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Written by Tina Ordone

George Holcomb was born in 1791 and died in 1856. He lived in Stephentown, New York in the early part of the 19th century. He kept a detailed diary, and the reading of it is fascinating. He tells of life and death, hardships, illnesses that seem to go on forever due to the treatments that were (or weren't) available at that time. He also mentions many friends and neighbors. Some of my ancestors have even been mentioned.

He also mentions historical events, such as the death of New York governor DeWitt Clinton. He was born after the American Revolution and before the Civil War. By reading his diary, you get the sense that he loved his family very much and worked very hard to make a living for them. The excerpts from the diary are being reprinted in The Eastwick Press, a hometown newspaper in Petersburgh, New York.

His words live on 145 years after his death. I think that is a wonderful legacy for a man who lived and died in small town obscurity. For some reason, I have been fascinated with him and his diary for sometime now. Maybe because I suspect that he was typical of his time and allowed us to take a real close view of his life and times. Kathy Vary Becker recently, saying

The diary is several volumes and still in reasonable shape but the pages were quite yellow. We handled the actual diaries with kidgloves which amazed me that they allowed us to. He has the old cursive writing which makes it difficult at times to read, but not impossible. It would take years to transcribe them because of the volume of entries. The man literally recorded what day so and so put their wash out. It was a wonderful read though, if you wanted a feel for the times in Stephentown during his life. I found out through his diary that my Nathan Vary only had one hand, which we didn't know. He failed to mention though how he lost it.

I know that my next visit to Stephentown will bring me to the Heritage Center and a bit of a visit with George's diary.

George Holcomb home on West Street
George Holcomb's gravestone in the Presbyterian Cemetery, Stephentown, NY

Ancestors of George Holcomb

Born - February 13, 1791 Died – May 12, 1856

Generation 1

101 John Holcombe was born in Hole, Devon, England in 1338.

Children of John Holcombe: 102 Walter b. about 1368 in Hole, Devon, England.

Generation 2

102 Walter Holcombe was born about 1368 in Hole, Devon, England.

Children of Walter Holcombe: 103 John b. in Hole, Devon, England in 1394.

Generation 3

103 John Holcomb was born in England in 1394. He married Isabel Downe b. abt. 1398 in Hole, Devon, England abt. 1419.

Children of John Holcomb and Isabel Downe: 104 John born about 1420

Generation 4

104 John Holcomb was born in Hole, Devon, England about 1420. He married Joane Folkeroy about 1439. Joane was b. about 1424 in Hole, Devon, England. She was the daughter of William Folkeroy b. 1360 in Buckland, Barron, Devonshire, England and Joan ____, who was b. about 1402 in Devonshire, England.

Children of John Holcomb and Joane Flokeroy: 105 Roger b. 1446 in England

Generation 5

105 Roger Holcombe was b. in Hole, Devon, England in 1446. He married Margaret Avenell about 1459. Margaret was b. about 1450 in Black Pool, Devonshire, England and died April 7, 1499 in Hull, Devonshire, England. She was the daughter of John Avenell b. 1424 in Black Pool. Roger died on January 20, 1480 in Black Pool, Devonshire, England.

Children of Roger Holcombe and Margaret Avenell: 106 Charles b. 1492 in Hole, Devon, England

Generation 6

107 Charles Holcombe was b. in Hole, Devon, England in 1492. He married Jane _____ about 1510. She was b. about 1473 in Hole, Devon, England and d. April 7, 1499. Charles died on January 2, 1528 in England.

Children of Charles Holcombe and Jane _____. 108 Ellis b. January 1499 in Hull (Hole), Devon, England.

Generation 7

108 Ellis Holcombe was b. in Hull, Devon, England in January 1499. He married Elizabeth Sydenham in 1528. She was the daughter of Thomas Sydenham, b. about 1484 in Linford, Eagle, Dorset, England and Alice Stephens b. about 1486 in Winford Eagle Somerset, England. Elizabeth died April 7, 1590 in Hole, Devon, England.

Children of Ellis Holcombe and Elizabeth Sydenham: 109 Thomas b. 1526 in Hole, Devon, England.

Generation 8

110 Thomas Holcombe was b. in Hole, Devon, England in 1526. He married Margaret (Jane) Trethford on June 20, 1559 in Ashton, Cornwall, England. She was born in 1505 in Ashton, Cornwall, England and died June 28, 1578 in Ashton. She was the daughter of Thomas Trethurffe, b. 1478 in Tretherffe, Cornwall, England ; died September 10, 1529 and Mary Trevisa b. about 1480 in Trevisa, Cornwall, England. Thomas Holcombe died about 1579 in Ashton, Cornwall, England.

Children of Thomas Holcombe and Margaret Trethford: 111 Gilbert b. 1565 in Hole, Devonshire, England.

Generation 9

112 Gilbert Holcombe was born in 1565 in Hole, Devonshire, England. He married in 1600 to Anne Courtenay, who was born in 1568 and died before 1643 in England. Gilbert died about 1633 in Pembroke, Wales.

Children of Gilbert Holcombe and Anne Courtenay: 113 William b. 1599 of Hole, Devonshire, England 114 Thomas b. April 7, 1605 Pembroke, Wales, Devon, England 115 Alfred b. 1605 Pembroke, Wales, Devon, England 116 Roger b. 1607 in Pembroke, Wales, Devon, England 117 Gilbert b. 1609 in Pembroke, Wales, Devon, England 118 Nicholas b. 1611 in Pembroke, Wales, Devon, England

Generation 10


114 Thomas Holcombe was born on April 7, 1605 in Pembroke, Wales. He married Elizabeth Ferguson on May 14, 1634 in Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts. Elizabeth was born in 1615 in Windsor, Hartford, CT and died October 7, 1679 in Simsbury, Hartford, CT. From “American Ancestry, Columbia County, NY” – “Thomas Holcomb of Dorchester, MA of which he was a freeman, 1634. In 1635 he removed to Windsor, CT with Rev. John Warham and other friends, where he died 1657.”

Children of Thomas Holcombe and Elizabeth Ferguson:

119) Elizabeth b. Nov. 16, 1634 Dorchester, Suffolk, MA.; m. Josiah Ellsworth, the Ellsworth immigrant. He came to America in 1646 at age 17 and settled in Windsor, CT. 120) Mary b. April 4, 1635 Dorchester, Suffolk, MA.; d. April 4, 1708 Windsor, Hartford, CT. 121) Abigail b. January 6, 1639 Windsor; d. August 17, 1688 Windsor; m. Samuel Bissell and had 12 children. 122) JOSHUA b. September 27, 1640 Windsor; d. August 17, 1690 Simsbury, Hartford, CT; m. Ruth Sherwood. 123) Sarah b. August 14, 1642 in Windsor; d. 1654 in Windsor; m. Isaac Owen. 124) Benajah b. June 23, 1644 Windsor; d. January 25, 1736 in Windsor; m. #1 Sarah Eno (1649-1732) on April 11, 1667; #2 Sarah Lowen 125) Deborah b. October 15, 1646 Windsor; d. 1649 Windsor 126) Lt. Nathaniel b. November 4, 1648 Poquerock, Hartford, CT; d. February 5, 1741 Windsor, Hartford, CT.; m. Sarah Owen and Mary Bliss 127) Deborah b. February 15, 1650 Windsor; d. May 26, 1686 Windsor; m. Daniel Burge 128) Johnathan b. March 23, 1653 in Windsor; d. September 13, 1656 Windsor 129) Ebenezer b. about 1654 in Windsor; d. April 10, 1708.

Generation 11

122 Joshua Holcombe was born in September 27,1640 in Windsor, Hartford, CT. He married Ruth Sherwood on June 4, 1663in Windsor. She was born in Windsor and died September 10, 1699 in Windsor. She was the daughter of Thomas Sherwood and Mary Wheeler. Joshua died August 17, 1690 in Simsbury, Ct. and is buried in Simsbury Cemetery.

Children of Joshua Holcombe and Ruth Sherwood:

130) Ruth b. May 26, 1664 Windsor; d. May 21, 1706 Waterbury, New Haven, CT 131) Thomas b. Mary 30, 1666 Windsor; d. March 5, 1731 Simsbury, Hartford, CT. 132) Elizabeth b. April 4, 1670 Windsor; d. February 26, 1762 Terry Plains, Simsbury, CT 133) Elijah b. April 4, 1670 Windsor 134) Joshua b. September 18, 1672 Windsor, d. February 10, 1727 Simsbury. 135) Elizabeth b. February 1, 1673 Windsor; d. Janaury 22, 1763 in Windsor. 136) Deborah b. February 16, 1674 Windsor; d. May 4, 1765 Waterbury, New Haven, CT 137) Mary b. 1676 Windsor; d. July 14, 1745 Simsbury. 138) Mindwell b. 1678 Windsor; m. Theophilus Cook on September 26, 1721, son of John Cook. 139) Joab b. 1680 Simsbury; d. Dec. 5, 1723 Simsbury. 140) Hannah b. 1680 Windsor; d. March 11, 1740 Simsbury; m. Samuel Buell November 29, 1710, son of Peter Buell. 141) Moses b. July 4, 1682 Windsor 142) Mindwell b. 1687 in Windsor 143) THOMAS b. December 18, 1690 Simsbury, Hartford, CT; D. March 28, 1764 Simsbury. 144) Jeab b. 1691 Windsor; d. December 5, 1723.

126 Lt. Nathaniel Holcombe was born November 4, 1648 in Poquerock, Hartford, CT. He married Mary Bliss on February 27, 1670 I Simsbury, Hartford, CT. Mary was born September 23, 1651 Simsbury, Hartford, CT and died March 5, 1740 in Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts. Lt. Nathaniel Holcombe died on February 5, 1741 I Windsor, Hartford, CT.

Children of Lt. Nathaniel Holcombe and Mary Bliss: 145) Nathaniel Holcomb II b. June 11, 1673 in Simsbury, Hartford, CT.

Generation 12

145 Nathaniel Holcomb II was born on June 11, 1673 in Simsbury, Hartford, CT. He married Martha Buell on November 1, 1695 in Simsbury. Martha was born on December 27, 1675 in Simsbury and died on September 6, 1760 in Simsbury. She was the daughter of Peter Buell and Martha Coggins. Nathaniel died on September 29, 1766 in Simsbury.

Children of Nathaniel Holcomb II and Martha Buell:

146) Nathaniel Holcomb III b. October 25, 1696 in Simsbury, Hartford, CT. 147) David Holcombe b. October 25, 1696 in Simsbury, Hartford, CT.; d. March 4, 1767 in CT. 148) Benjamin b. February 15, 1698 in Simsbury; d. April 13, 1700 in Simsbury. 149) Elizabeth b. March 13, 1699 Simsbury; d. April 13, 1700 in Simsbury. 150) Infant b. and d. April 5, 1701 in Simsbury. 151) Martha b. March 15, 1702 in Simsbury; d. January 29, 1726 in Simsbury. 152) Judah b. January 12, 1706 in Simsbury; d. January 5, 1802. 153) Jacob b. 1707 in Simsbury. 154) Mary b. 1710 in Simsbury; d. October 10, 1810. Married David Buttolph. 155) Sarah b. July 12, 1713 in Simsbury; d. June 20, 1780 in Great Barrington, Berkshire, MA. She married Samuel Case in 1693 and Timothy Case in 1730 in Simsbury. 156) Peter b. April 15, 1715 in Simsbury, Hartford, CT; d. April 20, 1800 in Granby, Hartford, CT. 157) Catherine b. 1717 in Simsbury.

143 THOMAS HOLCOMBE was born in 1690 in Simsbury. He married Mary Manning on October 1, 1714. She was born in 1693 in Simsbury

Children of Thomas Holcombe and Mary Manning:

158) Thomas b. November 2, 1715 I Westfield, Hampden, MA 159) JOSIAH b. February 2, 1721 in Granby, Simsbury, CT 160) Stephen b. 1721 in Granby 161) Abigail Rosetta b. 1728 in Granby; d. February 23, 1776. 162) Moses b. 1730 in Granby. 163) Daniel b. March 31, 1744 in Granby.

Generation 13

146 Nathaniel Holcombe III was born October 25, 1696 in Simsbury, Hartford, CT. He married Thankful Hayes on October 9, 1717 in Simsbury. She was born in 1700 in Simsbury, the daughter of George Hayes, Sr. and Abigail Dibble. She died May 15, 1771 in Simsbury. Nathaniel died in 1782.

Children of Nathaniel Holcombe and Thankful Hayes:

164) Hannah b. May 2, 1718 in Simsbury, Hartford, CT. 165) Nathaniel IV b. February 2, 1720 in Simsbury 166) Ephraim b. December 22, 1721 in Simsbury 167) Ruth b. March 9, 1724 in Simsbury 168) Thankful b. 1725 in Simsbury; d. 1827 169) Joseph b. 1728 in Simsbury; June 22, 1813 170) Anne b. February 11, 1730 in Simsbury 171) Amos H. b. June 1, 1732 in Simsbury; d. May 1814 in Isle Le Motte, Grand Isle, VT 172) Elijah b. May 26, 1734 in Simsbury; d. June 2, 1799 173) Elizabeth b. July 9, 1736 in Simsbury 174) Sarah b. September 5, 1738 in Simsbury 175) Mercy b. May 31, 1740 in Simsbury 176) Roger b. October 18, 1742 in Simsbury; d. 1824/1834 in Wyoming, NY 177) Zaccheus b. January 14, 1744 in Simsbury; d. July 19, 1762

159 JOSIAH HOLCOMBE was b. February 2, 1721 in Simsbury, CT. He married Abigail Higley, who died in Stephentown, NY on February 5, 1815 at 95 years old. She was the daughter of Nathaniel Higley and Abigail Filer. Josiah died on July 25, 1805 in Stephentown, NY.

Children of JOSIAH HOLCOMBE and Abigail Higley: 178) Josiah II b. September 19, 1743; d. Thursday June 4, 1827 in Stephentown. Buried in Presbyterian Cemetery in Stephentown. He married Dorcas Smith on July 25, 1765 in Simsbury. 179) Jachamiah b. February 2, 1744 in Simsbury; m. Ruth Segley on April 3, 1782. 180) BERIAH b. August 15, 1748; d. March 15, 1824 at 75 years. He married Lucretia Pease. 181) Abigail b. December 18, 1750; d. October 30, 1843 at 68 years. She is buried in Presbyterian Cemetery Road. She married Elisha Eggleston. They had: 1)Josiah d. March 21, 1862 at 80 years old. He married Nancy ___ and had Eliza. 2) Sarah d. September 22, 1877 m. Thaddeus Morgan; 3) Jesse d. January 28, 1867 at 81 years. Buried Presbyterian Cemetery, Stephentown; m. Abigail (Meachum?), who died February 15, 1861. They had 1) Henry Platt who d. May 30, 1818 at 5y2m10d. 182) Lemuel b. February 15, 1753 in Simsbury. 183) Jonah b. July 6, 1756 in Simsbury. 184) Michael b. November 8, 1758 in Simsbury. 185) Deborah b. July 23, 1760 in Simsbury.

Generation 14

178 Josiah II was born September 19, 1743 in Simsbury, CT. He married Dorcas Smith on July 25, 1765 in Simsbury, daughter of Ebenezer and Christiana Owen. Josiah died on June 15, 1837 in Nassau, Rensselaer County, NY.

Children of Josiah Holcomb II and Dorcas Smith: 186) Cynthia b. May 7, 1770 Simsbury; m. Waitstill Crumb (Referred in George Holcomb’s diary June 1, 1824 as “cousin Deacon Crums”. Daughter Cynthia married David Pomers in Litchfield , Mass. In 1830. 187) Samuel b. July 11, 1773. M. Clarissa Sabrina Adams on April 5, 1795. He died December 28, 1814 at 4:45am in Canaan, Columbia, NY. Their son Orsemas b. about 1798 in Stephentown m. Julia Moss. On December 20, 1850, Orsemas was visiting George from Ballston, NY.

180 BERIAH was born on August 15, 1748 in Simsbury. In 1777 he married Lucretia Pease , who was born April 21, 1751 in Simsbury and died April 30, 1837 in Stephentown at the age of 87 years. He moved to Stephentown in 1789 from Simsbury. According to DAR # 61965, he served, 1776, as corporal and orderly sergeant in Capt. George White’s company. He died March 15, 1824 at 75 years. 181 Of the days leading up to the death of his father, George Holcomb wrote in his diary: “Tuesday, March 2, 1824 – Tonight Father is quite distressed and we are awake with him a good part of the night. Wednesday – This morning I walked over after Dr. Graves and he came and bled Father, and he was some easy, and he bled my wife. Friday -- This morning I finished selling out my load (apples)…I got home about ten o’clock and I found Father very sick and Wm. (brother) got Doctor Right and bled father about eleven this evening. Tonight Mr. John Russel and Rowland Danford watched. Father fell on his breast on to a chair pummel last night and bruised him very much. Saturday – Today Uncle Josiah Holcomb came to see father and Cousin Jess Eggleston’s wife and his mother, all on account of Father’s being so sick. Today Dr. Graves called twice and a number of the neighbors came in. He is in great distress by turns. Mr. Newton and wife came here to see father and she stayed all night.” The next week follows a similar pattern. On Saturday, March 13, 1824 he wrote, “Today I tended to taking care of Father. He continues growing weaker and appetite fails. Today Deacon Hunter came and prayed with Father and tonight Mr. Amos Chapman and Brother Wm. Watched, and Wm. Thought Father was dying for a few moments and then revived but in great pain.” Monday March 15, 1824 – We do discover this morning about three hours before light that Father is struck with death. He continues puking blood by spells and in great distress and some of the time he grew so weak that he could not raise the blood, and it is thought that he choked to death and expired betwixt eight and nine o’clock and underwent a great many hard struggles, thought the pangs of death he had his senses it was supposed, until his last moments and to appearance while his last agonies that he was deaf and blind and died with uplifted hands to Heaven and such a scene I never but once before could reach to the bottom of my heart. He cautions us while on his death bed prepare yourselves children for death before it is too late.” George attends to his father’s funeral preparations, as per his father’s wishes, and engages a Mr. Humphrey, “the settled minister of Lanesborough, Mass. (An Episcopalian), to preach his funeral sermon. The funeral to be on Wednesday at twelve o’clock at the Presbyterian meeting house. We sent to the Free Masons for them to bury him in their Order according to Father’s request. Today, Mr. R. Danford went with his horse and Mr. Pierce’s wagon to Lebanon and carried Alma Rusel. They went to Elem Tilden’s and go the funeral necessaries to the amount of eight dol and 99cts, and to Smith’s store to the amount of one dol and I had it all charged to me. Our neighbors came in today and helped us prepare for the funeral. Tonight Mr. Joshua Phillups and Francis Buten watched with the corpse. Tuesday, March 16, 1824 – This morning Wm. And I walked to the burying ground near the Presbyterian meeting house and gave directions where to dig our father’s grave, which was at the head or a little south of the head of my son George Jay’s grave. We had liberty from Mr. John Russel to lay our father there. Mr. John Wylie made the coffin. I prepared the pine boards and other materials. Tonight Mr. John Wylie (George’s wife’s brother) and Benjamin Sackett, Jr. watched with the corpse. Wednesday, March 17 – On this forenoon our connections and neighbors met at our house, and the Freemasons moved the corpse about twelve to the Meeting House and the Episcopalian priest Humphrey in procession with them while the mourners followed in sleighs and more distant connections in wagons. Priest Hunter waited on the Episcopalian priest in to his pulpit and then he opened the meeting by reading Service, and prayer and Priest Hunter read a psalm and sung in the gallery. We then had a sermon from said Humphrey. His text was in Luke the 2nd chapter, 29th and 30th verses. He had a very entertaining discourse, and then he addressed the connections of the deceased and likewise addressed his Masonic Bretheren and then Hunter read a psalm and singing in the gallery, and Humphrey closed with a prayer. The Masonic Bretheren took the corpse to the grave and then their Master Brother Doctor Right delivered a discourse and dropped their green bough into the grave, and then we mourners returned home and the Masons filled up the grave and they returned to our house in procession and they took a refreshment of liquor and victuals and said Humphrey returned to our house and took dinner. I gave him two dollars and he returned home tonight. The money that I handed said Humphrey was money that Father left, and Mother got it and handed it to me for that purpose. Today a blistering and snowy weather.”

Children of BERIAH HOLCOMB and Lucretia Pease: 188) GEORGE b. February 13, 1791 189) Lucretia d. 1857, m. Peter Wylie (1778-1831) in 1800. 190) Eleanor b. October 7, 1788; d. January 19, 1872 at 83 years old and is buried in Presbyterian Cemetery in Stephentown. She married Samuel Beers on January 28, 1836. She was Samuel’s second wife. He died June 17, 1863 at 72y11m1d. They had at least 4 children. 191) Sylvester b. July 30, 1784 in Stephentown; d. January 22, 1851. (George’s diary for that date reads: “Sylvester Holcomb died suddenly a few minutes after midnight. Complained of being weak and a pain in one foot and leg. Lived in Richmond.” Sylvester married Betsey Hastings on November 6, 1816, in the Congregational Church, Canaan, Columbia, NY. 192) William b. about 1786; married Julia Barnhart, daughter of David Barnhart of Hoosick, Rensselaer, NY. 193) Samuel b. August 10, 1796/97; d. March 20, 1842 at age 45 years. He married Verona Howard on January 3, 1822. She was the daughter of Nathan Howard. 194) Beriah d. 1837; m. Lucretia Warren 195) Miriam 196) Betsey

Generation 15

188 GEORGE HOLCOMB was born February 13, 1791. He married Lucinda Wylie, sister of Peter Wylie (1778-1831). George died May 12, 1856 in Stephentown at the age of 65 years. He kept a detailed diary during his lifetime, giving a wonderful glimpse into how they lived. He liberally talks about his family, friends and neighbors.

Children of GEORGE HOLCOMB and Lucinda Wylie: 197) John Franklin b. January 17, 1827; d. March 28, 1894, buried in Presbyterian Cemetery. He married Rachel Rollo (1842-1918), and had son Rollo A. who d. April 6, 1891 at 24 years old. He is buried in Presbyterian Cemetery. 198) Charlotte b. March 28, 1821 d. February 23, 1891 in Stephentown at 70 years old. 199) Sarah d. April 27, 1877 in Stephentown at 48 years old. She married George W. Long. 200) George Jay d. before 1824 in Stephentown. 201) Lucinda Angeline d. December 10, 1842 and buried in Presbyterian. 202) George Pease


This is by no means a complete genealogy of George Holcomb, but it is a start. Many relatives were mentioned in his diary, and from there, branches have been identified in his family tree.