt 1897-1987; m. Douglas H. Wolcott


Vivian Spencer 4/29/1898-10/11/1985;


Ruth E. 10/24/1899-1992; m. Sirrell Sirrell 6/6/1877-2/13/1971 m. Ruth E.


Michael W. 1912-1966


Curtis J. 10/9/1824-7/10/1894 m. Mary Holmes Dora A. 5/16/1857-5/4/1858 d/o Mary & Curtis Harriet M. Seymour 5/10/1866-11/15/1951; m. William c. Woodward Hattie D. 3/30/1849-8/3/1850; d/o Curtis & Mary Woodward Mary Holmes 8/3/1831-12/9/1893; m. Curtis J. Woodward Nancy 1928-1893 m. George G. Rose Sophia M. 10/10/1851-12/29/1928 m. William L. Cherevoy William C. 11/9/1855 – 10/29/1950 m. Harriet N. Seymour


Henrietta d. 10/3/1889 75y Laura 1807-1895 Rhobay Mason d. 4/9/1855, 78y; m. Dudley Worden


Abbey B. d. 10/22/1869 53y m. Simeon B. Deborah d. 1/21/1835 79y m. #1 John Wylie; #2 Nathaniel Spring, who d. 1/20/1813, Presbyterian Cemetery. Removed from Wylie Cemetery Deborah 3/20/1815-7/21/1863 48y d/o Polly & Simeon Dorothea A. Hansen 1887-1971; m. Harry D. Wylie Elizabeth d. 6/6/1840 36y m. John Wylie (Also listed as Wylie B) Fanny M. d. 3/8/1883 70y10m m. John Wylie (Also listed as Wylie B) Harry Dorr 1892-1952 m. Dorothea A. Hansen Henry A. 1843-1923 m. Sarah E. Whitman John 1/16/1751-6/12/1795 45y s/o Sarah McMain & James (Capt. and first Supervisor of Stephentown) John H. d. 8/20/1834 1y5m s/o John & Elizabeth John W. 9/22/1806-12/12/1876 70y s/o Polly Spring & Simeon Wylie Lucy E. d. 2/4/1832 4m. d/o John & Elizabeth Sarah E. Whitman 1856-1943; m. Henry A. Wylie Polly Spring d. 3/22/1849 66y m. Simeon Wylie d/o June & Nathaniel Spring Simeon d. 5/3/1863 88y s/o Deborah Allyn & John Wylie Simeon 1812-1895


Bessie Main 1897-1966; m. John L. Young John L. 1897-1956 m. Bessie Main


Martha G. 1909-1980 Waldemar H. 1901-1970


Lewis 1882-1950 m. Martha M. Martha M. 1887-1952 m. Lewis

My grandparents gravestone in Garfield Cemetery The following pictures were sent by Dawn Sherman, a frequent contributor to this site. She spent a very cold day in March, 2006, going through the cemetery taking pictures. Thanks so much, Dawn. I appreciate all your help.

Martha Williams

Walter and Elmer were the brothers of Spencer Houghtling. They were the sons of Frederick and Eunice Hayes Houghtling. Clara Moon was the sister of these two men.

Henry was the son of Frederick and Eunice Hayes Houghtling. Louis was the son of Henry and Sophie.

Ralph M. Bull died 1880; Myra Gardner his wife

L. Nelson & F. Doris Sweener (with Zema's flowers. They have great flowers)

Charles and Clara Houghtling Moon, parents of F. Doris Sweener

Nancy wife of Greenman Carpenter

Martha Platt wife of Henry

Wife of William H. Platt

Alexander Brown

These three pictures are different views of the cemetery.