Kittle Cemetery

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Written by Tina Ordone

Kittle/Kittel Cemetery

This page contains a list of internments in the Kittle Cemetery, as well as some photos taken in October, 2006 of the cemetery. We took photos of as many of the stones as we could. We didn't move any stone for a photo, so many stones didn't get photographed. Many were face down, and out of respect, we didn't touch them.

There are also some epitaphs. The list comes from the Stephentown Historical Society.

The Kittle Cemetery on Staples Road in Stephentown, was used from 1803 to 1920. There are 75 people buried there. The directions are: 50’ south of Route 43, on Staples Road, it is about 50’ to the right.

The information found here was taken from the cemetery records found on the Ren. Cty. Site, and was obtained through the hard work of Don and Clare Ratz. The epitaphs found here come from “Epitaphs In The Only Stephentown On Earth” by Elizabeth McClave.

Some of those buried in the Kittel/Kittle Cemetery are:


Joseph Briggs 1823-1900 Co. K. 176 Regiment NY Volunteers


Mary 1755-1851 m. ---- Kittle


Mary Carr Kittle 1755-1851

Were I permitted to appear
To you my sorrowing children dear
I’d loud repeat mourn not for me
I’m bless’d for all eternity”


Clarinda 1799-1869


“Gone but not forgotten”


Sarah A. 1854-1859


“Infants are pure”


Martha J. 1852-1854


“She has---------------

around his throne

but a flower

alone can bloom”


Silas B. 1884-1885


“Sleep on sweet child
And take thy rest
God called thee home
When he thought best”


Jacob b. 4/28/1834 – m. Elizabeth Schniering; was blind
John 1878-1920


William J. 1820-1902


Mary d. 3/15/1832 82y m. Samuel
Peleg d. 8/31/1837 33y2m10d s/o Anna & Simeon
Samuel d. 4/12/1855 82y6d m. Mary Carr s/o Mary C. & William
William 3/15/1743 – 3/21/1826 83y6d m. Mary Brayton s/o Lidea Lincoln & Ephraim Kittel


William 1753-1826

“A husband kind, a father dear
Death failed not, he slumbers here
Weep not dear friend, says hope’s mild voice
His noblest powers with Christ rejoice”


Albert R. 4/22/1846 – 11/18/1867 s/o Malinia & Alvinsa
Anna d. 5/28,1843 69y m. Simeon
Barber d. 5/29/1887 82y m. Emily Pamela Randall s/o Anna & Simeon
Ephraim d. 1820 78y
Esther d. 6/15/1845 44y d/o Simeon
Maria M. d. 1/18/1858 6y1m9d d/o Malinia & Alvinsa
Rocella 9/7/1843 – 3/22/1905 m. Sylvanus Waterman d/o Emily Randall & Barber Kittle
Sarah d. 3/29/2835 74y d/o Mary & Ephraim Kittle
Wilford L. d. 1/14, 1848 3y6m12d s/o Malinia & Alvinsa W.


Albert R. 1846-1867

“O! I’ll be there
Palms of victory, Crowns of glory
We shall wear
In that beautiful land above”

Barber 1805-1887

“Husband, father, how we miss thee
Shall we see thy face no more!
Yes, for we all hope to meet thee
Waiting on the other shore”

Maria M. 1852-1858

“I am like the flower
that blooms in fragrant May
When pain and sickness finds
Me, then I shall fade away”

William Barber Kittle 1793-1815

“A narrow cell doth here confine
A youth whose piety did shine
With purest rays serene
But soon alas the brittle band
Is broken by an icy hand
And Death closes the scene”


Lucius Henry 1844-1847


“Here lies a dear and pleasant babe
Just entered on lifes busy stage
O then God called his soul away
It could with friends no longer stay”


Jacob d. 9/30/1847 60y m. Lucinda
Lucinda d. 3/28/1850 59y m. Jacob


Lucinda 1791-1850

“Cold is the grave in which I lie
Long were my sufferings ere I died
I’m freed from sickness death and pain
And hope with Jesus Christ to reign”


Jane d. 10/21/1876 48y m. Harvey Waterman


Elizabeth 3/15/1831 – 5/15/1893 m. Jacob Keller


Infant of Parthena & Samuel
Melinda d/o Parthena & Samuel
Parthena d. 8/1/1855 62y m. Samuel
Samuel d. 12/2/1847 22y s/o Parthena & Samuel


Nancy 12/25/1814 – 6/25/1885 m. Alonzo Swan d/o Anna Woodward & Robert Tifft


Joseph 17-- - 187- 67-11m17d m. Harriet M. Adams
Phebe 8/22/1824 – 3/4/1907 m. Benjamin Clark
Harriet M. Adams Young 1805-1886


Harriet M. Adams Young 1805-1886

“Asleep in Jesus; blessed sleep”

Kittle Cemetery

Span of death dates – 1803-1920
Approximate number of gravemarkers: 75
Years in service: 117
Last burial: 1920
Condition of markers: Sad
Comments: Needs a lot of care

The above information was given to the Stephentown Historical Society in 1985. My husband and I visited the Kittle Cemetery in October, 2006, and it is indeed sad. The cemetery is located next to a farm, and there are farm implements standing against trees in the cemetery. There didn’t seem to be any clear demarcation of the cemetery, separating it from the surrounding area. The grass was grown up and the stones were in terrible condition, many were not readable at all. Many were toppled, face down. We didn’t disturb any stones, so many didn’t get read or photographed.

List of Internments

Bennett, G. G. – d. Dec. 8, 1854 – 40y
Bennett, Mary L. – d. August 25, 1845 = 10m; d/o Gennett & Eveline Bennett
Briggs, Joseph 1823-1900; Co. K, 176 Reg. N.Y.V. Civil War

Clark, Benjamin F. – May 15, 1826 – March 27, 1902; m. Phebe Young (middle name was Franklin)
Clark, Clarinda d. Feb. 21, 1869 = 69y, 9m; m. William Clark, “Gone but not Forgotten”
Clark, Phebe Young – August 22, 1824 – March 4, 1907; m. Benjamin Clark
Clark, William d. March 22, 1876 = 80y 7m 23d; m. Clarinda
Coons, Eliza C. d. January 19, 1892 = 71y

Daniels, Sarah A. d. February 14, 1859 = 4y 2m; d/o P.B. & P.M. Daniels; “Infants are Pure”
Dimond, Avis Simkins – d. September 18, 1868 = 64y; m. John Dimond
Dymond, Joanna J. – d. July 9, 1836 = 3mos; d/o John & Avis Dimond
Dymond, John – d. December 18, 1881 = 71y; m. Avis Simkins; “I suffer on my three score years/Till my deliverer comes/And wipes away his servant’s tears/ And takes his exit home”
Dymond, Samuel M. d. July 20, 1853 = 20y; s/o John & Avis Dymond
Dymond, Samuel W. d. December 3, 1860 = 2y 17d; s/o John I. & Angeline Dymond

Harris, Jane Lee d. September 26, 1871 = 42y 4d; m. George W. Harris
Houghtaling, Silas B. September 29, 1884 – March 29, 1885; s/o William & Martha Houghtaling; “Sleep on sweet child/And take thy rest/God called thee home/When he thought best”
Hyres, Mary E. d. March 23, 1847 = 4y 6m; d/o George & Eliza Hyres

Keller, Elizabeth Schniering March 15, 1831 – May 15, 1893; m. Jacob Keller
Keller, Jacob b. April 28, 1824 - ; m. Elizabeth Schniering (he was blind)
Keller, John 1878-1920
Kennedy, William J. 1820-1902
Kennedy, Willie (no further information – Just Willie but as they are near Kennedy it is assumed it is a child of that family)
Kennedy, Emma (no further information – Just Emma, but as they are near Kennedy it is assumed it is a child of that family)
Kittle, Albert R. April 22, 1846 – November 18, 1867; s/o Alvinsa & Malinia Kittle
Kittel, Anna d. May 28, 1843 = 69y/ m. Simeon Kittel
Kittle, Barber b. Highgate, Vt. – d. May 29, 1887 =82y; m. Emily Pamela Randall; s/o Simeon & Anna Kittel; “Husband, Father, how we miss thee/Shall we see they face no more?/Yes, for we all hope to meet thee/Waiting on the other shore”
Ephraim Kittle – slate stone reading EK; AE78y; 1809; probably for Ephraim Kittle, s/o Ephraim & Lidea Lincoln Kittle, born in Taunton, Mass & d. in Stephentown
Kittle, Esther d. June 15, 1845 = 44y; d/o Simeon Kittel
Kittle, Horatio – slate stone near the above; stone reads Horatio 1803
Kittle, Irene (?) – slate stone near the Kittles, may be second wife of Ephraim Kittle; stone reads IK AE75y 1807
Kittle, Mary – slate stone, probably for Mary, wife Ephraim Kittle
Kittle, Maria M. – d. January 18, 1858 = 6y 1m 9d; d/o Alvinsa W. & Malina Kittle; “I am like the flower/That blooms in fragrant May/When pain and sickness finds/Me, then I shall fade away”
Kittle, Mary d. November 29, 1841 = 66y; d/o William and Mary Carr Kittel
Kittel, Mary Carr b. March 23, 1755 West Greenwich, RI – d. August 23, 1851 = 96y 4m; m. William Kittel; d/o Robert & Rebecca Brayton Carr; “Were I permitted to appear/To you my sorrowing children dear/ I’d loud repeat mourn not for me/I’m bless’d for all eternity”
Kittel, Mary d. March 15, 1832 = 83y; m. Samuel Kittel
Kittel, Peleg d. August 31, 1837 = 33y 2m 10d; s/o Simeon & Anna Kittel
Kittle, Peleg Vet. Of War of 1812
Kittel, Samuel d. April 12, 1855 = 82y; m. Mary Carr; s/o William & Mary Carr Kittel
Kittel, Sarah d. March 29, 1835 = 74y; d/o Ephraim & Mary Kittel; “Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord”
Kittle, Wilford L. d. January 14, 1848 = 3y 6m 12d; s/o Alvinsa W. & Malina B. Kittle
Kittel, William March 15, 1743 – March 21, 1826 = 83y 6d; m. Mary Carr; s/o Ephraim & Lidea Lincoln Kittle; emigrated to Stephentown abt. 1770; “A husband kind, a father dear/Death failed not, he slumbers here/Weep not dear friend, says hope’s mild voice/His noblest powers with Christ rejoice”
Cettel, William Barber d. October 22, 1815 = 21y; s/o William & Mary Carr Cettel; “A narrow cell doth here confine/A youth whose piety did shine/With purest rays serene/But soon alas the brittle band/Is broken by an icy hand/And Death closes the scene”

Jordin, Permelia d. February 14, 1830 = 7m 14d; d/o Samuel & Lydia Jordin

Macumber, Lucius Henry d. February 21, 1847 = 2y 5m 11d; s/o Nathan & Emeline Macumber; “Here lies a dear and pleasant babe/Just entered on lifes busy stage/O then God called his soul away/It could with friends no longer stay”
McQuaid, Jacob d. September 30, 1847 = 60y; m. Lucinda
McQuaid, Lucinda d. March 28, 1850 = 59y; m. Jacob McQuaid; “Cold is the grave in which I lie/Long were my sufferings ere I died/I’m freed from sickness, death and pain/And hope with Jesus Christ to reign”
Miller, Elizabeth d. July 25, 1854 = 60y

Parker, Albert W. d. March 23, 1856 = 1y 2m; s/o James & Elizabeth Parker
Parker, Richard d. August 14, 1865 = 8y; s/o James & Elizabeth Parker

Shout, Melinda d/o Samuel & Parthena Shout
Shout, infant child of Samuel & Parthena Shout
Shout, Parthena d. August 1, 1855 = 62y; m. Samuel Shout
Shout, Samuel G. d. December 2, 1847 = 22y; s/o Samuel & Parthena Shout
Shout, Susannah d. May 1, 1848 = 22y; d/o Samuel & Parthena Shout
Swan, Alonzo d. June 30, 1870 = 59y
Swan, Nancy Tifft December 25, 1814 – June 25, 1885; m. Alonzo Swan; d/o Robert & Anna Woodward Tifft
Sweet, Polly M. Waterman d. August 30, 1876 = 61y; m. R.L. Sweet
Sweet, R.L. d. December 15, 1853 = 43y; m. Polly M. Waterman

Waterman, Cyrene d. July 29, 1861 = 65y; m. Elisha Waterman
Waterman, Dwight d. May 23, 1874 = 48y
Waterman, Elisha d. Mary 10, 1865 = 72y; m. Cyrene
Waterman, Ellen d. April 26, 1851 = 2y 2m 9d; d/o Sarah Waterman
Waterman, Frank R. d. March 13, 1890 = 17y 3m; s/o Sylvanus & Rosalia Waterman
Waterman, Harvey L. d. July 26, 1879 = 50y; m. Jane Orcelia
Waterman, Ira d. August 28, 1888 = 71y 10m; m. Louisa
Waterman, Jane Orcelia d. October 21, 1876 = 48y; m. Harvey Waterman
Waterman, John B. d. April 4, 1874 = 8y 8m 4d; s/o Sylvanus & Rosalia Waterman
Waterman, Julia A. d. February 1881 = 7y 8m; d/o Ira & Mary Waterman
Waterman, Loduska d. February 22, 1855 = 17y 3m; d/o Elisha & Cyrene Waterman; “She smiled and then wing’d her way/Tho bound to earth by dearest ties/The angels sang their ransom lay/As Jesus took her soul on high”
Waterman, Louisa d. May 29, 1857 = 39y
Waterman, Orson G. d. July 21, 1865 = 31y; “A loved one gone”
Waterman, Rocelia Kittle September 7, 1843 – March 22, 1905; m. Sylvanus Waterman; d/o Barber & Emily Randall Kittle
Waterman, Sylvanus September 28, 1842 - ; m. Rocelia
Waterman, Wilton K. d. March 13, 1876 = 1y 6m 13d; s/o Sylvanus & Rocelia Waterman
Waterman, Wyatt E. d. June 12, 1859 = 3y 11m 7m; s/o Harvey & Jane Orcelia Waterman; “Who would have thought I/would have died so young”

Young, Harriet M. Adams d. July 5, 1886 = 81y 1m 23y; m. Joseph M. Young “Asleep in Jesus/ Blessed sheep”
Young, Joseph M. d. 17 ____, 187_ = 67y 11m 17d; m. Harriet M. Adams

Benjamin Franklin Clark May 15, 1826 - March 27, 1902 His Wife - Phebe Young August 22, 1824 - March 4, 1907

Harriet E. Adams, wife of Joseph M. Young died July 5, 1886 age 81y'rs 1 mo. 23 ds. "Asleep in Jesus; blessed sleep"

Clarinda wife of William Clark died Feb. 21, 1869 aged 69y 9m "Gone but not forgotten"

Jacob Keller born Apr. 28, 1824 Elizabeth Schmiering, his wife born Mar. 15, 1831; Died May 15, 1893

Eliza C. Coons died Jan. 19, 1892 Aged 71 years

An_nite Kittell died April 12, 1833 (stone was hardly readable.)

In Memory of Peleg Kittel who died Aug. 31, 1837 Aged 33 years; 2 months and 10 days

In Memory of Mary, wife of William Kittel who died Aug. 23, 1851 aged 96y 4m (d/o Robert & Rebecca Brayton Carr)"Were I permitted to appear/To you my sorrowing children dear/I'd loud repeat mourn not for me/I'm bless'd for all eternity"

Sarah, daughter of Ephraim Kittel who died March 29, 1835 aged 74 years "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord"

This is an overview of the cemetery, showing what shape it is in.

John S. Moro died Dec. 18, 1881 age 71 yrs.

Elizabeth died 3/2/186_ (Elizabeth could be wife's name, couldn't read last name)

Loduska daugh. of Elisha & Cyrene Waterman died Feb. 22, 1855 aged 16 years 3 mon. "She smiled and then wing'd her way/Tho bound to earth by dearest ties/The angels sang their ransom lay/As Jesus took her soul on high"


Wilford L., son of Alvinsa W. & Malina B. Kittle died Jan. 14, 1848 age 3y6m12d

Maria M. dau. of Alvinsa W. & Malina R. Kittel died Jan. 18, 1858 aged 6y1m9d "I am like the flower/That blooms in fragrant May/ When pain and sickness finds/me, then I shall fade away"

This and the following picture are overview shots of the cemetery, showing the current (October, 2006) condition of the cemetery.