Moon Family

From Stephentown Genealogy: Roots & More

Written by Tina Ordone

Roy was born on February 16, 1910 in Stephentown. He was the second child and first son of Charles Henry Moon and Clara Houghtling Moon. Clara was only 18 years old when Roy was born, while his father was 32. He had an older sister, Adelaide, who was born in 1908. Clara and Charles went on to have six more children, Florence Doris in 1911, Belle Eleanor in 1916, Alma Viola in 1913, Russell in 1918, Louis in 1921 and Clara Agnes on September 7, 1925. There were also two lost children, one born and died in May, 1915 and one was stillborn in 1924.

Though by all accounts this family was a close knit, happy family, they were a poor family, with Charles working on various farms in the Stephentown/Berlin/Petersburgh area, the family moving, according to census reports, quite often. We have not found them in the same town on any two census reports. Such was the nature of the times in the early decades of our country.

Tragedy struck this family on November 12, 1925, when Clara died of lobar pneumonia, after six days of illness. She was 34 years 4 months and 6 days old, her body having produced 10 children in the 18 years since her marriage at the age of 16 years old.