Descendants of Robert Saxby

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The above information came from Lynne Collins.

Robert Saxby was born 1796 in England and died 26 Aug 1868 in Sand Lake, New York. He married Phoebe Ann Clarke in England. She was born 1804 in England, and died 21 Sep 1865 in Sand Lake, NY. They arrived in the port of New York, New York on the ship EMERALD on June 23, 1832 which had sailed from London, England.

Neither Robert nor Phoebe could read or write. He was a laborer. Both are buried in Hillside Cemetery, West Stephentown. NY.

Children of Robert Saxby and Phoebe Clarke are: i.Robert Saxby, b. 10 Mar 1830, England. Robert married (1) Mary Green who was born 1830 in New York. He married (2) Rose Cain who was born 1845 in New York. Robert was a Civil War soldier in Co D 12th NYV Cavalry. He was a teamster. They are buried in Hillside Cemetery, West Stephentown, NY.

Robert Saxby and Mary Green had: Mary E. Saxby, b. 1851, Greenbush, New York Harriet (Hattie) A, b. 1854, Greenbush, New York

Robert Saxby and Rose Cain had: Melissa Saxby, b. 1862, Troy, New York Phoebe Saxby, b. 1864, Troy, New York ii.Phoebe Saxby, b. 1831, England iii.Edith (Hattie) Saxby, b. 1832 – on the boat from England. iv.John C. Saxby, b. 1836, Dunham Hollow, New York and died 27 Sep 1898 in Sand Lake, NY. He married Temperance Eliza Wright, daughter of William Wright and Matilda Allen on 10 Jan 1884. She was born 10 Aug 1844 in Durhamville, Oneida Co., New York and died 1931 in Sand Lake, New York. v.William Saxby, b. 1839 in Dunham Hollow, New York. He married Elizabeth who was born in 1844 in Ohio. They both died Goshen, Champaign Co., Ohio

William Saxby and Elizabeth had: Mary E., born 1864, Goshen, Ohio Hattie, born 1867, Goshen, Ohio Laura, born 1869, Goshen, Ohio Lucy, born 1874, Goshen, Ohio Thomas, born 1878, Goshen, Ohio vi.Albert T Saxby, b. 26 Oct 1842, Dunham Hollow, NY; d. 12 Nov 1917, Dunham Hollow, New York

Albert T Saxby was born 26 Oct 1842 in Dunham Hollow, New York, and died 12 Nov 1917 in Dunham Hollow, New York. He married Caroline A (Carrie Hollis in 1864, daughter of Harlan Hollis and Jane Coons. She was born 20 Jul 1840 in Sand Lake, New York, and died 16 Apr 1911 in Dunham Hollow, New York.

Albert had a farm in the Dunham Hollow area of the town of Nassau – just up the hill from West Stephentown, New York. Both Albert and Carrie are buried in Hillside Cemetery, West Stephentown.

Children of Albert Saxby and Caroline Hollis are: i.William S. Saxby, b. 28 Jan 1867, Sand Lake, New York; d. 14 Apr 1929, West Stephentown, New York ii.Edith Saxby, b. 1855; d. 24 Jun 1939 iii.Phoebe Jane Saxby, b. 1869; d. 02 Sep 1898 iv.Albert E Saxby, b. 1872; d. 08 Jun 1897 v.Dalmer Dunham Saxby, b. 8 Sep 1877, Dunham Hollow, NY; d. 1964. He married Sarah (?) who was born Sep 1880 in New York. Dalmer was a farmer. He is described as tall, brown hair, brown eyes in his WWI draft registration card.

Dalmer Saxby and Sarah had: Carrie A Saxby, b. Dec 1899 in Dunham Hollow Aurelia, b. 1906 Harry, b. 1908 Louise I, b. 1910 Elaine, b. 1913

William S Saxby was born 28 Jan 1867 in Sand Lake, New York and died 14 Apr 1929 In West Stephentown, NY. He married Eurilla Snow 23 May 1891 In Sand Lake, New York daughter of Isaiah Snow and Eudora Tifft. She was born Feb 1871 in West Stephentown, New York and died 17 Dec 1951 in West Stephentown, New York.

On his marriage license, William listed his occupation as a miller and his residence as Dunham Hollow. William was appointed Secret Service Special Deputy Sheriff during WWI by the Sheriff of Rensselaer County. They are buried in Center Berlin Cemetery.

Children of William Saxby and Eurilla Snow are: i.Austin Isaiah Saxby, b. 30 Sep 1892, West Stephentown, New York; d. 08 Jun 1964, Berlin, New York. He married Martha Frey 30 Jun 1916 in Berlin, New York, daughter of Louis Frey and Martha Miller. She was born 24 Feb 1889 in Berlin, New York, and died 18 Nov 1965 in Berlin, New York.

Child of Austin Saxby and Martha Frey is: Rita Saxby, b. 22 Jul 1921, Berlin, New York; m. George Willis Schaefer ii.Ivadell Saxby, b. 19 Jun 1894, West Stephentown, New York and died 08 Apr 1990 in Pinellas County, Florida. She married Roy Daboll Rose, son of Arthur Rose and Esther Daboll. He was born 04 Apr 1892 in Stephentown, New York and died 11 Mar 1978 in Pinellas County, Florida. iii.Edith May Saxby, b. 09 Jul 1898 in West Stephentown, New York and died 11 May 1936 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. She married Henry Arthur Rose, son of Arthur Rose and Esther Daboll. He was born 13 May 1890 in Stephentown, New York and died 27 Aug 1961 in Troy, New York

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