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The information and pictures on this page were contributed by Kathy Vary Becker. Please contact Kathy with your questions or to exchange information. This is not all of the information that Kathy has.

Kathy's note: All information was taken from the manuscript “Samuel Vary from Stephentown, NY” authored by Helen Brown Grower and published in the early 1980’s.

All information was gathered through contact with family members over the years and all in all is quite accurate, but without sources the information should be taken as a starting point to any research to be done.

Mrs. Grower did not research the Canadian line. This is research that I have done myself.

Kathy Vary Becker


Samuel VARY, born about 1745, is said to have come to Stephentown, N.Y. with his wife, Hannah THOMAS and family from Beekman Patent, Dutchess Co., N.Y. Samuel and Hannah settled on a farm, densely wooded, which was deeded to them by Aaron Simpson on May 21, 1774 in the 15th year of his Majesty’s reign, George III.

They built a log cabin in which they lived until the home was built a few years later. This was a large early colonial house which still stood in the early 1960’s. Samuel Vary held a commission in the British Army and was arrested on a charge of being a Tory. He was taken to Albany where he gave a bond, dated 1777, of five hundred pounds and was released.

Samuel died Dec. 22, 1807 and his wife, Hannah, died 1826. Both are buried in Garfield Cemetery at Garfield, N.Y. His will was made July 15, 1806 and recorded Feb. 5, 1808.

Samuel’s will is as follows:

"In the name of God Amen I, Samuel Vary of Stephentown, N.Y. in the County of Rensselaer in the State of New York, being low in body yet thru the goodness of God sound in mind and memory thanks to God, therefore do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament, that is to say first of all I give and recommend my soul to God that gave it, and my body I recommend to the earth after my death to be buried in a Christian deasant burial at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named, nothing doubting but at the general resurrection it will be raised again and as it hath pleased God to bless me with sum things of worldly substance I give and dispose of it in the following manner: Imprimus, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Hannah whom I appoint Executrix to this my last Will and Testament the kitchen and the bedroom adjoining the kitchen together with the buttery, likewise to have such priviledges. in the chamber and cellar as she shall want to make use of for her own use. I likewise give her all my household furniture, and the said household furniture to be at her disposal. I likewise give unto her the two best cows I now have and the cows to be kept on the farm by my son Richard H. Vary which he is to have the increase of said cows. If by any chance they could dye then he, the said son, shall replace them with others in their stead and at the decease of my wife the cows is to become my son Richard H. Vary, likewise my meare is to be kept on the farm by my son Richard and to be at my wives command to make use of at any time likewise my loom and "Tackling" is to be my wives property and at her disposal. Likewise, I give unto my wife yearly and every year three hundred weight of good and merchantable pork and well salted and put in the Sellear, likewise one hundred weight of good beef well salted and put in the sellaer, this to be provided by my son Richard and likewise five bushels of corn and four bushels of rye, likewise five bushels of good wheat, likewise she is to have fifty weight of flax and twenty pound of woll, likewise she is to be. found with all sorts of saus that she stand in need of al all times, likewise she is to have one third of the sider when there is less than twelve barrels made yearly but when there is more than twelve barrels made in a year then she is to have four barrels a year, likewise to make use of all sorts of fruit growing on the farm for her own use during her natural life, likewise eight pound of taller, four pound of green tea or hyson tea, fourteen pound of brown sugar and eight pound of lump sugar and likewise to have twenty dollars in good lawful money of said State, likewise she is to have firewood got and provided fit and ready for the fire at the door and in the hours and on the fire when necessity requires, likewise she is to have side-saddles and dispose of them as she sees fit, the provisions innumerated for my beloved wife Hannah whom I have appointed Executrix to this my last Will and Testament is to be faithfully kept and performed by my beloved son Richard H. Vary yearly and every year during her natural life which said gifts is in lieu of her right of dower or in right of her thirds. Item, I give my beloved son Richard H. Vary the farm that I live on reserving only the priviledges to my wife given by me to her. I also make him, my son, Richard, Executor this my last Will and Testament with his mother. Item, I give my beloved son Samuel all my wearing apparel and one hundred dollars. I also make him, my son Samuel, Executor to this my last Will and Testament with his mother and with his brother Richard H. Vary. I order that my son Samuel have his legeses be paid in one year from the decease of the Testator. Item, I give to my beloved son Nathan one hundred dollars to be paid in two years from the testators decease. Item, I give to my beloved son Simeon one hundred dollars to be paid in three years from my decease. Item, I give to my beloved daughter Patience ten dollars. Item, I give to my beloved daughter Hannah ten dollars. Item, I give to my beloved son Gideon ten dollars. Item, I give to my beloved son William ten dollars. Item, I give to my beloved son Willett ten dollars. Item, I order that the above five last heirs receive their legesses of my Executors in eighteen months from the Testator's decease, furthermore my Will is that after the above legesses, just debts and funeral charges are paid that all the rest and residue of my estate that is not given away I give to my Executor, Richard H. Vary and I hereby revoke all other Wills and Testaments confirming this as my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I set my hand and seal this fifteenth day of July One thousand eight hundred and six.” Sealed and published and delivered by the above named Samuel Vary for and as his last Will and Testament in presence of us.

Joseph Sheldon Stephen Sheldon witnesses Jonathan Howard New York Will Testators, Stephentown, NY, Volume 3, Page 46.

((My notes: Samuel’s arrest bond is dated October 1777 in the amount of 500 pounds. He was arrested because of his allegiance to the British rule. These bond papers state that he used his house and lands as collateral with a promise to pledge allegiance to the State. On 13 Feb 1778 British Army Commission papers, we find Samuel rejoining the Brits. 2nd Batt. Regiment of Militia in the Manor of Rensselaerwyck Proper in the County of Albany. He was 2nd Lieut. under Captain Ichobod Turner. This document was sealed at Fort George, NY. With Samuel’s “In your face attitude” I wonder if Hannah, his wife, had nightmares about the sherriff showing up to seize her home, because of the bond being ignored by hubby!! There’s only 4 months passed from the arrest bond stating he’d not associate with the Brit’s and his rejoining the British army. Samuel also held commission under "Wm. Tyron, British Governor of Prov. Of New York" Taken from papers of E. P. Vary.))

Children: . Samuel Jr. married Esther THOMAS . Nathan married 1st Mary SHELDON 2nd Phoebe CARRIER (Mrs. Benjamin O’Dell) . Simeon married 1st Mary ROSE 2nd Polly ?? . Gideon married Mary WOOLLEY . Willett married Hannah GARDNER +. William Thomas married Mehitable THOMAS . Richard H. married Deborah FOSTER . Hannah married Daniel DAWLEY .Patience Abigail married Silas George THOMAS

+. WILLIAM THOMAS VARY was born 27 December 1773 in Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., NY. He married on Mar. 7, 1793 at Stephentown, Mehitable THOMAS, daughter of Peleg and Russell (Aylesworth) THOMAS. She was b. Oct. 13, 1775. About 1805 William and his family moved to Varysburg, N.Y. and this town was named after him. He built the first saw mill and first grist mill. He and his sons were also natural mechanics and worked mostly in wood and iron. He enlisted in the Continental Army and was a Lt. Col. and Commander of the Genesee Militia from 1813 to Sept. of 1814. His oldest son, William T. Jr., when a lad of 15, carried dispatches for his father on horseback between Batavia and Black Rock to our forces while the Village of Buffalo was on fire, an act of the British. William and family moved c. 1824 to Sparta, Elgin Co., ON, Canada. He died 7 Oct 1848 in Yarmouth Twp. Elgin Co., Ontario, Canada.


.William Thomas Jr. married 1st Deborah HOAG 2nd Hannah COLBORNE +.Thomas married Elizabeth Mary ADAIR .Samuel .Lethe .Churchill Christopher married 1st Sally MORTON 2nd Fanny INGLERIGHT 3rd Mary Jane ALDRICH .Clodelia married George BAKER .Russell

((My Notes: Birth dates were taken off document "Declaration for Bounty Land" filed by his son William Thomas Vary Jr. on behalf of Mehitable Thomas Vary. It states that the family Bible puts him at exactly 19 years of age on 27 Dec. 1793, the year he was married, which is recorded in the Bible. Mehitable's birthdate is correct according to this family bible putting her exact age as 17 on 7 March 1793, the year she was married. Mehitable's parents Peleg Thomas born 25 Jan 1738 Exeter, RI and died 13 June 1830 Berlin, Rensselaer Co.and Russell Aylesworth born 2 March 1742 W. Greenwich, RI and died 26 June 1835 and are buried in Thomas Cemetery in Berlin, NY.))

+. THOMAS VARY was born about 1799 in Stephentown, Rensselaer Co., NY. He married Elizabeth Mary ADAIR from Yarmouth Twp., Elgin Co., Ontario on 1 May 1833 at the Reg. Baptist Church, Yarmouth Twp., Elgin Co.., ON., Canada.

Children: .Peter +.William Henry married Louise STEBBINS .Wilson married Louisa BOSLEY .Sarah Jane married Edward Derham TEEPLE .Lydia Emeline married William H. SPENCER .Phebe Elizabeth married John George BELL .Eunice Ann married Silas CAUSLEY .Melissa Catherine married John Robert McINNES

((My Notes: Marriage info taken from Ontario Registrar Marriage Volume I, Pg 69, London District Marriages under section "Marriages by Samuel Baker, Minister Reg. Baptist Church, Malahide" States both from Yarmouth Twp. Witnesses: Philip Done and Sylvester White. 1842 Census shows him as living in Yarmouth Twp., Elgin Co., Ontario and occupation as blacksmith. 1851 Census shows him at age 52, his wife Elizabeth and children Peter age 18, William Henry age 16, Wilson age 13, Sarah Jane age 10, Leda Eveline age 8, Phebe Elizabeth age 5, Euna age 2, and mother Mary T. Vary age 75 widow (Mehitable) living in Williams Twp., Middlesex Co., Ontario. The census lists his occupation as farmer and religion as Baptist. His birthplace is listed as USA and Elizabeth as Canada. Mother, Mehitable is listed as birthplace USA. 1861 census Bosanquet Twp., Lambton Co., Ontario shows him age 60, Baptist, Fisherman, wife as Mary A. age 58 with following children living with them, Henry 21, Wilson 20, Sarah 18, Lidy 16, Phoebe 14, Eunis 12, Melissa 10. (Both Peter and mother Mehitable are not listed)))

+. WILLIAM HENRY VARY was born 23 July 1837 St. William, Norfolk Co., ON., Canada. He married Mary Louise STEBBINS on 26 Oct 1862 at Bosanquet Twp., Lambton Co., ON., Canada. Mary Louise STEBBINS was born 22 Oct 1843 in Lower Canada (Quebec). Henry died 15 Aug 1918 and Louise died 17 Feb 1920 both in Southampton, Bruce Co., ON. Both are buried at The Old Southampton Cemetery.


.Elizabeth Jane married John Thompson MOTHERSELL +.Ira William married Jessie Louisa HEDDLE .George Samuel married Eliza Jane FRANCE .Albert Ernest married Ellen Jane WRATHELL .Nellie Harriet died young .John Thomas married Binea Elizabeth CALDWELL .James Edward Henry married Mary HIGGINS .Florence Mae married William Thomas BARNES .Louise Catherine died young

((My Notes: Louise’s birthplace source is from the census. Marriage info came from Ontario Marriage Registrar. Henry bought land Lot 28, Conc. C. , Amabel Twp. BruceCo., Ontario on 21 May 1887 (118 acres). His estate sold it for $2000 on 30 Apr 1920…1887 Land Abstract. He bought 1/2 Lot 29, Conc. C., Amabel Twp. Bruce Co., Ontario on 26 Aug 1890 (59 acres). He sold it to daughter Elizabeth Jane (Vary) Mothersell 20 Sept 1902 for $200. ..1890 Land Abstract. Henry bought part Lot 34, Conc. D., Amabel Twp., Bruce Co., Ontario on 24 Feb 1892 (40 acres). Sold it 11 Dec 1902 for $1300…1892 Land Abstract. Henry’s death date source is Ontario Death Registrar, Doc #011369-18))

+. IRA WILLIAM VARY was born 14 Oct 1865 Grand Bend, Lambton Co., ON. Canada. He married Jessie Louisa HEDDLE on 25 Dec 1889 in Amabel Twp. Jessie was born 10 Dec 1863 in Quebec. Ira died 8 Aug 1901 of milk poisoning and both he and his wife are buried in Zion Cemetery, Amabel Twp.


.Ira Irvine married Florence ATKINSON .Nellie Louisa died young +.Thomas William married Florence Mae KIRKLAND .Royden Lloyd was unmarried .Erlin Keith married Violet ELLIS

((My notes: Marriage info source is Ontario Marriage Registrar, MS932, Reel 63, Vol A, Doc#001749-89 listed under spelling VAREY. Ira bought Lot 27 Conc. C, Amabel Twp., Bruce Co., Ont. (118 acres) Paid $800. Indenture # 4030, 15 Feb 1892. Same land granted to heirs of deceased Ira Wm. by his wife Jessie Louisa Vary to Ira Irvine, Thos. Wm., Royden Lloyd, & Erlin Keith on 27 May 1921…1892 Land Abstract Ira’s death info is taken from Ontario Death Registrar MS935, Reel 100, Vol 2 Doc#005423-01))

+. THOMAS WILLIAM VARY was born 11 Oct 1895 Amabel Twp., Bruce Co., ON., Canada. He married Florence Mae KIRKLAND on 24 May 1919 Amabel Twp. Florence was born 18 May 1899 Amabel Twp. Bill died 20 May 1971 Amabel Twp., Bruce Co., ON. and Florence died 9 Apr 1976 in Owen Sound, Grey Co., ON. Both are buried at Zion Cemetery, Amabel Twp., Bruce Co., ON.


.Carl William married Grace WOODS +.John Alvin married Gladys Irene LAMBKIN .Erna Mae married Stanley Michael KING

((My notes: Grandpa Bill’s birth info taken from Ontario Birth Registrar, MS929, Reel 125, Vol 2, Doc #004185-95. Grandma Florence had signed her given name as Florence to everything all through her life. When she applied for Canada Pension at age 64 she had to send for her birth certificate and found to her amazement and disgust that her given name was not listed as Florence but as FLOSSY. As the family story goes, when she was born at home, her fun loving uncle was sent to fill in the paperwork. With a streak of comedian running through his veins, he decided not to follow the wishes of her parents to name her Florence but filled in the papers as Flossy. And so every month after Grandma Florence turned 65 she begrudgingly had to sign the back of her pension cheque “Flossy Vary”))

+. JOHN ALVIN VARY married Gladys Irene LAMBKIN 23 May 1953 Owen Sound, Grey Co., ON., Canada. (Living)


.Robert John (Living) +.Katherine Anne

+. KATHERINE ANNE VARY married David Karl BECKER on 5 Apr 1980 Tara United Church, Tara, Bruce Co., ON., Canada. (Living)

Children (Becker):

.Kimberly Anne (Living) .Jonathan Karl (Living)

Samuel Vary home in Stephentown taken in the 1950's

Photo of Samuel Vary's home in Stephentown taken November 1999

Photo taken from Stephentown Historical Album #1. Caption reads:

"Charles H. Vary had a store and post office in this house in Garfield, the area known as the 'flats.'" Possibly that Charles standing in front!

Caption reads:

Charles H. Vary house as it is today. It is located across the street from the Garfield Cemetery. It is believed that this store was in operation between 1881 and 1921, selling dry goods, hardware, and farming implements. The store area was in the left end of the building. The Garfield Post Office was also located in this building. The Vary family made their residence in the rest of the building.

William Henry Vary is the 1st generation b. in Canada after his father Thomas came from Sparta, Ontario and New York State. Thought I'd send you this photo for your site. It is of William Thomas Vary Sr. and son William Thomas Vary Jr. William Thos. Sr. is the son of Samuel Vary and Hannah Thomas Vary. Wm. Sr. was born in Stephentown 28 Dec 1773 and died 7 Oct 1848 in Sparta, Elgin Co., Ontario, Canada. He was a pioneer at heart and packed up his young family around 1805 and crossed NY State by wagon to eventually settle what is now known as VARYSBURG, Wyoming Co. NY. He was a surveyor and millwright and built the first saw and grist mill there. About 1820, the pioneering bug caught him again and he and his growing children and families moved up into the Canadian wilderness to build a home in the fledgling settlement that came to be known at a meeting at Wm.'s home as SPARTA. William was well known everywhere he settled in the intricate gingerbreading trim he hand carved for his homes that he built. His son Wm. Jr. was born in 1794 also in Stephentown. He was married, widowed and married again to Canadian girls. He fathered 8 children, half who remained in Canada and the other half returning to the States. Although we are unsure of where Wm. Jr. died, his will was filed in 1855 in Dewitt, Clinton Co., IL where two of his sons resided.

Kathy *Vary* Becker

Know all men by their presents that we Samuel Verry of Stephentown in the County of Albany & Phillip Miller of Beekman Patten in Dutchess County, both in the State of New York are held and then firmly bound unto Ebz. Williams, Sherriff of the County of Hartford in the State of Conneticut in New England, in the (penal??) sum of five hundred pounds lawful money to them which payment to be made & delivered to the said. Samuel Verry & Phillip Miller, do---------bound over for one----- -------unto they are by with------& unto his --------& ----in that which (sum?) of foresaid. In witness whereof we have here unto set over house & lands this (9th or 24th) day of Oct. Anno Domini 1777 The conditions of the obligation is such that prisoner, wereas the above bound Samuel Verry is now prisoner turned over to the State of New York said being charged of being ----------to the United States of America & -------for (loyal?) before house proper Court of Judication in county of ------. Now of the said Samuel Verry continue and remain a free & faithful prisoner & not depart nor abscond himself but will appear whenever called for by the said Sherriff or form prejudice th---- & abide this judgement of ---------County before whom he may be stayed. There his obligations to be null & void. Otherwise to remain in full force & ---------------the law. signature & date or (Signed Sealed & delivered) in presence of

.--------Newton Samuel Ban--

Samuel Vary gravestone Garfield Cemetery

In Memory of Samuel Vary Who departed this life December 22nd 1807 In his 60th year "Go home dear friends, Lament no more. I am not lost, But gone before!"

"In memory of Hannah, wife of Samuel Vary who departed this life December the 15th, 1824"

Vary Epitaphs in Stephentown Cemeteries (As found in "Epitaphs in the Only Stephentown on Earth" by Elizabeth W. McClave

Benjamin G. Vary 1806-1808 (Moon Cemetery)

"Sleep on sweet babe Ane take thy rest God called thee home He thought it best"

Clark S. Vary 1823-1848 (Hillside Cemetery)

"He sleeps in Jesus"

Lavina M. Vary 1832-1857 (Garfield Cemetery)

"Look at this as you pass by As you are now so once was I As I am now so you soon will be Prepare for death and follow me"

Nathan Vary 1799-1842 (Garfield Cemetery)

"The once lov'd form now cold and dead Each mournful thought employs And nature weeps, her comforts fled And wither'd all her joys"

Polly Vary 1784-1837 (Garfield Cemetery)

"Look aloft the spirits risen Death cannot the soul imprison Tis in Heaven that spirits swell Sorrows though invissible"

Willet A. Vary 1774-1830 (Moon Cemetery)

"Go home dear friends lament no more I am not lost but gone before"