Platt Genealogy

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Note from Tina:
This is a cursory genealogy, and, for the most part, has not been verified by me. I have included it as a jumping off point for researchers who wish to have a place to start researching the Platt family.

Generation 1

1. Israel (Capt) Platt, born May 26, 1738 in Huntington, Suffolk, New York; died August 18, 1796 in New York City, New York. He married Abigail Scudder, daughter of Henry Scudder, on December 19, 1757 in Huntington, Suffolk, New York. Abigail Scudder, born May 31, 1741 in Huntington, Suffolk, New York; died December 28, 1826 in Stephentown,Rensselaer County,NY. She was the daughter of Henry Scudder and Bridget Gildersleeve.

Children of Israel Platt and Abigail Scudder:

1.Stephen Platt, born March 28, 1762 in Amenia, Dutchess, Ny; died December 12, 1800; m. Dorcas Hopkins, d/o Roswell Hopkins. 2. Edwin Platt, born 1764 in Amenia, Dutchess, NY; d. young. 3. Nancy Platt, born 1768; m. Rufus Herrick. 4. Sarah Platt, born 1771 in Amenia, Dutchess, Ny; married Cyrenus Crosby 1791 in Dutchess County, NY. 5. Zilla Platt, born 1773; m. Egbert Barton. 6. Ruth Platt, born 1778; m. Samuel Reynolds. 7. Elizabeth (Betsey) Platt, born 1781; died 1848; m. Ariovistus Pardee on June 23, 1802 in Stephentown. He was born October 17, 1778 in Stephentown, NY; d. August 14, 1853 in Ypsilanti, Michigan. 8. Harriet Platt, born 1785; m. Walter Perlee. 9. Israel II Platt, born 1787. 10. Henry b. 1764; d. 10/9/1842 at 77y in Stephentown; m. Susanna (Susan) Delavergne.

Generation No. 2

Henry Scudder, born April 25, 1713 in Huntington,Long Island,Suffolk,NY; died March 23, 1752 in Northport,Suffolk,NY. He was the son of Timothy Scudder and Sarah Wood. He married Bridget Gildersleeve November 24, 1735 in Huntington. Bridget Gildersleeve, born 1719 in Northport,Hempstead,NY; died October 1772 in Huntington, Suffolk, New York. She was the daughter of Thomas Gildersleeve and Mary Gildersleeve.

Children of Henry Scudder and Bridget Gildersleeve: 1. Elizabeth Scudder, born June 05, 1737 in Huntington, Suffolk, New York; died Bef. 1770 in Pleasant Valley,Dutchess County,NY; married Eliphalet (Capt) Platt December 19, 1757 in Huntington,Suffolk,NY. 2. Eunice Scudder, born April 01, 1739 in Huntington, Suffolk, New York; married Samuel Bunce. 3. Abigail Scudder, born May 31, 1741 in Huntington, Suffolk, New York; died December 28, 1826 in Stephentown,Rensselaer County,NY; married Israel (Capt) Platt December 19, 1757 in Huntington, Suffolk, New York. 4. Jonas or Jonah Scudder, born February 21, 1743/44 in Huntington, Long Island, NY; died in Huntington, Long Island, NY

1. Stephen b. March 28, 1762; d. December 12, 1800 (drowned in a fishnet); m. Dorcas Hopkins d/o Roswell Hopkins. Removed to Freehold, Albany, NY about 1788. Was a LT. in Army of Revolution at age 19. Justice of the Peace and member of NY Legislature for Albany County 1793-95.

Children of Stephen and Dorcas:

11. Isreal L. b. April 5, 1793; m. Marion Erskine Ruthaen; 5 children

12. Jacob L. b. April 5, 1793 m. Catherine Waldron 13. Fanny m. Charles Griggs Abigail or Abby m. John House of Waterford, NY

14. Sarah d. 1811 unmarried 15. Dorcas m. Rev. Samuel Robertson

Stephen m. #2 Lydia Sutherland

Children of Stephen and Lydia:

16. Harriet m. Bela Brewster 17. Eliza m. Gerard Van Skaick 18. Aramenta 1801-1886; she bacame the 2nd wife of Mr. Van Skaick. HER second marriage was to Mr. L. Adams.

10. Henry Platt b. 1764; d. October 9, 1842 in Stephentown. He was from Amenia, Dutchess County, NY but removed to Stephentown. He was also a member of the NY Legislature. He married Susanna Delevergne d/o Lewis Delevergne and Rachel Greene (d/o William Greene & Martha Jackson; s/o William; s/o Edward Greene & Mary Tibbits; s/o John Greene & Joan Tattersall)

Children of Henry Platt and Susanna Delevergne:

19. Isreal b. May 8, 1784 in Stephentown; lived in Hudson, NY. Married Margaret Schermerhorn on August 13, 1813 in Schodack, NY

20. Henry, Jr. b. January 5, 1787 NYC; d. April 15, 1875 at 88y; m. Martha Chapman

21. Elizabeth (Betsey) b. March 5, 1789 in NYC; d. 1863; m. John Wylie, Jr.

22. Rachel b. April 8, 1791 in NYC; funeral on September 8, 1826 (George Holcomb wrote: "Funeral for Dr. Graves 2nd wife, dau. of Henry Platt"; m. Dr. Elijah Graves on August 29, 1818 (Holcomb wrote: "Dr. Elijah Graves married Miss Rachel Platt, his 2nd marriage.)

23. Sophia b. 1793 in NYC

24. Mary (Polly) b. 1795 in NYC

25. Theron 1796-1796 in Hudson, NY

26. Harriet b. September 3, 1798 in Stephentown; d. November 8, 1845

27. Edwin A. b. March 4. 1800 in Stephentown; m. Lucy Douglas d/o Eli Douglas. Lucy d. December 24, 1824 at 18y. She is buried in Stephentown Association Cemetery.

28. Alonzo b. January 10, 1806 in Stephentown 29. Henrietta b. July 12, 1805 Stephentown; 30. Louisa b. 1811 Stephentown

Generation 3

20. Henry Platt 1787-April 16, 1875; m. Martha Chapman

Children of Henry and Martha:

31. Theodore Dwight 1818-1901; m. Anna Druscilla Gardner, daughter of Alexander and Polly (Gardner) Gardner

32. Martha D. 1822-1879 buried in Stephentown Association Cemetery; m. Jonathan James Sweet

21. Elizabeth (Betsey)b. March 5, 1789 in NYC; d. 1863 buried in Stephentown/Wylie B; m. John Wylie, Jr. Children of Betsey and John Wylie, Jr.:

33. Henry Platt 1810-1850; buried Stephentown/Wylie B; m. Freelove Pierce. See (Wylie Genealogy)

Generation 4

31. Theodore Dwight March 15,1818-October 2, 1901; m. Anna Druscilla Gardner July 25, 1825 - January 2, 1913, d/o Alexander (d. April 23, 1865 at 66y) and Polly (Gardner) Gardner (d. April 17, 1876 at 77y); Theodore was a manufacturer.

Children of Theodore D. and Anna D.:

34. Theodore A. 1843-1893 buried Garfield Cemetery; m. #1 - Emma E. Benjamin 1843-1865 and #2 - Clara P. Benjamin 1845-1924

35. Anna L. 1841-1908 buried in Garfield Cemetery; m. Freling H. Smith b. January 31, 1844; d. February 9, 1926, buried in Garfield Cemetery. He was the son of Joseph William Smith and Ruth Benjamin. She also married Horace Wheeler.

36. William H. 1846-1937 buried Garfield; m. Lydia Shaw

Anna Druscilla Gardner Platt and husband Theodore Dwight Platt Grandparents of Clara Rose Reynolds (info below)

Lydia Shaw 1846-1921 buried Garfield Cemetery; m. William H. Platt; d/o Minister John Shaw. Lydia was the organist in Presbyterian Church for 50 years. It was about 1912 when she stopped.

Horace Wheeler d. August 29, 1879 at 57y; m. Ann L. Platt. They had daughter, Eloise who died January 26, 1870 at age 4 years.

Generation 5

34. Theodore A. 1843-1893; m. #1 Emma E. Benjamin 1843-1865; m. #2 Clara P. Benjamin 1845-1924.

Children of Theodore A. and Clara:

37. Grace 1868-1895; m. Charles J. Rose 1859-1923

36. William H. 1846-1937; m. Lydia L. Shaw 1846-1921 buried in Garfield Cemetery.

Generation 6

37. Grace 1868-1895 m. Charles J. Rose 1859-1923

Children of Grace Platt and Charles J. Rose:

38. Clara Mae b. 1894; buried Garfield; m. Ernest Reynolds 1890-1951

Information came from various sources, including: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Renssealer County Cemetery Records 1860 Federal Stephentown Census 1870 Federal Stephentown Census 1880 Federal Stephentown Census George Holcomb's Diary (Transcription of births, deaths and marriages found in George Holcomb's diary) Pictures came from:Stephentown Historical Albums