Tifft Cemetery

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STEPHENTOWN/TIFFT CEMETERY The Stephentown/ Tifft Cemetery is # 40 on the cemetery map, and is located “.45 mile on Greenman Hill road from Horse Heaven Road. There is a logging road on the right. Walk up, parallel to stone wall in distance on left, for about 500’. When the wall comes toward you around a knoll, the cemetery is on the knoll. Three sides have a stone wall and the 4th side is fenced with a gate. “ This cemetery was used from 1807-1910, and has 40 graves.

I am including on this page the burials from the Nassau/Tifft Cemetery, considering the proximity of Nassau and Stephentown, and the relationships in the Tifft family.

The burials were transcribed from the Rensselaer County Cemetery records, located on the Rensselaer County Rootsweb site. Link to that site is at end of page. The epitaphs included come from the book, "Epitpahs In The Only Stephentown on Earth", by Elizabeth W. McClave.


Joseph Sept. 17, 1785 – Nov. 6, 1869; m. Polly Huntington


Esther July 26, 1799 – Nov. 1, 1880; m. Robert Tifft; d/o Mary Babcock & Robert Hossard


Polly June 17, 1787 – July 16, 1867; m. Joseph Chadsey

A youth whose piety did shine With purest rays serene But soon alas the brittle band Is broken by an icy hand And Death closes the scene"


Benjamin Franklin May 15, 1826 – Mar. 27, 1902; m. Phebe Young Clarinda Feb. 21, 1869; 69y9m; m. William Clark William d. Mar. 22, 1876; 80y7m23d; m. Clarinda


Clarinda Clark 1799-1869

"Gone but not forgotten"


Sarah A. d. Feb. 14, 1859; 4y2m


Sarah A. Daniels 1854-1859

"Infants are pure" DYMOND

AvisSimkins 1804-Sept. 18, 1868; 64y; m. John Dymond Lewis E. d. Apr. 11, 1860; 11m13d; s/o George C. Dymond Joanna 1836-July 9, 1836; 3m; d/o Avis & John Dymond John d. Dec. 18, 1881; 71y; m. Avis Simkins Samuel 1833-July 20, 1853; 20y, s/o Avis & John Dymond Samuel 1858-Dec. 3, 1860; 2y17d; s/o Angeline & John


Lewis E. Dymond (Dimond) 1859-1861 (dates differ between Rens. Cty. Cem. Rec. and stone:

"Beneath this stone in sweet repose Is laid a mother's dearest prize A flower that had scarce waked to life and light, and beauty, ere it died"


G.G. d. Dec. 8, 1854; 40y Mary L. 1844-Aug. 25, 1845; 10m; d/o Eveline & Gennett Bennett


Joseph 1833-1900; Co. K., 176 Reg. NY Vols. Lydia d. May 17, 1870; 70y4m Mercy d. Apr. 18, 1843; 61y; m. Benoni Briggs (wife #2) Mercy d. Oct. 23, 1816; 30y; m. Benoni Briggs (wife #1) Mary Mar. 25, 1755-Aug. 23, 1851; 96y4m; m. William Kittle; d/o Rebecca Brayton & Robert Carr


Jane Lee 1829-Sept. 26, 1871; 42y4d; m. George W.


Sarah d. 5/1867 76y Potter Tifft d/o Sarah Carr & William Kittle Sarah M. 9/15/1867 – 11/18/1864 m. William Wright d/o Sarah Kittle & Potter Tifft Sarah Rebecca d. 3/8/1842 1y2m12d d/o Mary & Benjamin


Sally 1799-4/30/1880 81y2m


Abigail 2/11/1836 – 12/7/1842 7y9m4d d/o Sarah Tifft & Quartus Pomeroy Emily 1/22/1817 – 3/13/1850 32y8m19d m. David T. Schermerhorn d/o Sabra White & Quartus Pomeroy Sarah E. d. 11/13/1855 9m d/o Lydia & Jason


Abigail 1836-1842

“Short pain, short grief, dear child were Now joys eternal and divine”

Sabra White Pomeroy 179301818 Julia Pomeroy 1818-1818

“A Mother and her child so dear Sleep in this tomb together here Their bodies freed from earthly pain Their soul with Christ for ever reign Both died November 12”


David T. d. 7/14/1877 65y1m8d m. Emily Pomeroy


Carrie L. 1868-1900


Abigail E. 4/12/1836 – 4/3/1891 58y d/o Sarah Kittle & Potter Tifft Alsena 3/27/1811 – 4/25/1813 2y d/o Sarah Kittle & Potter Tifft Amasa G. d. 4/5/1856 6y7m s/o Mary M. & Nathan G. Benjamin 1791-2/18/1876 85y m. Mary Kittle s/o Sarah Kittle & Potter Tifft Benjamin J. d. 3/26/1834 3y2m10d s/o Mary Kittle & Benjamin Tifft Benjamin P. 4/5/1830 – 3/2/1889 58y11m s/o Sarah & Potter Tifft Esther d. 1/26/1860 20y3m24d d/o Esther Hossard & Robert Tifft Helen E. 1843-1906 Joseph 10/13/1763 – 1/28/1847 73y s/o Anna Tifft & Robert Tifft Joseph, Jr. d. 3/1807 5y6m s/o Sarah Kittle & Potter Tifft Martha M. 1831-1910 Mary Kittle d. 3/12/1876 78y m. Benjamin Tifft Mary L. 6/1/1826 – 8/12/1903 d/o Esther Hossard & Robert Tifft Maryett d. 3/22/1843 18y24d d/o Mary & Benjamin Tifft Robert 6/28/1803 – 9/26/1886 m. Esther Hossard s/o Sarah Potter & Joseph Tifft Sarah 6/10/1794 – 8/10/1869 m. on 7/30/1820 to Quartus Pomeroy d/o Sarah Potter & Joseph Tifft Sarah Potter 8/13/1769 in R.I – 1/3/1841 71y m. Joseph Tifft Sarah B. d. 7/14/1851 16y26d s/o Esther Hossard & Robert Tifft Sarah M. 9/15/1832 – 11/18/1864 m. William Wright d/o Sarah Kittle & Potter Tifft Sarah Rebecca d. 3/8/1842 1y2m12d


Esther 1840-1860

“The Lord is my salvation in him do I trust He that believeth in me Hath everlasting life”

Joseph 1763-1847

“Hear what the voice from heaven proclaims For all the pious dead Sweet as the saviour of their names And soft their sleeping bed”

Mary L. 1826-1903

“I am the resurrection and the life, he that believeth in me though he die yet shall he live”

Potter 1787-1856

“The glory has been taken from a bright, happy home Love’s dearest tie is broken, the Destroyer’s hand has come Let the hope that the departed is Not lost but gone before Cheer our willing footsteps onward Till we meet to part no more”

Robert 1803-1886

“By grace are ye saved through faith” EPHES 2:8

Sarah B. 1835-1851

“Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me thy rod and thy staff they comfort me”

Sarah Kittle 1791-1867

“A mother kind, a parent dear A faithful friend lies buried here”

Sarah Potter 1769-1841

“There’s rest beneath this quiet sod When life with all its trials cease There in the presence of my God I will secure eternal peace”


Anna d. 9/14/1859 71y5m11d m. Simon Tifft


Sabra 9/14/1793 – 11/12/1818 25y m. Quartus Pomeroy d/o Jacob White? (per Pomeroy Genealogy) NASSAU/TIFFT CEMETERY TIFFT

Abigail 1780-1863 d/o Anna Vallette & John Tifft Abijane d. 2/21/1828 1y4m d/o Sally & Joseph Amelia C. 9/25/1844 – 6/26/1828 Anna d. 9/8/1860 76y m. Robert Tifft Amasa G. d. 4/6/1856 6y7m s/o Mary M. & Nathan G. Anna d. 3/23/1834 75y m. John Tifft Caroline d. 3/10/1804 1y9m d/o Anna & Capt. S. Tifft Charity M. d. 7/13/1847 1y9m24d d/o Sally & Joseph Charity 1792-1838 d/o Anna Vallette & John Tifft Cynthia L. 1856-1925 David 1788-1854 s/o Anna Vallette & John Tifft Dora E. 1827-1913 m. Owen H. Damon Elissa Marie d. 4/6/1839 1y11m10d d/o Sally & Joseph Emily E. d. 7/14/1844 11y11m8d d/o Chloe & John Hamilton W. d. 3/7/1883 69y6m18d James E. d. 6/15/1874 41y10m3d Jeremiah 1782-5/23/1873 91y10m m. Polly Jeremiah V. d. 6/20/1888 76y John no dates s/o Robert Tifft John 1795-1868 s/o Anna Vallette & John John 2/19/1758 – 4/25/1813 56y m. Anna Vallette Joseph 11/2/1803 – 5/24/1879 m. Sally C. Tifft s/o Anna Vallette & John Joseph d. 10/29/1840 12y9m4d s/o Sally & Joseph Lewis d. 2/24/1845 1y8m19d s/o Palmyra & Jeremiah Lydia d. 11/3/1835 21y5m m. Elijah G. Tifft Lydia d. 3/30/1823 20y m. Sprague Tifft Marcus L. 9/15/1837 – 3/10/1841 Martha Elizabeth d. 7/24/1827 1y7m17d d/o Caroline & Jonathan Nancy 1790 in Exeter, RI – 1844 in New Lebanon, Columbia Co., NY d/o Anna Vallette & John Nathan Orlando d. 7/23/1848 10y6m6d s/o Mary & Nathan Nelson, Sr. 1846-1932 m. Frances Larkin Polly d. 2/27/1835 48y d/o Anna Vallette & John Polly d. 9/30/1850 62y5m1d m. Jeremiah Robert d. 12/7/1857 78y m. Anna Tifft Robert 1779 in Exeter, RI – 1860 in Stephentown s/o Anna Vallette & John Sally Ann d. 9/24/1852 45y s/o Anna & Robert Sally C. 10/5/1803 – 3/23/1886 m. Joseph Samuel d. 11/3/1843 3y4m23d s/o Sophia & Sprague Tifft Sarah M. d. 8/12/1877 33y m. George Gile d/o Sally & Joseph Simon (Capt.) d. 3/3/1873 88y10m4d m. Anna Webster s/o Anna Vallette & John Sophia d. 9/3/1855 28y m. Francis Burdick Sprague 1800 in Nassau, NY – 1896 in Nassau, NY m. #1 Sophia Watson; #2 Lydia Culver s/o Anna Vallette & John Tifft Sprague M. d. 3/3/1854 30y Sprague W. d. 9/7/1834 2y11m3d s/o Sophia & Sprague Susan A. 1835-1924 m. Stephen L. Williams Webster d. 7/8/1837 5y1m s/o Anna & Simon Webster 9/21/1838 – 3/18/1841


Palmyra 1821-1898 m. J.V. Tifft


Anna 2/13/1760 in Kingston, RI – 3/23/1834 in Nassau, NY m. John Tifft


Annie L. 1860- m. Charles Lester Stephen L. 1834-1912 m. Susan A. Tifft Rensselaer County Cemetery Records Epitpahs Book