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Written by Richard Bart

My name is Richard Bart. In 1999, I wrote a Pease Genealogy book. (all copies gone, but I am working on a 2nd edition)

I entered Stephentown, NY -Pease in Google and was linked to your page. Great site!!

I'd like to share info with anyone interested in the Pease Family. My first link is with this guy.

I'll get into my numbering system later: Abner, son of Isaac (Isaac, John, Robert) and Amy (French) Pease; b. Mar 12, 1733 in Enfield, CT; d. 1784 in Stephentown, NY of small pox; m. Jan 25, 1763 in Somers, CT, Elizabeth Farrington; b. Oct 07, 1744 in Somers; d. 1822. She was the daughter of Edward Farrington, a carpenter; b. Jul 09, 1699 in Andover, MA, and Ruth Killam; b. Apr 24, 1709 in Enfield, CT. Edward and Ruth were married on Jun 26, 1728. She was also the sister of Patience Farrington, who married Asahel Sexton. Asahel and Patience were the parents of Prudence and Esther Sexton. Children of Abner and Elizabeth (Farrington) Pease, 1-3 born in Somers, CT; 4-6 in NY; 7 & 8 in Canaan, NY: Abner b. Apr 26, 1763 d. Jun 26, 1836 Aurora, OH Sybil b. 1767 d. ca. 1847 Cooperstown, NY James b. Oct 14, 1771 d. May 25, 1813 Worcester, NY Daniel b. ca. 1773 d. ca. 1774 Somers, CT John b. ca. 1775 d. 1804 Somers, CT Samuel b. ca. 1776 d. Sally b. ca. 1778 d. Elizabeth b. ca. 1780 d. May 08, 1844 Longmeadow, MA

Abner Pease m. (2) Lovicy Allen; b. about 1751; d. 1788 in Stephentown, NY. He and his second wife joined the Shaker Society of New Lebanon, NY in 1780. It was reported that one of his sons was so opposed to the Shaker Society, that when he contracted small pox, he purposely brought it into the family household, resulting in the death of Abner and Lovicy. In 1777, During the Revolutionary War, Abner Pease was a deputy sheriff in Albany County. On the way home from Albany, he and a Mr. Sheldon and Mr. White had stopped in a tavern owned by Nicholas Mickle. Mr. White, a Justice, ordered Pease to arrest a band of Tories who were creating a disturbance in the tavern. The Tories surrendered, and were allowed to go upstairs to retrieve their belongings. They came down, armed with muskets, and a fight took place, Abner Pease was wounded in the thigh, and received a gash on the head from a cutlass, which scarred him for life. The Tories robbed the three, and took them as hostages into the woods. During the ordeal, Pease fainted from loss of blood. A compassionate Tory, John Sloss bound up his wounds with a piece of his own shirt, and left Pease in the woods. He was discovered by a Dutch farmer looking for his cows several hours later. The farmer took Pease into his house, nursed him back to health, and lent him a horse to pursue the Tories. They were captured, and all but John Sloss, who was released after giving witness against them, were hung in Albany. One of the executed was Robert Sloss. The judges at the trial were Richard Morris, Robert Yates, and John Sloss Hobart. Abner Pease was later a Captain of a volunteer military company, formed in Albany County at the time of the Boston Tea Party.

I'll start then by sending info on the Peases who did settle in Stephentown: Walter L., son of Daniel (Israel, Israel, Isaac, John, Robert) and Sally (Wright) Pease; b. Sep 12, 1807 in Middlefield, MA; m. Feb 23, 1831 in Middlefield, Mary Ingham; b. Nov 20, 1814 in Middlefield. She was the daughter of Erastus John Ingham; b. Sep 26, 1779 in Hebron, CT; d. Jul 09, 1851 in Middlefield, and Vesta Dickson. Erastus and Vesta were married May 21, 1807. Mary's brother, Erastus James Ingham, married Julia Pease []. Walter was a farmer, who moved to Stephentown, NY. Children of Walter L. and Mary (Ingham) Pease born in Middlefield, MA: Walter Lester b. Jan 14, 1833 d. Jan 16, 1905 Washington, MA Charles b. Jun 22, 1835 d. Apr 09, 1839 Middlefield, MA Mary b. Nov 06, 1837 d. Martha Maria b. Oct 30, 1840 d. Dec 13, 1930 Westfield, MA Henry b. Mar 07, 1843 d. Apr 09, 1843 Middlefield, MA Myron b. Mar 15, 1845 d. Mar 15, 1845 Middlefield, MA Emma Jane b. Feb 01, 1856 d. Apr 25, 1944 Stephentown, NY Eugene M. b. Feb 15, 1858 d. Nov 08, 1882 Hancock, MA

I welcome any correspondence with Stephentown area residents, corrections, additions, comments, etc. Anything I send can be used freely by all. I found that by free sharing, you learn a lot more.

Rick in Taunton, MA